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Vet Med

Compliancy - an important note

In order to comply with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate's (VMD) regulatory requirements, certain 'accepted' terminology/words for issues for which we and/or our animals may suffer, are not specifically mentioned.  

Where use of words or client feedbacks would conflict with VMD compliancy text will be blacked out xxxxxx  &  'acceptable' words will be inserted by this office within square brackets [.......]

Please note that Ruggle-it® products are not licensed veterinary medicinal products. They contain a variety of natural substances that are believed to have health-beneficial properties when used & have been Trialed by us during 2006/07. Much of this knowledge is almost entirely in the public domain & although our formulations are unique, like most natural products, they have no proprietary protection nor are we able to claim any.  Our products are made of non-medicinal substances that act as gentle & natural 'assistants' in maintaining a healthy state.

Any products marketed  by Ruggles & Stopitall® Ltd are as aids in the maintenance of the general healthcare of animals & in some instances for human application, and we do not claim that they can treat or cure any medical condition.  We must make it clear that nothing on this website is intended to present our preparations as medicinal products.  

Where we state anti-bacterial or similar words, these are to be read in their scientific & not their medical context. For example, a quantity of boiling water kills bacteria but would not be classed as a medicine.  All of our products simply enhance natural processes & assist the animal or human's body to heal itself. 




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