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Nature at her creative best for animals, plants, humans & gardens

See the following sections as your "how, what, why"

  • About Ruggle-it - précis

  • New to these products?  What to Buy

  • The three key Ruggle-it's

  • About it - interesting details

About it - Précis

Always check the left hand margin for specific information.  Meanwhile here's the précis:

"It’s natural, ethical, a deterrent & should be on every animal owners’ essential list". 
That was the verdict of dozens of people who participated in the original horse & animal Trial (2006/07) for the Ruggle-it® vegetable oil mixture & specialist shampoo (see the 'testimonials' link on the left of this page for masses of detailed users feedbacks). 

  • Natural & Multi-purpose
    In fact there are at least 18 issues on which you can use the 100% natural vegetable oil blend & the ultra mild soap-free shampoo be it for horses, alpacas, farm animals, pets, humans (including babies) or plants!

  • Saves you BIG £££
    Just by adding tap water to your Ruggle-it oil & shampoo, it can become 5-10 times its volume.  All products come with full instructions.

  • Spray-Bath or Sponge-Bath - ideal in Winter/chilly conditions when bathing is not easy
    As the special shampoo is soap-free, when you cannot bath your animal (or in winter), you can "sponge-bath" or "spray-bath" them with no rinse-out required.  
    -  Full baths always deliver ultimate efficiency & cost-savings long-term (without stripping any natural moisture from the skin).

New to Ruggle-it?
easiest, most cost effective & multi-tasking next step

Due to this products' huge versatility, when you're new to Ruggle-it®  it's not easy to explain quickly how you use it for so many issues....hence we've designed the Starter Packs.

Buying a Starter Pack means you do not need to understand how it works...but please know it will soon become apparent once you have it in front of you with its instructions.

  • A Starter Pack can contain
    a) oil + shampoo,
    oil + emulsifier, or
    semi-solid salve & shampoo. 
    Enhanced packs
    contain extra items for additional support for more prolonged or serious issues. 
    -  Consider if you need 1-2 Triggers. 
    -  All packs at the Online Shop show what is included within each pack.

  • Pick from one of the many Starter Pack options we've created after seeing:

    • 1.  'What to Buy" or FAQ's in the left hand margin - scroll down these pages to find the issue, our suggested pack options, answers to common queries.

      ...or ...

    • 2.  go directly to relevant ONLINE shop to select a Starter Pack.  Once at webshops, the central grey column  itemises each pack's contents, the size/number of animals, etc..

    • 3.  Webshops -  Large/Outdoor Animal shop or Pets & Human shop 
      (Click one of the above webshop links or scroll to the top & select from multiple links in the left hand margin)

  • Unconvinced?  See 100's of written testimonials covering most issues - select "testimonials" in left hand margin (above) or click here

Most Starter Packs containing an oil & a shampoo can be used for:

  • all issues connected to flies/mossies/midges & summer itching mud environments lice, ticks, all types of mites scabs hair loss strike by flying critters minor wounds scurfy and/or hot skin pet itching/chewing head lice body sores general skin unhappiness a natural anti-feedant for insects that normally eat plants (aphids etc,.). 

The 3 key Ruggle-its?

The Ruggle-it® Oil Blend and Semi-Solid Salve

-  The oil (with a nutty/garlic/burnt coffee/onion aroma) is blended here in Somerset (UK) & is a mixture of 100% natural vegetable oils including Coconut, Safflower, Neem, Wheatgerm, etc.
-  Scientifically identified properties include our oil ingredients being resistant to more than 300 different insect types. 
-  It can aid swellings & repel bugs, calm & moisturise skin.
-  The key ingredients are ANTI - bacterial, fungal & oxidant.  

The Ruggle-it® Ultra Mild Hypoallergenic Soap-Free Shampoo

-  The pioneering shampoo is also custom-made here in the UK using truly pioneering & genuinely gentle ingredients as well as including some of the Ruggle-it®  oils. 
-  Because it works very differently from nearly all other shampoos & is guaranteed free of all harsh chemicals usually associated with 'shampoos', it will not strip natural moisture from the skin.
-  When you cannot bath, you can use it as a "spray-bath" or "sponge-bath" without need for rinsing.
-  The shampoo doubles up as the emulsifier as well, i.e. it allows safe blending of our oils with water for use of the oil in a 'diluted' format which then can save a lot of money.

The Ruggle-it® Emulsifier

-  For the rare instances when you absolutely CANNOT bath, buy a Starter Pack that includes an emulsifier instead of the shampoo. 
-  However, any Pack that includes an Emulsifier will be restricted in its uses.  The Emulsifier does only one job - it allows you to safely blend our oils with water for safe use on animal or human skin. 
Whereas, the shampoo is not only a cleansing product, but does a string of other jobs too including safely blending our oil with water...hence it's much more flexible & better value for you to buy a Starter Pack with a shampoo in it!

About it - Interesting Details

The trees & plants that provide our oils have been used for thousands of years (Ayurvedic medicine) as gentle yet effective means for offering calming & soothing benefits to a wide range of issues that face plants, humans & animals (large & small). 

Our Ruggle-it® products contain ZERO DEET, Tea Tree, harsh chemicals (e.g. parabens, petroleum by-products, benzoate, PEGS or sodium lauryl sulfate) which are known skin agitants yet found in a high percentage of today's shampoo/skin cleaning products.  They are quite simply, a pair of nature's star offerings. They are also naturally bio-degradable.

Both the FEI & British Horseracing Authority have confirmed that the Ruggle-it® oil, shampoo & emulsifier do not contain any substances prohibited under their respective Rules.

Ready to investigate further?

  • Please use the links near the top of the page (in the left hand margin) to access the relevant pages. 

Important Note: Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria. All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) compliant. Click here for what that means to you. 





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