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A.   Find the item in one of the various sections below. 
B.   Do "CTRL F" (for find), then in the little search box that opens on your screen, type the word it should find.
omega 3, joints & superfood
●  diet concerns
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●  rugs, sunlight, Vitamin D deficiency (large animals)
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●  scientific research
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●  the Protexin products for all animals, humans
other products
r&s skin & bodycare
hands on

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●  vitamin d3
●  omega 3 pet treats (dog, cat, ferret) Kronch
●  organic superfood - green barley grass
●  pain packs (joint, muscles) +  health bundles (arthritis, total body)
●  what can each product help (scroll down to each product section)
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●  joint & muscle cream
●  full human product range shampoo, bath-shower-basin, conditioner, intensive hand/body cream, body lotion
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