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Rugs & Sunlight

Why going naked is so important

For sufferers of summer itching & fly/mossie bite reactions, being 'protected' from the sun may have detrimental effects on an animal's immune system & vitamin uptake (pit ponies ALWAYS had to have 'off time' above ground to allow sunlight to reach their skin & there are increasing studies on children with eczema/psoriasis who become deficient in Vitamin D because their skin never sees natural daylight/sunshine). 

So as some of the Testimonials indicate, being able to allow horses a small fix of unfiltered daylight/sunshine with no rugs on, can become a reality (it's also much cooler!). Caution must always be exercised as increasing the animal's suffering is not our goal...but with careful observation & initially very small time windows without rugs on when fully treated with Ruggle-it  oil & spray, as others have found, you may be able to leave the rugs off for increasing periods of the day (or night) so the horses can feel some natural light directly on their skin.

Rugs are often a vital part in the management of summer itching & all that's associated to this warm time of the year... but we believe we owe it to our animals to see if we can help them get a dose, however small, of natural light on their skin - results show that Ruggle-it offers us this opportunity. After all, healthy immune systems mean higher resistance to future illness... which might mean lower bills for us!!
The way we see it is that the 'whole' needs to be considered.... not to find blame with any one idea or product, but purely to find the best way to look after our animals with the least invasive/damaging methods.  And finally, we always suggest you discuss things with your Vet.


On 19 January 2011 the BBC had a headline story of children with "clinical Rickets" Vitamin D deficiency due to use of Sun Block.

It discussed how all human skin needs some direct sunlight - 3 x 1/2 hour sessions a week without suncream will help the body re-charge itself (avoid mid-day sun).  See the story and video at


Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorarte (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.



"For the 1st time they didn't need rugs this year...and friends commented how well they looked"


"Sensitive TB now without rug with only every other day Ruggle-it application!"

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