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22 - 31 August 2023





End of Webshop 
>  Due to the company closure (see NEWS items below), with regret the Online Purchasing facility (webshop) will be ending during 31/8 to 1/9/23. 
>  Until then, Protexin products remain available (Human/Pet) and can be purchased online.  See the retained products at Probiotics webshop HERE
   ><   But, from thereafter (end of 31/8 or during 1/9/23), payment options for Protexin products will be via BACS or Cheque (or cash if located locally to the office).
   ><    If ordering with BACS or cheque, please e-mail click E-Mail Query (or leave a message 01823 259952) and Karen will respond as soon as possible (the office is not manned every day nowadays...apologies).
All offer prices are only whilst stocks last.



16 February 2023



Farewell Specials, End of Lines 
>  See HERE
All offer prices are only whilst stocks last.



6 February 2023




All offer prices whilst

stocks last



End of an Era...  Apology
. With regret & after c16+ years of working with Mother Nature's incredible ingredients (or similarly body-supportive/gentle creations), due to ongoing health issues (since 06/21 - see Summer 2021 items further down for details...) & a major event (09/22), it's time for R&SLtd to say farewell. Natural products have progressed hugely since we you/your animals have plenty of choice, options nowadays.  
Once stocks are sold, that will be it it may be over a couple of months or fairly quickly. 
BARGAINS bonanza - HERE  All specials are obviously only whilst stocks last! 
  <|>  Where at all possible, please order online for best prices & speedier processing.   (It also saves you experiencing KR being excessively emotional plus KR having 'increased dementia side-effects after talking).   Thank you kindly.
   <|>  Important Note.  If you order something that has gone out of stock (before KR could take it off the web - sadly this is not an Amazon-style automatic updating web management program & KR can only do so much in any 24hr slot!), A)  sincere apologies, B) a refund will be provided.  Need to query before ordering?  Click E-Mail Query
KR would like to THANK every one of you Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd's glorious customers, for your fantastic support & to wish you & your animals fabulously bright & naturally healthy horizons going forward

January 2023
re-posted as still relevant
(from Winter 2019)



Research - for the over 50s + over 80s.
 The over 50's - 58.7% still Vitamin D deficient in the UK.
b.]  The over 80's
at much greater risk of being deficient.
>> So perhaps encourage similar aged friends or ***Grannies*** to be aware &/or supplement.
c.]  UK North/South divide = it's worse.   d.]  Londoners = HIGH deficiency levels!  Ireland = high deficiency levels.   e.]
 Published precis - click Here
f.]   Supplement (just 1x4000iu tub can last 7-12 months) with R&S Ltd's clever 'amounts' guidance.  Order Here

Winter 2022-23
October '22 to end of March '23 (or whenever the weather warms up)




Help prevent mystery and cold-weather itch

  When?  Invisible Millennium Mites are active all year but especially in the cold.  Often resistant to chemicals...only to return days after their use. 
 Where?  Usually underbelly & inside front armpits &/or upper inside hind legs, top of back, feet, ears, bums, tails & sometimes sides of belly. 
 Who?  M.Mites regularly attack animals with fur, coats e.g. horses, cats, dogs, alpacas, donkeys, goats++  
  Help.  By starting your Ruggle-it prevention steps in good time, you'll build the barrier high to try to breeze through winter threats with no worries.  And remember, it'll deal with fleas/other critters for no extra cost.  Cheap, quick, no harsh chemicals.  Prevent & info HERE

30th August 2022


Apology - imminent price rise + re-branding
. Protexin probiotics Manufacturer's Price Rise effective 1/8/22 (although it's the first rise since 2018 which is fair!).  
Packaging may change but ingredients remain identical
Affects  Bio-Kult Advanced 14 Strains (being re-branded Everyday Gut) and Bio-Kult MIND.    Order both HERE

August 2022

Stings - Ants, Wasp Nests, Wasp Stings
. Human body in 'dangerous shock' from multiple wasp stings - see Mr Champion's remarkable idea & result. HERE
Wasp nest right next to R&SL offices.  Panic...?  We just thoroughly sprayed the area with Ruggle-it diluted oil (DIL) & they'd gone in 1(-2) days. 
Mother Nature. - min' cost,
'in harmony' with the Planet

Updated 22/05/22





Health update (KR)
>  See updated item in Summer 2021 section further down.

May 2022


.L  Devils lurking - please act fast
Devil <1>    Ticks are increasing year on year & attack in MORE UK locations.  Also nowadays, not just found in heathlands.  05/22 - already on animals in the UK...
Devil <2>    Use Prevention ahead of returning Harvest Mites.  Usually back each June to Nov'/Dec' annually.  Attack animals + humans.  Bites are insanely itchy They returned 07/22
Tips:  Deter them (as best you can!) before they cause havoc. 
A.   Ticks.  See P18, item #1 of Ruggle-it OANBooklet
B.   H. Mites.   See your relevant species "Prevention"  section in the Ruggle-it OANBooklet.  
   Tip.  Apply very regularly...not worth being frugal if preventing H.Mites! 
   Tip.  See this old but still relevant Note HERE
[All the above refers to OANBooklet - 2015 versions onwards]
.?.  Need more Ruggle-it?  Order Starter Packs or individual items via Pick N Mix click this link for Large/Outdoor-living animals or Pets/Indoor-living webshops

26 April 2022





L  Ants & Severe Itching with Pets?
.In the last few weeks, 'nesting garden ants' are back in the South/South West (possibly back elsewhere). 
Classic indicators - piles of 'dust-like soil' (and actual ants if they're visible, active)  +  possible "diggings" in the 'dust' by Blackbirds who seem to adore them!
TIP.   If pets lie/sit on grass, patios, steps AND are suddenly  itchy (with or without pin-prick bites), act fast with Ruggle-it Cooling Compote [page 15, OANBooklet]  OR  see the lower 1/2 of HERE
TIP.  Put blanket, bed on lawn to try to tempt pet to use it & not lie on the grass.  Shake out well before return to house.
TIP.  If not leaving Ants for Blackbirds, you can use Ruggle-it DIL Oil on the nest to kill/deter them but it'll need repeating (not harmful to Blackbirds although they may not like the taste!)
Other Critters?  Scroll down to 9/6/2020 item - "Pests"

15 Sept' 2021

.. Alzheimer's Memory Tests - Omega 3
Exciting study findings when using intensive Omega 3 (re' the DHA, EPA elements) In Swedish trial, memory test scores remained stable rather than decline (precis HERE)
- Try Omega 3-rich Pernamax Green Lipped Mussel  HERE.


Summer 2021




. Maxavita Pernamax Omega3-rich + MSM, VitD
Smart Product - one product for MULTI species - ALL can take the same tablet - dog, human, horse, goat, sheep
Powerful anti-inflammation aid for joints, digestion, skin ++
-  These tablets - there really is NO OTHER formulation that comes with 'all the right ingredients', at an affordable 'dose per tablet', and consistently proves fast-acting. 
-  Includes the all-important MSM, Vit D etc. 
For Dogs horses, humans Here
Nov' 2022 update
May 2022 update
<>  Hospitalisation
April 2022 update
<>  'Disabilities endure'
<>  Recovery times post talking often improving
Jan' 2022 update
<>  All brain issues endure
<>  Speech issues worsening
Nov'2021 update
<>  All brain issues endure
<>  Speech issues improved to c90% ok
Originally posted
13 July 2021  












L  Brain, 'Dementia'-like 'crash' AFTER Vacc vax
  ►A.   7th June '21  Personal experience - KR had a debilitating brain (neurological) 'meltdown' 3 days after the 2nd Vaccine
Symptoms - total brain 'mush', severe memory loss, loss of speech, mass headaches 24/7, dizziness, inability to type/spell, inability to form cohesive sentences (spoken/written), no energy +++. 
Minor-stroke-like symptoms - ended up in hospital. 
Others have similar symptoms so some Neurologists & Doctors acknowledge this 'side-effect' but with no idea yet how to 'help us'.  KR has tried many things to try to overcome it...


 ►B.   Misc' Updates
>  01-04/22 @ 7-10 months on.  When doing a lot of talking, KR's brain/neuro function is significantly compromised.  On talk-days, brain capacity nose-dives & can take 1-3 days of remaining mute to re-set...until next lot of talking!
The following endure but there are days that are less debilitating than others.   Memory problems (e.g. what is the kettle for, why is that document open, what did KR just type in a different document), 24/7 headaches, problems forming cohesive sentences (written/spoken), spelling, reaction times, trembling, light-headedness, facial numbness...
22/05/22 @ 11.5 months on.  After 2 hrs unavoidable intense talking, KR was taken to hospital (Exeter).  Seems likely it is career threatening ...
>  11/22@ 1.5 Years on.  Officially described at a course to help family/carers understand the challenges: 
  •  " Try to tell a story with NO words containing "E" in them...& begin to feel how slow, challenging, exhausting & depressing it feels daily! "

28 July 2021


.. Testimonial - multi species & multi uses
Hens, sheep, henhouse, donkeys
-  Against mites, flystrike, red mite, insects, summer bugs.
Thank you Rosemary (Northumberland) Story - HERE 

Apr' 2021

Hay Fever, Grass, Pollen, Enviro' Seasonal threats  Humans + Animals
Can be amazing.  Reposting as Facebook no longer allow us to 'edit Notes' L.  Still 100% relevant but with bigger discounts if you buy...  See Here (or ask)  

Apr' 2021


Ditch the Summer Itch - horses, donkeys, alpacas, goats, sheep... 
-  Stop itchy MANES and TAILS / BUMS from traumatising your animal's immune system response. 
Shock.  In research R&SL conducted c15 years ago, in c90% of itchy tail cases it was NOTHING to do with the tail! 

The 2 x keys.     <A.>  Where possible, starting early with the Ruggle-it's unusual PREVENTION method can be remarkable.   <B.>  Irrespective of if you start early, always ensure you follow the "Must Do Zones" which might not make much sense but ARE your keys towards miracles!
  See your OANBooklet, Page 4 "Step 2D - Prevent" - it's quick, easy & money-saving.  [Lost your set?  Order the latest at Ruggle-it Webshop Pick N Mix section or via phone.]
    Or see this 'oldie' that's still 100% relevant HERE

Feb' 2021


Low Mood?  Fancy a 50% Improvement?
BBC TV show "The Truth About...".   Episode - "Improving your Mental Health".   Oxford University Trial (Professor Philip Burnet) - the results showed a 50% improvement in mood when taking Protexin Bio-Kult 'Advanced 14 strain.   A. Read precis Here (includes link to BBC iPlayeror  B. Order HERE

UPDATED Dec' 2020

originally posted
21 August 2020




L Invisible Killer - neurotoxins
<?>  Are you using a regular spot-on, collars for fleas, worms & other pesky critters Advocate + Fipronil [Frontline]

<>  If so, <A> what are Neurotoxins doing to your pet & <B> apparently bathing pets/horses flushes highly dangerous toxins down the drains + when pets access rivers, watercourses with the following spot-ons, 60 million Honey Bees DIE... 

UPDATE 12/20  Professor Dave Goulson & his pioneering researchers (UK) say  Advocate + Fipronil [Frontline] spot-ons for pets....water soluble NEUROTOXINS dripping off your pet” (let alone what they do to a pet’s body, brain...)


<>  See HERE (Science Daily) (or HERE - in just 3 minutes of Professor G's video you'll know whether to junk it or ponder).  

  <?>  Old = Boring or Smart?  30 years ago HOW OFTEN did we worm/de-flea?   Once a year if we remembered?  Never?  Were our pets riddled through our ‘negligence’
<>  Fleas are generally not a big problem nowadays...mites are a much bigger threatMother Nature's Ruggle-it helps protect against both...and many other ‘pesky critters’. 
Mother Nature creates to do no harm (where at all possible!)



2 x Deerhounds
-  "Brilliant.  A 250ml bottle lasted over 2 years ..."   Many thanks Mr & Mrs K (Surrey) (Ruggle-it users since 2011)  02/2021


Medicinal 'Bespoke' Dog Boots
Sore, or injured paws?  Disabled dragging paw?  Working &/or Active Dog, e.g. Collie?  Need a protective, waterproof, breathable, adjustable Boot that stays on
Ex International Sheepdog News (01/21 issue) on custom made boot that stays on whilst galloping.  Here
Nov' 2020



Build your Moat & Pull up your Drawbridge - C-19 'pandemic' + Flu
Mass of worldwide Scientists urge 'high-dose' Vitamin D3 of 4,000 IU strength DAILY...NOT the usual tiny 400 IU (which is a 10 times lower daily amount). Read their announcement Here
  <|>  Ruggles On Top Form bundle [3 x 'smart' products]
<|>  Includes 4,000 IU 'Strength' Vitamin D3 + 14 strain probiotics +  organic superfood multi-mineral & multi-vitamin)...doing what it says on the tin!  Order Here or ask
At last, Governments are finally forced to realise natural immune system strength is KEY for identifying, isolating & overcoming attackers QUICKLY, be that C-19, winter health challenges, flu, allergies+
>  Ruggles On Top Form bundle - helping you build your natural Moat & pull up your Drawbridge [Image Unsplash; A. Dey]

Oct' 2020


 Part-blind Pensioner, Pony & Disabled Dog become Internet & Media sensation 
.-  79 year old Adventurer Jane Dotchin (blind in one eye), her ponies & doggies (1 x disabled) have become an internet sensation (Ruggle-it with her since 2009!).  The video of Miss D (from last month) has over 385,000 views AND featured in yesterday's Sunday Times.   Respect!  
[.A.] Viral video (inc’ doggie in saddle bag!) -
[.B.] Yesterday's Sunday Times article (11/10/20) - HERE 
[.C.] Stop-it-All (aka Ruggle-it) & Miss D...including fabulous drawings & words (on one of her Books) of use with 'stopping it all before it starts' when trekking - HERE
23 Sept' 2020


L  C-19 'pandemic'...need your Vit' D blood test result to be above 75 nmol/L
>  NEW research.  We have a 54% higher risk of contracting C-19 if under 75 nmol/L (30ng/mL) tested Vitamin D level.
>  Sadly the outdated UK still saying 50 nmol/L is 'sufficient
>  Read Boston USA Medical Research centre's NEW findings & pleadings Here
>  See R&S Ltd's easy way to ensure you {.A.} KNOW your levels & {.B.} WHAT to do & WHETHER to supplement HERE (or ask us)   {.C.} Order 'strength' 4,000 IU Vitamin D3 HERE
>  Other - see earlier C-19 stories below for how to actively yet naturally help optimise your/loved ones defences  (items dated 24 + 6 April '20 below) [Image Unsplash]

Sept' 2020


Puppy-farm Rescue - Joyful news
-  "5 months old, all her family died of parvo virus [often deadly illness], itching like mad, sold inappropriate food. 
-  Am 100% delighted with your fabulous products & good advice [skin, immune, diet].   I tell lots of people as I'm always being asked what I'm using!"   Read Here + fabby photos

10 July 2020



Updated Diet tips + AVOIDS
Truth.  Modern feeds & regimes often remain UNHEALTHY & designed for convenience & manufacturer profit at a HUGE cost to the animal's health... L  <> See Here for what we've been desperately trying to inform readers (over the last 10+ years) but is what 'the big boys' DO NOT want widely known.  <>  Worth a slow you 'get' what we're trying to say 'between the lines'!  For pets + large animals

12 June 2020


They're back - R&S Joint & Muscle cream
-  Due to popular demand, these successful & long-lasting "jars of hope" are available again.
"Better than any cream my Doctor suggested for my joint issues"  Mrs VJ, Notts  "I think your Ginger & Arnica Joint Cream is truly amazing.  Have had stiff knees for some time & after just one application I have mobility!"  Mrs GH, Somerset
Order Here skin/bodycare web or Here joints/omega 3/GBG web

9 June 2020

Pests - Ants, Wasp Nests, Aphids, Blackfly,  Mealeybug, Wasp Stings -  stop them naturally
   Wasp nest right next to R&SL offices.  Panic?  No!  We just thoroughly sprayed the area with Ruggle-it diluted oil (DIL) & they'd gone in 1(-2) days.  Mealeybugs HereSummer Pansy & Dahlia insects Here  Aphids, Ants, Blackfly ++ - see what to use for each Here (from 2016 but still relevant any year)  Human body in 'dangerous shock' from multiple wasp stings - see Mr Champion's remarkable idea & result. Here  Many thanks to Mrs Wood (Suffolk) for writing in that Ruggle-it (diluted oil) got rid of their wasp's nest.  Remarkable Mother Nature...& at a tiny cost to you & 'in harmony' with the Planet.

26 May 2020



L Will these devils arrive early?
   >  With the 2020 very dry weather (in most UK locations), R&S Ltd wonder if Harvest Mites & their insanely itchy bite may return early (normally June/July).  <>  Harvest Mites can attack all animals and humans approx' June to November/December each year<>  Ruggle-it - Here for quick & cheap prevention & tips (irrespective of the year, it's still relevant each season) or ask us.  <>  Also, H.Mites show links to Seasonal Canine Illness which can be life-threatening  See 06/19 item further down
Originally posted on
15 Mar' 2020
UPDATE 24/04/20
Professor Tim Spector


L  The Global Nightmare - C-19
   >>  24/4/20 Update.  Want medical assurance 1st from Professor Tim Spector, King's College London (the brains behind the COVID Symptom Tracker app)?  He says "We know diet & gut health are absolutely crucial for immunity..."  See Here 
>  Keeping immune systems supported, strong & 'firing on all cylinders' is critical now, let alone after the utterly miserable 2019/20 winter weather.
>  Covid-19 - strong immunes help our bodies to quickly  IDENTIFY a risk, REPEL &/or side-step &/or RECOVER better if we or one of our  'at risk' family/friends are under attack.  Ditto for common colds, flu...preventing is so much easier & cheaper than the often life-disrupting recovering...
<|>  R&SLtd strongly encourage #1 + #2 with #3 an option.
    #1.  Actively supplementing with the Bio-Kult multi 14-strain live bacteria at a minimum of 4 x caps daily  [order Here [the 2nd item]
+ Consider actively supplementing Vitamin D3 when you/the person's tested nmol/L level is under 50 nmol/L (ideally need to be 75 nmol/L+)  [order Here] *  Want medical assurance 1st from Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine?  See the final paragraph (p3) if no time to read it in full - Here  
    #3.  Plus tried our Organic Green Barley Grass?  Packed with a massive range of natural, easily absorbable Vits & Minerals + flavonoids (phytonutrients) +
the 'super anti-oxidant' Superoxide Dismutase  [order Here]  See Scientist's article for COVID-19 issues Here
*  We always recommend you consult your Doctor

Spring 2020


Joyful news for...
A.   Coco & Bonnie Donkeys - no longer victims of the Winter (or Summer) monsters...  Here from Mrs Learner, Ireland
B.   Friesian horse Bjorn...again - Here - Sadie Main, Highbridge

9 April 2020


NEW findings - Grass paddocks - Must Knows, Avoids...
Two hugely useful articles/tips...with stuff many of us NEVER think about or know...but MUST know about!
Some Must Knows to PROTECT horses, donkeys, alpacas plus the Laminitic/Colic/EMS IR-prone (equine metabolic syndrome) or IR (insulin resistance) & protecting the wallet
E.g.  the short/long + the looking down + the 3-4" KILLING zone + the safe (& danger) hours & temperatures ++
-  Clair Thunes PhD authors both. Relevant Spring + Autumn Here
8 April 2020


Horse rugged in summer? Extreme Risk
-  Horse, pony, donkey, alpaca rugged in summer?
-  If so, they really need a minimum of one hour per week totally naked, [April to mid Sept', UK], re' the risk of Vitamin D deficiency & driving unnecessary increase of bone, immune, itching & multiple health issues.
-  Remember Pit Ponies always needed time above ground in summer ...for this exact reason.
Good news.  With Ruggle-it, many animals can ditch rugs. Click Here (2011 R&SL Newsletter #14, item #4) (or ask us for copy)

6 April 2020







Vitamin D3 + Covid-19.  How & WHY to FREE-load
A  Especially important during Covid-19 lockdown & threats.
B  Maximise mood, immunity, body, energy, joints, muscles, every bodily function...  **
C  No time  to expose (as per below) but do NOT want to be at risk of deficiency &/or overly threatened by Covid-19
buy 4000iu capsules @ R&S  Here  #ii. View Test Kit  [NHS 'at home' postal test]  #iii. See our 15/3/20  item below for smart anti-Covid-19 aids
D  FREE-Load Key sites.  Must expose back, belly &/or thighs for just 15-20 mins, ideally twice a week, April to Sept' (UK)

  -  Why?  The arms &/or head only is rarely enough surface exposure for the sun's UV to convert into enough Vitamin D3.  Unconvinced?  See testimonial down page dated 31/10/18

  -  Clever bit.  By exposing the 'key sites' as above, this loads large amounts, quickly, safely & with no risk of sunburn.  And it's FREE!  Thereafter apply sunscreen as normal.  See HERE (or ask us for printout)

   >>  Want medical assurance 1st from Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine?  See the final paragraph (p3) if no time to read it in full - Here 

15 Mar' 2020


L  Coronavirus (Covid-19) Nightmare
>  See updated item above, 24/4/20
27 Feb' 2020

Pain? Disabling you? Quality of life questionable? Can't survive without strong painkillers?
-  Muscle wastage is common with big pain sufferers... because we try to protect ourselves from the pain.
> BUT, reduced muscle EQUALS less or even nothing holding our 'chassis/skeletal make-up'.
-  So things start to rub on nerves etc, that were not intended to be UN-supported...
> This (with the link to the all-key Doctor's video) might be your winning Lottery ticket...  Here [or ask us for printout]
26 Jan' 2020


NEW - Protexin Bio-Kult MIND
Fuzzy head, memory, motor skills++. Bio-Kult 'Mind' . 
>  Exciting results in early research Trials to help inhibit, clear and protect regarding Parkinson's, (Alzheimer's)... 
Targeting human cognitive function, the digestive tract & the immune system simultaneously.
For info', research links, how to use, news++ see here or ask

Winter 2019-'20


Be At One's Best this Winter

-  Animals & Humans. 
-  Proactively try to avoid than need to's easier, less costly & saves a bundle of time!

-  E.g. immunity, illness, joint, energy, digestion, hair/skin dryness ++

Multi-tasking capsules, tablets, creams, powders - internal & external - helping you & your animals 'side step' lurking threats

>A>  Organic Green Barley Grass (packed with a HUGE range of natural vits, minerals + acid buffers & cleansers),  +  Vitamin D3 (immunity, bones/muscles, energy++),  +  'pure probiotics/live bacteria' (immunity, joints, digestion, skin, illness++) +  Intensive Green Lipped Mussel & Salmon oils/biscuits (wild not farmed) (joints, Omega 3 (not OM6), skin),  +  Pillules (joints, degradation),  +  Human Hair & Skin (conditioner, cream, shampoo)

>B>  Select individual products (you + your animals) or consider 2 x Human Health Packs -  "Ruggles On Top Form" or "Ruggles Peak Performance"

>C>    See the various webshop sections or ask us.

Jan' 2020



Testimonials utilising
-  I)
Intensive Omega 3 oils + Bisc'/Treats  II) OM3-rich Green Lipped Mussel & MSM,  III) Protexin Bio-Kult,  IV) Ruggle-it
A.   "Labrador Cookie - she's doing so well & you would never know she has arthritis everywhere [R&SL Note: raging joint & elbow issues]  which is thanks to your products [Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussel, Bio-Kult] - Cookie looks like a 5 year old  (she is actually 9.5 yrs old).  You have huge knowledge..& work so hard for the good of animals & humans.  I constantly recommend R&S"   Here for full story for all the dogs, cat & human.  Sally Joy, South London 
B.   "No sand flies, flies or insects when sitting on the beach sand [Wales] on either the dogs or on my hands & arms...even after a dip in the sea!  Ruggle-it also helps with midges in water."   Here story  L. Sawbridge, Milton Keynes  


BOGO Offer


(*whilst stocks last)

Buy one, get one...BOGO offers  
-  Winter - 'tis the time for some good news for your animals
-  Ruggle-it  Shampoo or Oil from just £7* at online shops

-  Want yours?  Visit the Ruggle-it webshops' Pick N Mix sections (beneath Starter Packs sections) OR go directly to
   [a.]  LARGE Animals click
HERE or [b.]  SMALL Animals, Pets & Humans click HERE

Winter 2019-'20

 TIP - Cold Weather.  Have Clogged Triggers? Cold & Solidified Ruggle-it oils or DIL mix?
Beat the frustration - use Tupperware, a mug of hot water, 'kitchen scourer sponge' & other clever ideas!
-  C
lick Here (relevant for any winter, any year) for quick & clever tips for donkeys, alpacas, llamas, horses, kennelled dogs, goats, chickens, hen houses, farm animals.
(Or see "Tips/Helpful Tips/Other Ideas" sections in your OANB)



 UK Adventurer says... 
 "Ruggle-it - really does stop it all.  I use it now to stop it all before it starts!"   #2.  c650 mile journey 'on foot' - "beset with ticks on the Pack Pony, Terrier & me..." 
See this UK adventurer's hand-written comments on her book [2016]  plus fabulous sketches/drawings of the 2019 c650 mile journey.  See HERE

Horses & Ponies - avoid Mud struggles
-  Help STOP Mud/wet-related issues
ruining this winter.

     >  See Here for tips to help prevent problems, bolstering immunes to naturally defend better, helping resist water ingress.       >  See Here regarding boggy gateways & things ("3 out  of 4 'ain't bad"); + you can rent protectors 4 gateways


Dog Dementia - offering hope

-  Fabulous website offering so much about Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), symptoms (inc' very helpful 'watch list' & 'indicative photos), diagnosis & how to cope.

-   Eileen Anderson is scientific but easy to read.
-  Click HERE for her helpful web (or buy her Book if you prefer)
-  Or Click
HERE for the pioneering USA Vet Dr Andrew Jones' web as his Daily E-Letters (if you sign up like we did years ago) cover umpteen topics like Cat/Dog Dementia but approaching 'treatment' naturally.
Information correct
at today's date from
data provided to us
by Nestle as at today's date



Thank You if you

spread the word on this Orangutan injustice

L Like Chocolates, Quality Street, Roses...?
Why you might wish to AVOID Nestle, Quality Street (and Cadbury) chocolates IF you value Orangutans.
Nestle - currently 40% of all their Palm Oil (in their chocolates, other products) comes from 'unknown' sources with just 8% traceable. L  Correct at today's date from information provided by Nestle.
-  So 40% of every Quality Street (PLUS all their other chocolates & other products) is likely to have killed, starved, or caused harm to Orangutans (let alone forest damage)
The Cadbury chocolate manufacturing division uses NON-ethical Palm Oil.L   But Cadbury's Cake division uses responsibly sourced P.O.J.   Correct at today's date.
-  So we can enjoy Cadbury's cakes with a clear conscience but AVOID all their chocolates...?

-  Click HERE for the official stats info'  + alternative chocolate & product manufacturers to buy instead (or ask us)


Overnight forage gone = forced Fasting
-  Edinburgh's Royal 'Dick' Veterinary research - NEW findings are pretty shocking but brilliantly we can all action this! 
-  More than 4 hours having run out of food = fasting from a horse/donkey's perspective.  That's destructive to the gut...which pretty much runs the whole body.
But it's easily rectifiable!  The Pacefeeder slow-feeder (in stable or field) increased forage time by up to 120%, stopped c72% of bed eating or 'food searching', can aid Laminitic-prone or those on restricted fodder, saved hay.
-  No fasting = happier animal in the morning or whenever you top up the fodder, likelihood of being less demented to get food, happier tacking up (girthing), less likely you've inadvertently increased the risk of ulcers due to lack of saliva
Click Here  



Westie puppy in trouble...
-  Monty's constant scratching, eating cat poo, very upset tummy, problems after spot-on application, pain management ++ hit him at a very fragile age. 
"You were on the phone for ages, nothing was too much trouble back in 2017...& today in 2019 he's fantastic with Ruggle-it, Bio-Kult & your diet help" . 
Here for Monty's story


Caution still water - Toxic Algae
-  Caution dogs & horses & inactive water, puddles - toxic algal blooms. Some useful tips & links (see below) whether 2019 Autumn or Spring 2020. 
-  If in doubt, we suggest bump up the 'pure probiotics' until the sun's heat wanes & algal bloom risks abate.
-   Why?  As a stronger gut/immune is more likely to 'side-step' this
potentially life-threatening issue than a less-supported gut/immune.  Click Here  

Save now - Advance Notice
#1 - Protexin Equine - The annual Manufacture's price rise (not of our doing!) is effective 1/9/19. Grab bargains B4 then.
#2 - Ruggle-it will be going up in September - first increase since 2017 - so hopefully that's not unfair.




Harvest Mite, Seasonal Canine Illness
-  Harvest Mites are showing links to Seasonal Canine Illness which can be a life-threatening sickness... 
^See Here (covers SCI + Alabama Rot) or
^ Here (AHT or
^ R&SL's 2016 guidance Here inc' how to use 'pure probiotics' with no food



Life-threatening bacteria in water bowls
>  NEWS.  Shocking study results of whether ceramic, tin or plastic bowls are the most 'riddled with bacteria.  We'd NEVER have guessed the result...  Read precis Here or from Daily Express Here
>  RELEVANT - Here       [Or ask us for a copy of either]



Coconut oil for Dementia...a miracle?
>  Almost unbelievable results with just 2 x tablespoons of unrefined Coconut oil (preferably Organic) a day.
>  Read Dr Mary Newport's story of the improvements in her young Husband's cognitive & physical abilities. 
Mother Nature....awesome :)  See Here [or ask us for a copy]



Garlic - the silent killer?
>  ?? Feeding Garlic to dogs, cats, horses ?? Do you know the signals that indicate garlic toxicity/overload?  ??  Mystery lumps?  ?? Is the animal increasingly itchy/anxious? 
>  The signs can be subtle & if you miss them, it could be fatal...   Read why great caution is required.
>  Vets around the world are increasingly warning of extreme caution and/or or completely stopping all garlic.  See Here
>  ??  Other food/ingredients to avoid at ALL costs - Here (includes links to Daily Mail's damning insight + much more)


Rather Remarkable Testimonial
Ex competition rider's broken leg bones nightmare -  bone grafts, bone removal, rotten, graft slipped, great pain, year on crutches ...until Ruggle-it Oil.  And even a toe corn... 
Here for almost unbelievable story.  Mother Nature = Respect

Just add water, shake, apply - Ruggle-it Fast
-  Time short?  Keen to prevent (not wait 'til you need a 'cure')?
-  Sick of Mites, Horse Flies, Mossies, Midges, Flies, Ticks?
Ruggle-it Fast is what it says.  You just add water to pre-loaded containers of Ruggle-it formula, shake & sponge on.  That's it. 
-  Suitable 4 outdoor-living animals (horse, donkey, kennelled dog, alpaca, goat, hens, hen houses++) & humans
-  Order Here at webshop or ask us or see editorial - Here 


 Migraines - Breaking Research NEWS
-  The amazingly versatile 14-strain Protexin Bio-Kult (that R&SL identified as a 'super achiever' 'pure live bacteria over a decade ago) delivers impressive results for migraine sufferers.
-  Significant results with just 2 x capsules daily (i.e. cheap!)
- C
lick Here for research findings + comments/excitement from the UK National Migraine Centre, NHS Trust ++
-  Click Here for special prices, inc' the Get 1 Free special. 
-  Click Here for more on these incredibly clever, versatile & non-invasive 'super achievers' (multiple health issues) 




Testimonials - multi species uses - Intensive Omega 3 oils, Protexin 'pure probiotics + live bacteria', Ruggle-it
A.   Mrs Douglas, Lincs  "Have made lots of recommendations - excellent products" - 1 x dog severe/prolonged/myster itching, 1 x horse destructive summer itching, 1 x human scalp, 4 x dogs skin, joint, general well, bolstering 'pure' Omega 3 (not 6).  Here 4 full story +  photos
B.   Sam, Wilts   "Very effective & quickly sorted both our horses by following your Planners scrupulously" - 1 x Cob persistent mites, stamping + 1 x new Cob with scabs mallenders [crusty areas behind knees] mites, scurf  Here story + photos


BOGO Offer


(*whilst stocks last. Ended 10.5.19)

Winter '18-19 cheer - buy one get one...
-  Winter - 'tis the time for some good news for your animals
 - Ruggle-it  Shampoos or Oil for just £4* or £8
* ordered online
How to claim yours?  Go to Ruggle-it webshops' Pick N Mix section (beneath Starter Packs section) - for  [a.] LARGE Animals click here or [b.]  SMALL Animals, Pets & Humans - here



 Violent Pet Sickness - linked to Mites 
Severe vomiting &/or extreme upset tummies ++ in dogs.
>>  Harvest Mites are now linked to Seasonal Canine Illness ("SCI") which can be a life-threatening sickness... 
>>  Urgent Action - must replenish 'pure friendly bacteria' ASAP to help hasten recovery.  Order 2 x boxes ASAP Here
Preventing Harvest Mites -
 Here or 15/6/18 item below.
-  SCI i
nformation - Here (covers SCI + Alabama Rot) or Here (Animal Health Trust) or R&SL's 2016 guidance Here inc' how to get 'pure probiotics' in with no food.


Watch out for Winter horse rugs creating wither, back & knock-on muscle-stress problems.
Click Here to read a useful article - relevant for any year.
for health-risk
awareness as UK sun now carries NO ability to convert into Vitamin D3 (sun's angle is too low from UK Sept' to March)
(original posting 27.05.16)

[i.]  Summer 2018 - did you expose your back &/or belly at least once weekly April-Sept'? 
  >  If not, deficiency can be a risk (exposing arms is rarely enough).
[ii.]  Shock Vitamin D3 Test Results

"Out with horses 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year - surely I would not be Vit D3 deficient!  But, the pain in my knees then forced me to give up the horses & keeps me awake at night. 

Finally I did your Vit D Test Kit  - I was so shocked when

the result confirmed I was all but "severely deficient" at 18.1 nmol/L. 

So I now take your Vit D3 capsules & so wish I'd done your test way back!"

Mrs GH, Somerset  01.16

NOTE:  The NHS classify 50 nmol/L as "adequate"...all results under that are varying degrees of deficiency... 
>  If you're aged over 60, then your body works better at test-result  levels above 65-70 nmol/L 
>>  Knowing your Vitamin D3 levels is CRITICAL if the body is not to struggle unnecessarily or fail - joints, skin, energy, immunity, mood, mystery issues...basically every function!]

>>>  Info', research,  helpful tips, 'free-loading', Vit D3 capsules + 'at home NHS test kits ++   
-  Click Here - for Vit D3 section in our Other Webshop


Food - what to avoid at ALL costs
A.  Click Here for 'the truth' about modern feeds & regimes & how it's frequently affecting so many of our animals' bodies & immune systems.  B.  Know what to avoid (it differs depending on the species) & what's brilliant but not well promoted and/or kept quiet!  C.  Daily Mail newspaper's damning report on modern dog + cat foods & links to fatal health issues, reduced lifespans++.  Click Here


Rescue Centre's Goat mystery resolved
-  Rainbow Animal Sanctuary (Dorset) said "18 months of increasing hair loss, scaly, red & now sore [badly irritated] skin spread over both sides of Eileen's body.  Tried lots - nothing works. Vet perplexed.  Thank you so much - Eileen is hairy again & settled now - much love from all at Rainbow Sanctuary".   Here + Before & After photos




Harvest Mites cause chaos
-  Perhaps because of the super summer, these devils are causing mayhem with animals (large or small) this year...+ humans of course.  Can attack until Nov/Dec' ....
Stop the attacks + insanely itchy bites & cool the skin - see 15/6/18 item if you missed our 'early warning' back then.
>>  Also, H.Mites are now linked to Seasonal Canine Illness which can be a life-threatening sickness...  See Here (covers SCI + Alabama Rot) or Here (Animal Health Trust)

Why avoid standard shampoos
What we knew instinctively...that Staphylococcus & Dermatophilus bacterial infections [serious invasions of the skin] are both associated with overwashing skin...which either destroys the protective flora or causes excess flora.
Mother Nature offers a clever solution...again!  Ruggle-it Shampoo has NO harsh chemicals, no soaps, no M.I. no Tea skin is left nourished, cleansed & non-traumatised.  Precis/article
Here (relevant all animals + humans)

Try it for FREE

It's back - FREE Tester - Gut Balancer *
-  Not tried
our Protexin Equine Gut Balancer 'pure' probiotics (NO cereals, unnecessary fillers, air-stable, long BBEs)?
Horse/Pony/Donkey with one/multiple struggles, e.g. itching, mud/fungal issues, stress, digestion/poo/weight/gut issues, recurring issues, been on antibiotics, problems?
How to Claim.  Order off our webshop, & at the online Basket/Cart page put in the COMMENTS box "Try Gut Balancer" & we'll include our sample box for FREE
[Or put the same on an order form sent via the post].  *Whilst stocks last.

All Ruggle-it Plastics ARE recyclable
[A.]  Those who know R&S Ltd well, know that we're into Mother Nature & Her amazing creations, ways, ideas.
-  But did you know that ALL plastics used for Ruggle-it containers/trigger units are FULLY recyclable worldwide?  We have the Recycle Codes if you need.
-  As Council recycling policies vary regionally, if in doubt, deposit your empties at your local recycling centre's dedicated "Plastics/Tubs" container.  Thanks  
[B.]  And the Natural Cotton Long-Handle bags that come with all Starter Pack 1st orders (Ruggle-it) (or can be purchased £1.75) are fully compostable - lucky worms @ yours!

Just add water, shake, apply - Ruggle-it Fast
-  Time short? Sick of  Mites, Horse Flies, Mossies, Midges, Flies, Ticks?
Ruggle-it Fast is what it says.  You just add water to pre-loaded containers with Ruggle-it formula, shake & sponge on.  That's it. 
-  Order Here at webshop or ask us or see editorial - Here 


Adding Fuel to the fire:  diet -> behaviour
Horse focused...but actually some useful stuff for our Dogs too:  e.g. hay/feeds in multiple locations (re ulcer/acid/boredom/ pain), pellets V cubes, surprising fats V cereals, the corn V oat V barley dilemma, thiamine (water soluble B-Vit), magnesium pros/risks, tryptophan (precursor to Serotonin) (mood/ activity) surprise & caution + Here 
What 2 avoid & why - dog, cat, horse, donkey HERE

June 18

Drinking might be shocked? 
-  How much should dogs drink daily?  
-  45% of pet owners didn't know it was this much!
-  e.g. a 7Kg Terrier is 420ml, a 29Kg Labrador is 1.7 Litres...
-  Click Here for today's updated story with all the info' including for 'fussy/reticent' drinkers a demon FREE tip via "Chooky Water"
(Partial story originally from 07.15 on our R&SL NEWS Archive pages)  Need a hard copy of this whole story - ask us.


Deter before Harvest Mites get us all!
-  Help prevent H.Mites latching on & you/your animals becoming victims of their insanely itchy bite. 
-  Harvest Mites can attack all animals and humans from approx' June to November/December each year. 
-  Click  Here for prevention, quick tips (irrespective of the year, it's still relevant each season) or ask us a for print-out.
>>  Also, H.Mites are now linked to Seasonal Canine Illness which can be a life-threatening sickness...  See Here (covers SCI + Alabama Rot) or Here (Animal Health Trust)


Horse Flies are Back
-  We've had clients with BIG Horse Fly issues (Cumbria, Yorkshire, Ireland, North Wales).  So perhaps they're back elsewhere too & you/your animals need help?  H.Flies are determined & hard to stop whatever you use..but...
Use lots of your Ruggle-it Diluted Oil - personally we'd sponge it on 3 x days running, then spray or sponge regularly thereafter as needed.  It's also deterring flies etc,  See HERE for testimonial for National Hunt Racehorses
- Traps.  A.  This one's FREE Perfect for the stable, garden shed, field shelter, horsebox/trailer, etc.  Proven successful - make it in minutes - see HERE  B.  A good range & price options HERE inc' the original 'H' Trap (trialled by SWHP Charity for their rescue horses - whom R&SL know well for being 'into natural ideas/products)

May 18

Dog eating grass?
-  Did you know it's the Vagus Nerve (in the brain) triggering the 'warning'?
-  Click Here for the fascinating facts + tips to sort it quickly & cheaply.   Need a hard copy of this?  Just ask us.


Caution - animal sunburn risk. 
-  Do NOT Use Neat Ruggle-it Oil or Salve
on horses, donkeys, alpacas - April to mid October (UK)
See FAQ #20
(HERE) - safe alternatives, details (or see OANBooklet) 
Open wounds?  Suggestion.  Apply your Ruggle-it then use a total sunblock over the skin if the animal is out during the above months - open wounds skin has NO UV/sunburn you can literally fry them alive... 
-  After 5 days' of new skin growth, then you can stop the sunblock.



Tale with a Happy Ending...
"2 years of my Papillon's serious itching, tail mutilation, paw chewing, hair loss & expensive vet [professional] bills to itch-free & with a full tail, (used Ruggle-it + your Omega 3-rich oils & biscuits). Never felt my 5 x dogs' coats so beautiful & easy to groom.  I'm delighted - will tell everyone of your advice & products."  says Maureen S from Cornwall.  See 7 x updates + before + after photos Here  


 Super SAVE on Protexin Gut Balancer

700g tub - under £20! (Manufacturer's RRP - £26.76)
-  Also see the 2 x 700g bundle.

Big savers too on 3.5kg, 7kg.

And the NEW cereal-free ACID EASE




 Winter Itch + Hair Loss
Now it's properly cold, the invisible Millennium Mites attack the most (always more active in winter but here all year...)
Currently causing nation-wide itching.
-  They attack most animal species - dogs, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys, goats, cats... 
-  See for details, how to defeat etc.


Archive News before
1 January 2018


Archive News - from 2011 to end of 2017  See different page - HERE


Archive News before
1 January 2018


Archive News - from 2011 to end of 2017  See different page - HERE

Nov.Dec 22


See these 2 for Images + words
ruggleit_newssnippets 2022 DEC w ACT 2xXmas 141222
ruggleit_newssnippets 2022 DEC Xmasmsgx2 Opts 1222
See folder XmasBanner


R&SL wish you & your animals a Very Happy Christmas & New Year

Xmas Greetings


Very clever Cooler mat - dog, cat
-  No fridge, no power, no water needed!
-  Non toxic 'innards', foam padded, fold to travel
Dogs, cats, humans. (once pets know to sit/lie on them, they truly love them...we've had feedbacks from amazed owners!) -

Save now - Advance Notice + Apology
#1 - Manufacturer's price rise at 1/11/18 for Protexin Equine  +  Bio-Kult (14 strain)
  >  Silly season discounts
from just £8.25   or GET 1 x FREE - has Xmas cheer arrived early?!  Order Here
#2 - Shipping + Packaging Materials.  From 1/10/18 - sorry but we've carried as many supplier price rises for as long as poss' but with another 6% rise put onto us, we've had to tweak the P&P rates - Here.

28 Dec' 2021
Whilst stocks last
End 280522.

.BOGO Free


. Buy one, get one Free (BOGOF)
>  For online orders   Get 1 x FREE on Ruggle-it Oils  .
>  Located @ Ruggle-it Pick N Mix sections (beneath Starter Pack sections)  OR go directly to [a.]  LARGE Animals PickNMix HERE or [b.]  SMALL Animals/Pets/Humans PickNMix HERE

8 Oct' 2021

.. Hope for Scab, Mud, Pastern, Leg, Staph ...
. Since 2009 R&SL highlighted this 'hope' (Dr Ferraro research). 
Latest research from Swiss Vets/research institute, confirm these issues ARE related to out of balance bacteria.
Thus, since 2009 R&SL have urged combining Ruggle-it WITH 'pure probiotics' (to help re-balance bacteria AND help the immune system response to 'have another try' at overcoming the issue once & for all).  Today we reiterate this!
Swiss story HERE  Order 'pure probiotics'  HERE
14 July 2021


. Will immune systems cope
.  <i>  Reality.  We've all be 'protected' from 'bugs' for so long via Masks, social distancing etc.    <ii>  Threat.  So when we are 'unlocked' on 19/7/21, our immune systems will not be used to all the 'bugs' that are  suddenly threatening it.   <iii>  Smart Protection.  Proactively 'arm' your immune system with key 'engine foods' - help your immune system be  'strong & ready' to ward off would-be attackers.
  <|>  Ruggles On Top Form bundle [3 x 'smart' products].   Helping build your natural Moat Order bundle HERE or ask

9 Nov' 2021

Pull up your Winter Drawbridge against  Colds +  Flu + Misc' bugs
Smart Protection.  Proactively 'arm' your immune system with key 'engine foods'.  Be 'strong & ready' to ward off would-be attackers.  Order below or ask us.
Order individual items in varying quantities &/or  take up the GET 1 x FREE offers. 
14 x strains 'pure' probiotic HERE  'Strength' Vit' D3 HERE  Organic GBG superfood HERE
9 Nov' 2021


. Pull up your Winter Drawbridge against  Colds +  Flu + Misc' bugs
Smart Protection.  Proactively 'arm' your immune system with key 'engine foods'.  Be 'strong & ready' to ward off would-be attackers.  Order below or ask us.
  <|>  Ruggles On Top Form bundle [3 x 'smart' products] - created to help reinforce your natural drawbridgeContains
  > 'Strength' Vitamin D3 (4,000 IU (100ug/mcg) x 100 capsules)
+ 14 x strains probiotic 'live bacteria' (60 capsules + organic Green Barley Grass superfood multi-mineral & multi-vitamin (250g powder)  ...doing what it says on the tin!   Order On Top Form bundle HERE
Or order individual items in varying quantities &/or  take up the GET 1 x FREE offers.  'Strength' Vit' D3 HERE 14 x strains probiotic HERE Organic GBG superfood HERE

30 Nov' 2021

Effective from
23 December 2021

..L  10% increase - notice, apology
-  Our fast, liquid-carrying Courier is increasing ship rates by 10%.   
-  Fuel Surcharge has gone up 3% since Summer - R&SL did not pass this on but absorbed it.  R&SL have carried many other recent price rises.  With great regret we now need to 'share' some of them...  So sorry...

14th December 2022


Xmas Greetings + Thanks  
  >  R&SLtd wish you & your animals a Very Happy & Healthy Christmas and a Proserous 2023.  
    >  Full details & thanks HERE (inc' re extended closure)

July 2022




L  Harvest Mites are BACK
>  See May 2022 item below  Devil <2> and the TIPS box as the wretched Harvest Mites are well & truly back in the UK now

Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorarte (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.


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