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Using probiotics

Why can they be vital?

Research clearly shows that a healthy immune system comes mainly from a healthy gut....

For instance, approximately 70% of a horse's & 80% of a human's immune system depends on a healthy intestine!  So the gut is arguably the body's 'engine'. 

Question.  If you disrupt the oil in a car's engine with, for example, water, is it any surprise the car is then spluttering & not happy?

Thanks to TV adverts, the 'concept' is now better understood whether using them for animal or human purposes.  However, using a probiotic such as Protexin offers the body a different league of product, be it for strength, the number of strains of live (friendly or good) bacteria, their lack of fillers/bulkers, their efficacy & ability to survive the digestive processes.

Simple Fact.  If bacteria levels are 'out of balance' within any human or animal, the immune system ("engine") struggles.... and then can for example:

  • 'overreact' to external irritants e.g. pollen, midge & bug bites, spring grass,

  • yet under react to illness, stress,

  • be unable to fight mud issues,

  • or just not quite recover from any episode. 

 Threats?  Part 1.   The gut's balance of microflora is constantly under threat in humans/animals from any/all of the following:-

  • stress, illness, weaning, antibiotics, unsuitable/indigestible foods, upset tummies, natural wastage as food passes through, seasonal issues, and for animals, from competition, travel-related & shearing stress, wet weather, worming, cereal rich diets (containing insufficient fibre), molasses, rice, those prone to laminitis & general changes of diet/water. 

Over time, such 'abuse' can retard the immune system's ability to cope with even seemingly innocuous issues.  Therefore, keeping the good bacteria topped up is key. 

Probiotics (or live bacteria) can also play an important role in helping the body ward off & cope better with the ageing process & stiff joints, whether for humans, pets or horses.  Also see our Omega 3 section for aging pets & humans.
 Threats?  Part 2.   In addition to the above "Threats Part 1", probiotics (or live bacteria) can also support the following during use of Ruggle-it®:

  • large animals & pets - all itching, mud issues & scabs, stress during weaning and early development of the digestive environment, stress from attack by flies/mossies/mites, hair loss/patchiness, hot skin, crusty lumps, fungal issues, minor wounds, persistent scabs, scurfy skin, stress from shearing/handling (including alpacas, sheep), stiff joints.

  • pets - ditto the above plus issues connected with pet fleas & hot skin;

  • humans - itching, many skin issues, stress, digestion & digestive issues, travel gut & immunity, seasonal issues (e.g. grass sensitivity), general immunity, joint issues.

What do Probiotics Do?

  • Probiotics & live bacteria help keep the good bacteria healthy & flourishing so that the necessary ratios of good-to-bad bacteria are maintained optimally.  This then allows digestion to work at its best which in turn helps support the whole immune system.   This helps the body at its "engine".

  • Animals & humans alike require help breaking down food into digestible substances - the billions of friendly bacteria do this within our guts.

  • There is also much anecdotal evidence (including from our clients!) that they can act as an effective natural 'calmer'.

When to use Probiotics (live bacteria)

  • They can be 'trickle fed' so that the friendly bacteria are constantly topped up & helping to support the human or animal's natural immunity.

  • Or they can be taken in response to an acute disruption, such as
    -  after a course of antibiotics, illness, worming,
    -  when a change of environment or weather or diet has occurred,
    -  during & after times of stress (e.g. travel, competition, stress from itching, mud, fungal & bacterial issues),
    -  when starting at or changing schools for children,
    -  around work deadlines,
    -  when shearing alpacas, goats, sheep, etc..


Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been ameneded to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorarte (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.






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