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PIP - polycontrast interference photography - for humans and animals

In 1989 Dr Harry Oldfield pioneered energy field imaging using Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) and alongside Dr Thornton Streeter, they have trialled and developed this exciting technology.
By using an ordinary video camera linked to an ordinary computer loaded with PIP software, the resultant images show the human energy field (HEF), chakra and meridian systems of humans and animals highlighting areas of well-being and dis-ease using clear patterns and colours. But perhaps its most exciting feature is its ability to highlight potential and developing issues within the energetic field, BEFORE they manifest. PIP also identifies the damaging effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF waves) from equipment such as computers, mobile phones, and microwaves. And, the images can show the effects and benefits of varying treatments from healing and homeopathy to meditation, yoga and massage. 
By placing the subject against a white background and using full spectrum lighting, it’s possible to interpret the multi layered lattice of radiations and emissions of energy (through observation of the interference and transference of light patterns at and beyond the visible spectrum) and view these interpretational images ‘live’ in real-time. PIP images clearly show a trained practitioner where stress exists and where issues could develop as well as highlighting healthy and pain free areas. PIP is a safe and non-invasive assessment system.
PIP is used by a wide range of scientific researchers, medical institutions and complementary health practitioners including Harvard University, the University of Greece, Zoroastrian College, the Centre for Human Energy Field Research as well as being used on a regular basis in an 800 bed hospital in India. Whilst it is still relatively unrecognised here in the UK, its reputation overseas amongst the medical and scientific communities is significantly advanced. With research funding scarce in this country, the Rest of the World will continue to lead the UK on gaining a greater understanding into measuring the HEF in a scientifically objective way, alongside an appreciation of the preventative nature of working with the HEF. At the risk of being repetitive (for which I apologise!), if as mentioned above you would like to discuss contributing to vital research projects, please contact me using the link in the orange bars at the top and bottom of all pages…..
With practitioners and their patients being able to clearly see the PIP images either as static photographs or as ‘live’ video, slowly the ‘sceptic’ within us has the choice of reconsidering our beliefs on the existence of the human energy field!
If you are interested in the availability of this technology and its diverse applications (teaching colleges, research units, hospitals and medical facilities, veterinary surgeries and hospitals, complementary therapy centres etc,.), please contact me.
Note: Polycontrast Interference Photograph (PIP) provided courtesy of The Centre for Human Energy Field Research





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