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How to boost OM3 - what's naturally rich in OM3?

A surprisingly short list!

Pure, organic, cold-pressed Flaxseed oil (not to be confused with Hemp seed) - for Humans & Pets
Canadian flax is arguably the highest quality flax available due to its severely cold winters which benefits the plant. Whilst in many cases an oil is an inferior option to the 'mother' ingredient, with Flaxseed you need many more times seed than oil to achieve sufficient OM3 levels & seed must always be crushed as the body struggles to fully break them down. Flaxseed oil is suitable for humans & pets; it's a nutty, bitter taste, but easily mixed in yoghurt & smoothies, as part of a salad dressing or just poured on top of a cooked meal (you do not cook with it as it'll negate the OM3!);  for pets, just put the oil on top of or mixed into food... so the whole household can use the same product!  Click here for comparison tables of high OM3 versus OM6 foods.


Pure, cold-pressed Fish oil - for Pets
Caution with fish oils is needed due to mercury in our oceans being absorbed by fish & ending up in whatever eats them. Also, many fish oils are actually boiled fish with water and/or mixed with other oils... as ever, deciphering what is genuinely high quality or some clever marketing is key! Fish oil is an excellent source of EPA & DHA (as mentioned in the first section). High quality/pure Fish oil is well liked by dogs & cats but personally, we would struggle to eat it neat off a spoon (call us cowards if you like!). Click here for comparison tables of high OM3 versus OM6 foods - see P2 for fish.

CAUTION - Flax & Salmon oil Capsules
They are an alternative BUT please be aware that they are usually 4-10 times LESS intensive than you'd get with a single teaspoon of oil!  They may be convenient (or a good way to take fish oils!) but they can become expensive pro rata.


Pure Green-lipped Mussels (cold-pressed) - for Horses, Pets & Humans
Perna Canaliculus (GLM) is a great natural source of chondroitin which also contains very important OM3 oils, protein, vitamins & minerals. For centuries the native coastal Maori population of New Zealand have consumed GLMs. Can be very fast acting due to its potent soothing action & unique calming properties which were accidentally discovered by scientists in the 1960s. The dual action of high strength Pernamax SuPerna™ in the short term & its glucosamine in the long term, makes it a truly unique & dual-action product. See 'Caution' below

GLM has become an incredibly fashionable commodity so as ever, be sure the products are of the highest production quality & efficacy. Our GLM content per capsule is 600mg (dog), 250mg (horse), 600mg (human). It is not freeze dried, heat processed nor cold-pressed using old-style methods - it uses unique cutting-edge 'cold' technology . It is not full of marketing spin & confusing comparisons... if you trust Ruggles & Stopitall ® Ltd, you'll know we never put our name behind something without extensive investigations & product comparisons.

Note:  Always consult your vet or doctor


Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.






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