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Touch Plus+ Treatments

A 'toolbox' towards a happier & healthier animal

UPDATE: Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd now takes all my time, however, where possible I have a network of 'supportive therapy' practitioners that you may wish to try. The following is left for information purposes as I feel such therapies & approaches remain vital if we are to fully understand and support our animals.

Animals are receptive to the Touch Plus+ healing technique which uses a combination of hands-on healing (based on the ancient Reiki system) and massage, and then with observations provided from a psychology and animal behaviourist standpoint. This non-invasive technique can provide positive results with very few treatments. My speciality is the equestrian world (racing, eventing, dressage etc,.) although I am happy treating many other animals (dogs, cows, birds). Irrespective of the duration of the animal’s problem or suffering, or even the exact location of the issue under investigation, swift results are frequently experienced. If you don’t have time right now to see below, click here to print off a double-sided A5 leaflet.  
Perhaps it’s surprising that some Physiotherapy equipment has been designed to ‘mimic’ healing! For an extract of research studies into healing please click here. This extract details healing trials and studies and how healing synchronises brain wave patterns of the practitioner and the recipient, explanation on how the biomagnetic field of trained healers can be at least 1000 times greater than normal, how ‘belief’ systems do not affect healing and how a placebo effect can no longer be accepted, studies that show reduced diastolic blood pressure and heart rates, increases in haemoglobin values (i.e. for aiding brain tumour, multiple endocrine disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure, emphysema, pancreatitis), increased wound healing rates, improved spleen, immune and nervous system functions via electrodermal screening, and significant reductions in pain after healing (shown in VAS and Likert scale).  Other research links may be found in my REIKI section.

To ensure the treatments are enjoyable and welcomed by the horse (however nervous), I combine healing with gentle massage so that rather than them mis-understanding the tingling and/or heat sensations they may experience, they simply relax as though being groomed.  For animals with extreme anxiety/stress and/or those in pain, they can quickly demonstrate their acceptance of the therapy by yawning and then ‘nodding off’ (owners included)! 
Although at times they may look like they’re snoozing, it appears that their bodies are actually working quite hard by stimulating their innate healing ability to obtain and/or maintain finely tuned mental tranquility and good health. Once the horse accepts the healing stimulus (or energetic flow), it directs the healing and energy re-balancing to where it needs... not only to where it appears to have a problem. Because the ‘horse controls’ the flow and direction of the healing (they know where they need help even if we can’t see it), it can offer huge cost and time savings to owners - which can be vital especially for high performance or time-critical animals. 
Although my treatment technique uses touch on the skin, the messages are received both externally and internally and through the nervous system - healing is not limited by depth, angle or any other immediate restriction. Conditions that can respond well to healing include:

painful/damaged backs, sacroiliacs, withers, hocks, knees etc; undetected pain
muscle atrophy
injuries requiring accelerated healing (including tendons) and reduction in inflammation
sluggish lymphatic systems
weakened immune systems
fear, tension, stress, event anxiety, lethargy, overcoming past trauma
‘bad behaviour’ including napping, rearing, bucking, refusing to jump, aggression etc
respiratory and digestive problems
sarcoids, skin problems and allergies
stiffness on one rein; canter lead problems
unexplained issues including general ‘malaise’, a disinterest in life/training etc,
depression, unhealthy coats

Any horse can receive healing - whether a top class performance horse (racer, eventer, dressage, show-jumper), broodmares and foals, a ‘happy hack’, an injured or box-resting horse, youngsters, arthritic veterans etc,. Touch Plus+ is effective as a stand-alone or complementary therapy and I advise all owners to inform their vets.
Touch Plus+ sessions appear to have a calming and frequently healing effect on animals and as with humans, any healing can continue to take place for some days after each treatment, but without it negatively affecting the animals. It is good for the animal to spend the rest of the treatment-day peacefully just as it is preferable when you or I have a massage to return home and enjoy the ‘mellowness’ to gain maximum effect. But thereafter, the animal can usually be treated as normal with their bodies combining any necessary re-balancing alongside getting on with normal life. 
An initial course of 2-4 treatments is usually advised (c60 minutes each) after which a maintenance programme of infrequent ‘top-ups’ is usually recommended to maintain the body in balance. Horses on strenuous schedules and/or in competition can be treated more often, not only to deal with one-off incidents but in helping control issues before they have a lasting detrimental effect on the horse’s performance - I equate it to a car service where ensuring systems are working at optimum levels, saves pain, money and trauma in the long term! I am a strong believer in preventative health care - an analogy I use is as that of a tanker - better to monitor and adjust its position and thus ensure a safe passage through demanding waters, rather than take action only when it’s minutes off hitting the rocks. I firmly believe that this attitude for protecting ‘good health’ saves money in the long run. 
In addition to the healing treatments, sometimes I offer ‘observations’ regarding issues that may be stressing or frustrating your horse. Examples might be that they need more time out in the field (irrespective of what we think about the weather!), access to mineral and salt licks, availability of scratching posts, tweaking routines to minimise their stress, spending a few minutes of dedicated ‘gentle time’ with your horse... where there’s no agenda other than just being with each other etc,. By treating the holistic horse, my aim is to offer owners, trainers and riders a ‘toolbox’ for a happier and healthier animal, which in turn can save owners money whilst saving horses from avoidable frustration or stress!
For all the above ‘verbosity and enthusiasm’, nothing is as convincing as the testimonials and seeing my method in action…! I can only reiterate my analogy of the Wind (as per the Home page)…just because you cannot see the wind does NOT mean it is not present…why not let your horse’s reaction be the judge?!
For general information on Reiki and its applications within the human (rider) world, please see the Reiki section.
As a qualified and professional practitioner and as a member of the UK Reiki Federation (UKRF), my work is guided by the UKRF Code of Ethics.


Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you. 





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