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Equestrian & pet links

Animal links

The following are companies that have inspired us with their business ethics, morals, business practices and or 'good deeds'.  Please feel free to mention Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd..... just in case it helps!  

For Pet Feed companies, see the Diet section within the Ruggle-it web page or click here.

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All Dalmatian Rescue & Training of Deaf Dogs
A wonderful rescue centre using gentle products, ways and homeopathic treatments; also pioneering the training of deaf dogs for pets with quality of life and as PAT (Pets as Therapy) dogs.

Alternative Horse Society - webroom
A fascinating website providing a directory of professional, dedicated therapists, products, trainers and holistic methods of horse management.

Aquila - BALANCE Registered Saddle Consultant - Europe
Saddling for performance - a very interesting way to potentially enhance performance and well-being.  Birgitta Bergsten is available throughout Europe for consultations.

BALANCE International
Carol Brett & Lesley Ann Taylor founded this pioneering Saddle making and 'lateral thinking' organisation in 1993.  When you want your horse to perform optimally and comfortably, there's little to challenge their ethos & results.

Bella Moss Foundation - registered charity
Supporting vital research into MRSA & serious infections affecting pets;  progressing change in veterinary regulation & practice to help stem the increase in MRSA deaths; supporting companion animal owners after diagnosis.  They work WITH vets & Government bodies...not against them; their lectures are legendary!.

Blue Moon Equine - Natural Horsemanship Equipment Supplies
Lots of wonderful quality things for you and your horses... from halters to training lines, Hackamores and more

Bransby Home of Rest for Horses (charity #1075601)
Established 1970.

Brownbread Horse Rescue (charity #1029341)
Established 1972.

Dog Mobility
Making life easier for disabled dogs - lifting harnesses, foot protectors, nappies, special chewable treats, buoyancy aids, etc.  Also a very useful 'Links' list for charities, products, Vets, groomers, etc.

Horses 4 Sale Scotland
All things Scottish & Horsey - horses for sale, directory, trailers/boxes for sale etc.   

Holistic Horse - Natural Horsemanship Equipment Supplies
Online shop for products that they've Tried & Believe in.  Ruggle-it stockist

Mini Rugs & Equine Clothing (+ Agent for Simple System Feeds)
Specialists in all things for mini horses, shetlands....but also dogs.  A South West UK Agent for Simple Systems feeds (from their Crewkerne base). 

Roger Meacock, MRCVS 
Roger Meacock MRCVS is a fully qualified veterinary surgeon who has established an international reputation for treating animals and people using cutting edge medical technology such as the Scenar, e-Lybra 9, orgone energy products, Quinton Marine Plasma, herbs, Ruggle-it and oxygen therapy amongst other things.

The Pet File
A community website that aims to provide, or act as a gateway to, a wealth of resources & information for all your pet needs. Register Lost & Found pets, find pet-friendly holidays, pet-sitters, insurances, products.

RDA - Riding for the Disabled (charity #244108)
Established 1969.

Simple System Animal Foods
Tired of skin and bad behaviour issues +++? I believe today's feeds are partly responsible.  Simple System Ltd has proved that by using a variety of fibre sources in conjunction with oil-bearing seeds, we can feed our horses without the use of cereals, mass supplements & molasses. It's feeding horses as closely as possible to the way nature intended... and the animals are their proof!

Society for the Welfare of Horses & Ponies (charity #266247)
Established 1973.

Stables Equine Veterinary Practice (Nicko Robertson MRCVS)- Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN
01749 830666 

Ruggle-it Stockists

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