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Reiki Jin-Kei-Do - the way of compassion and wisdom through Reiki

By the laying on of hands on key energy points and meridians, this non-invasive healing energy therapy encourages:-
increased well-being - revitalising and refreshing the body and mind through deep relaxation
stress and tension reduction
stimulated energy flows - for optimum vitality, fitness and good health
enhanced self-healing and recuperative abilities if experiencing weariness, illness, injury, trauma or feelings of ‘life imbalance’
windows of calm - ‘you time’ in a busy world
Reiki encourages a deep tranquillity of the mind and body allowing the recipient to optimise their vitality but also to support self-healing, personal development and energising capabilities if required. Reiki works ‘holistically’ - by treating the whole not just what we can see or feel on the ‘surface’. Whilst achieving states of gentle harmony and peacefulness, the body and mind are simultaneously invigorated to an unexpected juxtaposition of being relaxed yet ‘sharp’. Reiki can be a stand alone ‘treat’ or used as a powerful yet gentle complementary therapy to be used with confidence alongside orthodox healthcare.
Qualified Reiki Jin-Kei-Do lineage practitioners such as myself frequently think of Reiki as "spiritually guided life force energy". It creates and sustains everything in existence and can be used to transform and rejuvenate humans and animals, with the practitioner merely acting as the conduit or ‘pipe’ along which the energy travels for the recipient’s highest good. The energy is not ‘of the practitioner’ so the recipient is assured the healing energy is pure.
Reiki is not a belief system based on ‘religion’ so if a recipient has a ‘faith’, Reiki is not in conflict.


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