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Reflected pain

Thinking outside the square with reiki

Sometimes a 'symptom' (say right shoulder pain) is a reflection of dis-ease or dis-harmony elsewhere in the body.

During a treatment your body will guide Reiki energy to where it’s needed… not necessarily to where we ‘think’ it’s needed.  Naturally there are no hard and fast rules but from my experience, thinking laterally can sometimes offer new insights. There are books on the subject if you wish to make further investigations but here are a few examples:

neck problems - whilst it might just be that we are not moving it enough hence it gets stiff, it could also be connected to our status in our daily lives... are we struggling to hold our head above the waters of everyday life, are we able to cope with the pressure we’re currently under?  Or perhaps we have pain in our

right shoulder - again there is very likely a medical reason for this ‘stiffness or pain’ but might we be uncertain about where we are going in life, about our immediate future path? Sometimes the body reflects this kind of un-ease down the right side of the body and quite often in the shoulder. And

skin issues - I believe they sometimes reflect inner sadness that has been suppressed... so the pressure of what we’re hiding is literally ‘breaking out’. 
With Reiki treating ‘the whole body’ at both physical and spiritual levels, sometimes sessions can highlight what our body in its ‘mute state’ is really telling us. Then with this new awareness we can accept the ‘insight’ and make changes or adapt our lives to bring about a better inner balance. However, Reiki treatments should not be ‘instead’ of traditional medicine but rather as a complementary ‘tool’ for enhancing our physical and mental state in addition to the usual nurturing we seek through R&R, food, holidays, the gym etc,.





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