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Editorials - a small selection of the stories 'in the media' for Ruggles & Stopitall products

November 2018

Countryman's Weekly

"Whole Health Saves Money"
>  See how certain multi-tasking products really can save money,
e.g. a product for joints also helps skin or how another helps the immune system, skin, energy, digestion & joints all at the same time.
>  Other company's products too that might be useful.
Click here   (it's worth any wait to download).   Thank you Countryman's Weekly

August 2018

Everything Horse


NEW product launch.  Ruggle-it Fast for any outside-living animal or outside-working human
– Just fill with water, shake & apply or leave it made-up for use another day/week/month.
Environmentally friendly (safe for run-off, drains, rivers), super kind on skin, super quick to use
-  100% recyclable containers.
Said National Hunt race horse owner, Gay Hartley, from West Yorkshire: “Horse flies were plaguing my summer-resting race horses & driving them demented!  They were swishing their tails & tossing their heads constantly. After applying Ruggle-it Fast as instructed, calm now reigns & it’s keeping all insects at bay.
-  Click here for the editorial + who can use it...
Thank you magazines C
May 2017



"Summer bugs - go to hell with Ruggle-it"   Click here for the story.
Thank you Equi-Ads & Pegasus magazines
October 2016



"Mites and Mud - By George the Damage they can do"  
Traditional Cob overcomes desperate struggles & fear from mites & mud damage on legs and behind knees. 
Click here for the owners' honesty, fear, joy & hope.  (Includes before & after photos - it's worth any wait to download).
Thank you Equi-Ads + Pegasus magazines
September 2016



"Boggy Gateways, Mud, Minor Wounds & Scabs - 3 out of 4 'Ain't Bad!"  
Click here for the story.
Thank you Equi-Ads magazine
June 2016

Blackmore Vale Magazine


"Deal with Aphids, Wasps, Ants, Mealeybugs & Pests the Natural Way.  BVM have seen some interesting testimonials from Ruggle-it users"   Click here for the story.
Thank you Blackmore Vale Magazine
May 2016



Donkey Breed Society magazine -  "Maple the Donkey & Mystery Itching - Exposed!"   Click here for the story (it's worth any wait to download!).
Pegasus magazine -  "Summer bugs"   Click here for the story.
Thank you Pegasus, Equi-Ads & Donkey Breed Society
January 2016

Blackmore Vale


Blackmore Vale magazine - Rural Scene NEWS  "Saving money with multi-tasking natural products"
Click here for the story.
Thank you Blackmore Vale
March 2015

Cheshire Pet (Willows Veterinary Group)
Equestrian TV


Cheshire Pet (Willows Veterinary Group) - NEWS Round-Up "Ruggle-it - a natural alternative for itchy cats"
Click here for the story.
Equestrian TV- "Ruggle-it Regime keeps Winston in the Field".  From persistant mud & mite issues to 23 days hunting & no 'worries'!
Click here  
Equi-Ads - "Stop Summer Bugs Biting".  (Rare breed Cleveland Bay's summer & tail itching - includes BEFORE & AFTER photos.
Click here  
Thank you Cheshire Pet Magazine, Equi-Ads & Equestrian TV
Jan/Feb 2015

Your Cat


"Chester shows a clean pair of heels" - Welsh Section C's mud issues, irritation with rubber from arena, mites - click here for the story
Your Cat - featured in As Seen In - click here  
Thank you Your Cat & Pegasus magazines
October 2014

Everything Horse


"Tippy the Hunter back on his toes" - mystery crusting on tendons, lower legs & mystery skin bumps (saddle area) - click here for the story (including before, during & after photos)  
"Worried about Mud this winter - read this excellent article..."  click here
Thank you Pegasus & Everything Horse magazines
September 2014

Plan Ahead for Winter - preventing muddy gateways, getting naked (Vitamin D), itch prevention (cheaper!) ++.
Story #1 - click here to read story (or see on P4 of this Sept' 2014 actual magazine). 
Story #2 - here to read story & user's comments.
Story #3 - see British Horse, Sept' 2014 issue, P55 - "Smart Nourishment"  [Supplements]
Thank you Equi-Ads, Horsemart, BHS
July 2014
British Horse (BHS)
Animal Health Advisor

1. "Fly Protection"  British Horse (P37, June/July issue)

2. "One Product - beat flies, mud issues & puffy legs"  (includes multiple photos)  Click here

Thank you kindly to British Horse, Equi-Ads, Animal Health Advisor & Pegasus

May 2014

1. "Mystery Itching - stop it now, summer or winter!"  (includes Tiddler's before + after images)   Click here

2. "Veteran cob beat flies, mud issues & puffy legs with one product"  (includes Atlas' before & after images)  Click here

Thank you kindly to Pegasus & Horsemart

April 2014
Horse & Hound

1.  "Joint Cream for Riders"  Click here

2. "Perfect Partnership"  No Mud issues in Britain's wettest winter on record for Mojo (horse); 
no flies on him either last summer! 
Plus no more mystery itching for the cat!"    Click here

Thank you H&H & Horsemart online

Jan' 2014
Everything Horse UK, 

"Mallenders Behind the Knees - from the Insides Out"   
Read the various articles:
a) on Page 50 Click here, (everythinghorse) or
b) Click here (Equi-Ads)

Or see Mrs Sharland's full testimonial (includes before & after photos) Click here

All Magazines - we thank you for your interest & in helping to share ideas for dealing with challenging health issues

December 2013
Rescue A Pet magazine

"A 'Tail' With A Happy Ending"
(Bichon Frise Molly's terribly itchy tail no longer under threat of amputation)  Click here

Rescue magazine - thank you very for your interest, we greatly appreciate it. 
Keep up your great work at your lovely magazine - helping unloved animals find new homes, nationwide.


October 2013
Dog World 11/10/13

"Coat Problems" - Jane Lilley's Living with Dogs column
(pet blackened skin, hair loss + human hair loss)  Click here

Thank you very much for including Mrs Axtel's comments in the Jane Lilley column - greatly appreciated.

September 2013
Everything Horse UK,  Horsemart

"Winter Hints for Health"  Click here

August 2013
1.  Showing Journal,
2. Pegasus,
3. Dog World,,
4. Equi-Ads & others

1.  Dog World
Magazine - e-Newsletter 8/8/13
"Mother Nature, Neem, Science & Skincare - The Clever Connections"

2.  The Truth about Vitamin D.  Clever Ways to Free Load  Click here

July 2013
1.  Everything Horse UK
2.  BHS (July/August)
3.  Horsemart

1.  The Naked Truth about Vitamin D & Deficiency  Click here

2.  British Horse (BHS) Magazine - see the supplements section, "Smart Nourishment"

June 2013
1.  Horse & Countryside T&T
2. Equi-Ads
3.  Field & Rural Life
4.  Pegasus

T&T - Horse & Countryside Magazine - see P92, June issue

Editorial - "Hints for Whole Health"  Click here 

May 2013

1.  BHS (May/June)
2.  Pegasus South East & Online

Buzz off with Tap Water & Ruggle-it"  (Clever use of water to convert the oil into 5-10 times its volume without affecting effectiveness.    Click here

March 2013

Equi-Ads (National)

"Ruggle-it helps Rare Breed recover
"  (Cleveland Bay's summer itching - includes BEFORE & AFTER photos)  Click here

November 2012

1.  Countryman's Weekly
2..  Equestrian Life

1.  "A MUST for stalkers & shooters - not one single tick" by Ray Charles [Countryman's Weekly]  Click here

2.  "Itching" -
for all dog-owning horse owners [Equestrian Life]   Click here

September/October 2012

1.  Equi-Ads, September
2..  The Landsman - October/November
3.  Field & Rural Life - October

1.  ".Injury, Box Rest & OM3 Hasten Body's Self-Healing" [Equi-Ads]  Click here

2.  Nikolaus beats the bugs & rugs with Ruggle-it 
{Landsman - go to P7]   Click here

3.  Beat the Bugs & Rugs with Ruggle-it  {Field & Rural Life]   Click here

August 2012

1.  Shooting Times, 8 August 2012
2..  HorseMart
3.  Equestrian Life

1.  ".Ruggle-it Ticks Off Parasites" [Shooting Times]  Click here

2.  Muddy Issues - Disney & Emma Whittaker's Story  {HorseMart]   Click here

3.  Ruggle-it for Year-Round Mud Issues  {Equestrian Life]   Click here

July 2012

BHS July/August 2012
Pegasus July '12

1.  ".Smart Nourishment with 'Engine Foods'" 
Click here

2.  ".Re-Vitalised Back & Joints help Patrick Fly the Flag!
Click here

June 2012

Field & Rural Magazine


".Itching Confusion - Midges or Invisible Millennium Mites?"

Click here to read what they love!
March 2012

Horse & Rider

"....this month we LOVE....Ruggle-it...."

Click here to read what they love!
February 2012

(plus Pegasus, East Midlands Rider,
Equestrian Lifestyle, Native Pony ...)
Rescued from Mystery Itching -
- Millennium Mites.  Tiddler's story.
Relevant for all itchy horse, dog, cat & alpaca owners...
Click here to read story.  Thank you to all magazines who are helping spread the word on this mystifying & frustrating issue.

December 2011

Keep Immunes strong - cheaply & without chemicals or stress  - human, horse, pet
Click here to read story

23 November 2011

Gun Mart
GLM for Healthy Joints

"Since the GLM my Ten year old pointer charges around like a nutter!"
Click here to read story

13 October 2011

Horse & Hound

"Green Lipped Mussel - there was significant improvement in soundness & a reduction in joint pain....."
Peter Green MRCVS    [double-blind study] 
To read story
Story link on H&H - removed as not meet VMD regulations
horse and hound 309984


October 2011

East Midlands Rider

"Mud - Stop It"

Click here

September 2011

Equine, Canine & Countrylife Magazine

UK Itching phenomenon - mites, midges, mystery
Mites - what to look for, breeding zones (surprising!), how to stop it INSTANTLY & deter cheaply.
"Might it be Mites?" - Click here

July 2011

Pegasus Magazine

"Swap your Ripped Rugs for Ruggle-it" - Reggie's story
Click here

June 2011

Native Pony Magazine

"Convert competition STRESS into your WINNING formula

Click here

January - April 2011

Horse & Hound
HORSE magazine
Your Horse

"Bargain Hunt"  -  Ruggle-it
"What's New?"  -  R&S Skincare

Click here

February 2011



Whole Health - saving Money

Full story - removed for VMD regulation reasons
horsemart 2241

February 2011

NFU Countryside



Marketplace - New Products
R&S Naturally Inspired Skincare

Click here

October 2010

Dog's Today



Reader's Letter
"Has anyone tried anything that has genuinely put a spring back into an old dog's step?"
Click here

October 2010



Banishing Winter & Wet Skin Issues Naturally
"One product we've seen some outstanding results with.....Ruggle-it"
Click here

4 June 2010

Our Dogs


8 month old puppy Yoda's struggle

Full story - removed for VMD regulation reasons

30 December 2009
The Countryman's Weekly - Britain's Countrysports Newspaper



Omega 3 - Ruggles products champion the benefits

Click here

August 2009
Redpin Group
(inc' Welsh Rider, Equestrian Plus, South
East Rider, All Horse, Ridgeway Rider,
East Anglia Rider)




Your Questions Answered:

"Both my horse & I react badly to horsefly bites. I've read Ruggle-it acts as a deterrent & a soother, can you tell me more?"
Full story - removed as 3 words contravene VMD regulation reasons

June 2009

Equine, Canine & Country Life



Tried & Tested - dogs (ticks), horses (summer itching/flies), human

"I have to be honest, this product did not convince me when I heard about it - it completely proved me wrong. I am
shocked Ruggle-it works so well"
Read Journalist Carrie Buchanan's
Full story - removed as 12 words contraveneVMD regulation reasons


April 2009

Yorkshire Today



"Never having owned a sufferer of summer itching before, I was horrified when my Welsh Cob started to rub... but within a week his fur returned & he really enjoyed having it applied & you could see it brought him relief"  

Read Journalist Angie Cooper's story

Full story - removed as 2 words contraveneVMD regulation reasons


February/March 2009
Equestrian Lifestyle


"In the beginning....natural dreams. How the natural therapy business began" 

Click here


January 2009


"Your Rubbish Saves Animal Lives this Recession - it costs you nothing - please help"

Click here


5 December 2008
Dog World


Stop Itching Naturally. "It took just one bath...."

Full story - removed for VMD regulation reasons


December 2008
Equine Canine & Country Life



Beat the Recession the Natural Way - Probiotics and Topicals to minimize
issues & save money.

Full story - removed for VMD regulation reasons


October 2008
Native Pony




Ponies UK competitor - Fell pony Callum's Summer Itching success. From mites & mossies & eight rugs a summer to hardly itching anymore.


October 2008


Equine Canine
& Country Life

Alpaca's relief - worldwide search finds "miracle formula for mites and baldness".

Click here


August '08



An Equi-Ads reader's 'journey' on using the products for extreme summer itching on a Warmblood for 3 years. Page 24


August '08


Redpin Group, inc' Ridgeway Rider, All Horse, Equestrian Plus, SE Rider


"Product News"


August '08


Country Smallholding

"Healing Oils for Animals"


23 July '08


"Hantu the Arab...a real star at Eventing".  

"Harry was bitten so badly I had to dress him in fly rugs & mask to hack out but since using ruggle-it he can bare all... I was so impressed" said owner & BE competitor Sandra Betts.

Click here


July '08


Carriage Driving

 "Bog off to Bugs"


May '08


Equine, Canine
& Country Life

"Show Stopper - show preparation for horses, dogs, rabbits & competing animals... but without harsh chemicals"

Click here


April '08
 The Stables Equine Vet Practice


"Something New This year - Ruggle-it...for Somerset's never-ending supply of midges"



April '08
CLA - Country Land & Business Association


"Carried by Insects". Exotic midges travel further due to 'global warming' & offer more threats to all animals.

Click here for a PDF of complete story/warnings & simple preventative measures


March '08



Tried & Tested

"18hh gelding tormented by itchy legs, incessant stamping, rubbing, kicking.... now
all in the past thanks to Ruggle-it."



March 2008


Equine, Canine
& Country Life

Beating the Bugs, Early 

"January the 12th and the bugs were biting!" "By applying it intermittently and before the season really gets going, my Shire no longer suffers from summer itching"

Click here for a PDF


Equestrian Life



Muddy Environments

Click here for PDF


Ridgeway Rider


Muddy Environments

Click here for PDF




Equestrian Life

Tried & Tested - unknown bumpy skin
"It certainly seemed to help my
horse's bumpy skin"

Click here for PDF


October (HOYS edition)


England's Equestrian

Product Test - Muddy Environments,
Dry Skin, Over-Reaches, Flies.

"Inside 10 days it disappeared
& hasn't returned!"

Click here for PDF




Farm N Equine

Product Test - Muddy Environments, Flies. 

"In 6 days the crusty heels softened;
great for flies too!"

Click here for PDF



Redpin Group including
All Horse, Welsh Rider, Equestrian Plus


Redpin Group


Click here for PDF and web links.





Product Test - Summer Itching
"He's stopped rubbing!"


(July) August





The Alternative Horse Society

New products Newsletter






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