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What happens in a reiki treatment?

Reiki will support the body & mind where it is needed

Dependent upon which the recipient will find most comfortable and relaxing, fully clothed treatments are given either lying down on a treatment table, or sitting on a chair. Reiki therapy involves the practitioner placing their hands gently on key energy points and meridians and allowing the energy to reach the recipient via the practitioner, not from the practitioner. Equally, it is not for the practitioner to decide where the healing energy goes or to influence it in any way… practitioners are merely the conduits. Reiki has its own wisdom and will support the body and mind where it is needed - it decides where to focus for the recipient’s highest good. Reiki helps restore harmony to the body/mind through a safe and gentle experience although no promise of specific results can ever be made. After all, it is the quality of life that is important not necessarily the absence of symptoms.
During a treatment, the recipient will often become deeply relaxed yet remain aware of what is happening around them, for example, the music, the birdsong etc,. In this state of peacefulness, the mind is sometimes freed from the ‘noise’ of everyday life to think through thoughts with new clarity or to rejoice in the ‘window of calm’ that a treatment can offer. Sometimes a healing process is instigated with the body and mind commencing a cleansing of toxins, removing blockages and ‘memory scars’ caused by stress or ill health. I firmly believe Reiki treatments can ‘rejuvenate and invigorate’….. and I liken it to taking a weekend away, where we come back feeling pleasantly different, ready to face the week with renewed optimism and dynamism.
Treatments usually last for around 45-60 minutes although if seated, they may be slightly less.  Treatments can be taken as one-off sessions although the ideal schedule is three to four consecutive treatments that frequently provide greater momentum.
For treating animals I prefer to adapt to their surroundings and work in an environment where they will feel content and relaxed, perhaps a horse/pony within their stable or a dog/cat in its basket by the Aga or fire.





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