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  Welcome to Ruggles & Stopitall® Ltd

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 Overview & ethos

Mother Nature inspired us to manufacture, research & sell gentle & non-invasive products to help keep human & animal bodies functioning optimally - protected, balanced, cost-effectively & full of vitality whatever life throws at us.
We pride ourselves on thinking ‘outside of the box’ for so many of today’s challenges facing our animals & ourselves from horses, donkeys, alpacas, farm animals, gardens & plants, to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, babies, children, adults & OAPs. 
-  It’s easy to sell ‘sticking plasters’ for various issues…but today many external issues are also integrally linked to internal stresses

We prefer to ‘look at the whole’ & empower the body’s ‘engine’ to do its complex work (i.e. help itself).  This is frequently more cost effective (and less stressful!) than buying lots of ‘sticking plasters’.

  • Example 1 - pet scratching & itchy paws... is it just fleas or mites or is the body also ‘revolting’ against feed ingredients such as rice, or chemicals found in nearly all of today’s shampoos? 
  • Example 2 - equine & donkey summer itching - is the frantic tail & mane rubbing because of bites on the tail or because their soft-skinned nether regions are being mauled, that they’ve lost their own confidence in their ability to defend themselves, and their immune system response has spiralled out of all proportion? 
  • Example 3 - are anxiety & ‘bad behaviour’ because the animal/human is just being naughty, or because it might have constant tummy ache & food sensitivities, butterflies and/or tension? 

 Products - for animals and humans.
So whether it’s...

  • Ruggle-it® shampoo & oil (used for at least 18 issues including itching, midges, mites, mud issues, fungus, hair loss, crusty lumps, mystery itching, aphids, wasps, ants, head lice etc.),
  • Protexin probiotics for healthy insides & nourishing the body's ‘engine’ & immune system,
  • Omega 3 - Maxavita Pernamax Green Lipped Mussel or Flaxseed or Salmon oils for stiff joints, ageing bodies, skin issues & addressing Omega 3 deficiencies which are a fundamental building block for good health, 
  • Other Products - for example Green Barley Grass "superfood", Vitamin D3, Vit D3 Thumb-spot Home Test kits (NHS facility), Omega 3-rich pet treats/biscuits
  • Human Joint & Skincare - natural skin & hair-care for babies to adulthood including the R&S Naturally Inspired range

...Ruggles & Stopitall® Ltd offers you some of Mother Nature’s ultimate creations!




equine farm pet



“Our vet agrees your
products really help”


“I hope others use your gentle & unusual products and come to trust your advice - you have a unique approach"



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