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What can OM3 benefit?

Finding the right balance

Lack of sufficient OM3 or an unhealthy balance of OM3 to OM6 can seriously challenge the core functions of the body (see the '25:1 - why it's scary' link on left hand side).  OM3 is a fundamental building block for good health - nearly all of us may need to boost intake.

Stiff Joints
"Actions produced by OM3 fatty acids in lab animals, humans & other species demonstrate a decreased [inflammatory] response & are said to improve [joint stiffness] [joint care]",
Joe Pagan, PhD, Kentucky Equine Research.

"Research concludes that OM3 fatty acids help reduce tenderness [in joints], decrease morning stiffness, help [inflammatory] disorders", University of Maryland.

Finding ways to help sore, aching and aging joints is challenging - in our experience there is no one 'miracle' product whether for pet, horse or humans. Probiotics & OM3 supplementation give us very strong reasons to get behind them... but please do your own research & be prepared to try differing products. Our goal is to offer some non-invasive yet multi-purpose options for supporting the body to work optimally, whatever its age.


Immune system - skin, energy, hair, joints, ageing bodies ++
In the immune system, a correct balance of OM3 & OM 6 EFAs will direct the cells to behave in a less reactive or 'aggravated' pathway. However an excess of OM 6 & deficiency of OM 3 often results in an over zealous response. This results in abnormally strong responses to normal or mild stimuli. Scurfy, dry, itchy skin, dull hair/coats, bodily stiffness, lethargy & a string of other issues may indicate a body low on OM3.  


Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.







"The Flaxseed oil helps my 5 year old Gordon Setter who gets a bit stiff after an agility competition and it's helped another's severe itching"

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