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touch plus+ treatments

A few case study feedbacks


Bolting, biting, kicking, extreme apprehension
“The hands-on healing visibly changed his behaviour; Karen’s feeding suggestions made sense too; I hadn’t realised how it was affecting him. I love that it's a non-invasive 'whole horse' treatment. Even if I don't quite understand how it can all happen so quickly, I just need to see Doobie to know that 'something works wonders'. I cannot recommend this program enough... for horses and humans!” [Click here to see the full text and images]

Canine Stroke, partial paralysis, loss of will to live, kidney malfunction, loss of eyesight
“My dog was slowly dying - he'd lost the will to live. The results after treatment #1 were amazing.  As I watched, his paralysed eyelid started to work and in a few days his sight returned and he was back to chasing foxes! You gave him an extra two months of quality life. I think you have a wonderful gift.” [Click here to see the full text]

Cushing’s Syndrome, 23 year old
“The combination of the food and the Touch Plus+ has definitely helped; I now have a 23 year old horse teaching himself Parelli! I put Doobie on the ‘podium at liberty’ & then played some more games, heard heavy footsteps, turned around and to my amazement saw Bazil stood on the podium... WOW! Bazil takes an interest now... he’s definitely found his ‘old’ character.”
[Click here to see the full text and image]

Fractured Pelvis injury
“Who knows what’s helped but after two treatments she’s had a roll for the first time in months;  she certainly seems to enjoy the sessions.”

Extreme anxiety
“A Buzzard flew out right beside her but she didn’t bolt as she would have done previously; then a short while later a crow did the same & she just looked at it; she’s so much calmer about life.”

"After one treatment, it went down (reduced by c3 inches)... the Vet's intrigued!"

Dropped Hip
"They told me he needed intensive manipulation which I didn’t like the sound of. In only four visits by Karen, my racehorse's hip was corrected - he's now in full training."

Distant & anxious behaviour
“How strange... after the first session I put her in the field and she came back to say Hello... she’s NEVER done that before.”

Bad memories of pain/trauma
“My ex racer was deemed ‘mad’ after his accident; since he’s had healing, it seems that all the past emotional tension he was holding suddenly no longer seemed to bother him... he just let it all go. Being a Farmer’s daughter I’m not easily duped by airy-fairy things... but this method seems wholly welcomed by the horses - I’ve decided I must keep an open mind and let my horses be the judge.”

Spinning, bucking, napping
"In just one month, he's turned from a dangerous ride to a delight; must try him hunting now!"


“Hands on care helps ex-racehorse shed ‘mad’ tag”, West Country Riders, 12/2006.
Click here [Please be patient whilst it downloads!]

“Learning to appreciate a kinder pace of life”, View from the Blackdown Hills.
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