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Archive to 31.12.2016 - News, Tips & Snippets

date published

1 January 2018



To see CURRENT NEWS stories - from 1 January 2018 to today see different page - HERE

2011 to  end of 2017 Archive News



Archive News - See below.



100% Organic Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3)
-  250ml in stock due to strong demand for 'top quality & pure'.
-  Totally different from so many which are diluted with cheap OM6 oils so the OM6 then defeats the whole objective!
-  Seriously rich in Omega 3. 
-  Just £7.50.  Order Here (scroll to bottom of that new page) or ask us.


"Quite remarkable results for our Irish gelding who's suffered with summer itching for years.  Now out of his fly rug, he's much happier & more relaxed, your detailed notes really work & only applying now every 2nd day.  So simple & SO effective" says Mrs Hanlon.  See her 3 x updates over a 9 day period Here  



Oh noooo, Harvest Mites are back...
...  in the UK from last week.
See our 1 June '17 item below.
-  Do everything you can not to get bites on your animals or yourselves as the bites are hellishly itchy.
Mother Nature's Ruggle-it is pretty amazing at helping us as long as enough is in the hairshaft &/or on the skin....



(& )

Save up to £14.85!

Joints, Skin, Itching, Well-being - we all need MORE OM3 (not OM6)
It's a fact that virtually ALL bodies (human or animal) need MUCH more Omega 3 to counteract modern diets packed with far too much Omega 6.
-  Omega 3 aids calmer skin, joints, guts & happier bodies at every level.  But don't be fooled by many 'so-called' OM3 products which actually have higher OM6 compared to OM3 (which defeats the point & wastes your money).
MEGA Specials - Equine + Canine (human) intensive Omega 3 Maxavita Pernamax Tablets.  -  Order Here  [*whilst stocks last]
-  Human &/or animal joint testimonials - see Here



It is the Ratio that is critical.  Do you know yours (or your animal's)?
-  Omega 3 products are mostly with the wrong ratios 
Wrong ratios drive MORE irritation/pain rather than calming it
-  Most contain higher Omega 6 than Omega 3 (check your product's ingredients label...).  Whilst that's clever marketing it defeats the whole point of taking OM3. L
-  Click Here for 'the truth' (R&SL have long tried to tell the 'real story'...but this link is by a health "Global Expert")
-  See Here  for more info', product options or ask us.


Bonkers Discounts continue...
-  Save over £18.00 - Summer madness on probiotics!
-  See "special offers"  in left margin of any webshop or ask


-  Click Here (or see left hand margin) for the latest. 
-  "Summer bugs go to hell with Ruggle-it"


"Brilliant in effect & value for money on my very insect-sensitive Haflinger Pony.  Ruggle-it's long-lasting & has saved me a fortune" says a delighted Alex.  See her full e-mail Here  



 The Telegraph - "Daily Vitamin D would 'undeniably' prevent millions of colds"[16/2/17]
-  Major NHS study findings
for colds or similar, everyday illness.  11,000 trial participants.
Professor Adrian Martineau, Queen Mary University of London "...could half the risk of respiratory issues."  "This major collaborative research has yielded definitive evidence that Vit' D really does protect against respiratory infections [issues]".
-  Click here for The Telegraph's article. Or ask us for print-out.
Click here for more good news + NHS At-Home-Finger-Prick test kit, etc. - see item Ai and Aii.



 BBC2 "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" - More Omega 3 - now!  [Aired 15/2/17]
-  Heart, joint, immune, skin -
low Omega 3 putting us at unacceptable risk [human + pets].  Modern diets contain too much Omega 6 which bullies the helpful benefits of any OM3 in our/our animals' diets into submission.
In just 8 weeks - impressive results taking the randomly selected participants from dangerously low OM3 to good.

-  Click
here for  BBC2 program precis & 'simple' tips.
Click here for R&S Ltd's Omega 3 Information pages.
7 years ago  R&SL started raising awareness of the dangers of insufficient OM3...  R&SL offering its clients 'ahead of the times' ideas as naturally strong bodies cost & struggle lessJ



 BBC2 "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" - Rice  [Aired 8/2/17]
Beware of Rice
[human + pets]
Yet more grave warnings about rice
due to its Arsenic
Since 2009 R&S Ltd have warned about rice in dog/pet foods.  When fed daily (i.e. in complete dried food) there are massive arsenic risks.
-  Click
here for links to BBC2 + Channel 4 Dispatches TV programs
Click here for R&S Ltd's Diet page - packed with helpful tips, what to avoid or grab, why, 'old fashioned' wisdom, foods, weblinks to Channel 4 TV Rice warning story+++


 Free R&S Joint & Muscle Cream Tester
Joints & muscles troubling you?
Never tried our rather wonderful R&S Ginger, Juniper & Arnica Joint & Muscle cream before?
-  If you've never bought or tried it before, see our Skin or Joint/Omega 3 webshops (or ask us) for details of how to claim your free tester.




 Winter Itch + Hair Loss
Now it's properly frosty/cold, the invisible Millennium Mites attack the most (always more active in winter but here all year...)
Currently causing nation-wide itching.
-  They attack most animal species - dogs, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys, goats, cats... 
See HERE or ask for details, how to defeat etc.


Save now - Advance Notice  - Protexin Bio-Kult (14 strain) - Manufacturer's price rise
-  Order 'old price' stock @ R&SL before it runs out - all have long BBE's (c18-24 months) so stash & save - order Here
('Old' prices available only whilst stocks last)


What is the Best Oil to Feed - horse (+ human + dog)?
-  Brilliant short explanation + graph of [a.] what oils contain the 'good Omega 3' & the 'unhelpful OM6', [b.] their ratios.
-  E.g. - avoid soyabean, rapeseed, ricebran, etc. oils...
-  Many thanks Pegasus & Simple System Feeds for permission to share this.  Click Here or ask us for print-out. 
-  Want OM3 intensive?  See R&S Ltd's OM3 Here or ask us


**NEW**  Large Size Long-handled R&SLtd bag. 
-  New design large shoulder bag - 100% natural cotton, very strong, carries masses. 
Actual bag size 12"x15"
-  Fully compostable - becomes food for worms when you no longer need it. 
-  Carries lots of items &/or weight.  Strapline "Products & ideas utilising Mother Nature's wisdom"
-  Purchase at online shop's Basket/Cart page (or ask us).  Just £1.75.  Mega useful, distinctive, strong, natural


 Violent Autumn Pet Sickness 
Severe vomiting and/or extreme upset tummies in dogs. Click HERE for details, anti-dehydration tricks, links to Jane Lilley Dog World Magazine expose.
Urgent Action - ask R&SL re replenishing 'friendly bacteria' ASAP to help hasten recovery
(no cereals/milk/food)


UK Map - Tick Threat by county/area
Excellent UK map of the Tick Threat (Lyme's Risk) in your area or an area you're visiting (scroll down their page to the colour-coded map) - Here
Deter the beggers!  See Here for how to effectively deter Ticks on any size animal + human with NO chemicals.


NEW for Pet Joints - "R&S In Tandem" bundles
-  For dogs & cats with joint and/or maturing body challenges.
-  Click  Here



Great new 'wet' dog food
Available at ASDA etc. or call them for your local stockists.
Fabulous ingredients (no cereals, brewer's yeast, rice, soya);  High meat/fish content.  150g + 400g trays. 
-  See R&S Ltd's "DIET" webpage Here for details, telephone - Harringtons (care as NOT the dry food!)



Joints worsen - what weather drives it?
-  UK scientists know it's not merely the cold!
-  Can you help?  Join the Manchester University trial.
-  Results will be much awaited.  R&SL wonder if weather affects our animals in similar ways, e.g. changes to high/low pressure...  Click  Here to read more, get the APP...




3 x Testimonials
#1.   "Greyhound's coat & bald areas have improved tremendously + have used on horse ears too.  Proved invaluable keeping critters away this summer."   Click Here 
#2.   "Horse's terrible leg damage from mites, open & ridged areas, 'grease', extreme nervousness.  Results are so amazing - the before & after photos say it all.  If you're in trouble, try these products [Ruggle-it + 'pure' probiotics]Here
#3.   "Amazing!   Flies laid off completely, terrible open sores [areas] healed [repaired] beautifully.  My pony was miserable & so painful before Ruggle-it.  Applied it once in 3 days recently & legs still look amazing"  Read e-mail Here  


"Vit D Supplements advised for all"
Vit D - vital for immune, bones, muscles, teeth - basically every bodily function!
National newspapers & on BBC News - everyone advised to supplement in UK winter.
But, if you have minimal time in summer sun and/or you're covered up, advice is to supplement all year.
-  All advised to have short periods in summer sun with body exposed without sunscreen.
-   Confused?  [See story below 8/6/16 for WHAT TO EXPOSE to the sun (the arms are no good!) & how long (10-15 mins) & then it's FREE & effective!  Shock deficiency - also see story 27/5/16 below.]
Click Here for today's BBC Newsflash.  Click Here for R&S Ltd's no-nonsense guide  [1.] "at home NHS" Test Kits or [2.] capsules if you need to supplement.


Reward Points - expiring?
-  Don't forget, Reward Points expire after 2 years.
What's your Rewards total?   See your last invoice for the total at that date.  If you've referred someone to us since then, your latest points will be in a Thank You e-mail/text.  Unsure?  Contact us.




 Save the Scattergun of mineral/vit' supplements
  Knowing what your horse/donkey/alpaca/cow really needs can save a fortune whilst helping natural 'good health'  E.g. is the phosphorus excessive compared to calcium?  And zinc, sodium & copper - below 7.0, 90, 8 respectively?   [B.] How to 'really' know & save?  Consider these.   Mole Valley Farmers soil testing;  fascinating web page + helpful 'results' table with what's deficient, health affecting++ - here   ForagePlus  - forage + soil + water testing;  looks like a great service + fascinating web - here 


*Back BIG time - Harvest Mites & Red Dots season.
30/8/16 - they're now causing chaos...
-  Help prevent H.Mites latching on & you/your animals becoming victims of their insanely itchy bite.  They can attack all animals and humans from approx' June to November each year. 
-  Click
 Here for prevention, quick tips (irrespective of the year, it's still relevant each season)

for health-risk
(original posting 11/14)


Arsenic in Rice - Channel 4 Dispatches TV 2014
Shock advice - do NOT eat rice more than 3 times per week.  Daily rice increases risks considerably...
??  Is this why so many pets fed rice every day (complete food) have less itching, health struggles when they STOP rice??? 
  -  Since 2009 R&SL have urged pets not to eat rice because of clear connections with rice & itching, health...  
Click Here for Q&A from Professor Meharg (Channel 4)  +  media articles, clarification +  R&SL's warnings about rice & pets from 2009



Brexit Foreign Exchange - price impacts
-  Whilst Brexit will take time to sort itself out, an immediate problem is the £ Pound Sterling's volatility.
-  This will affect prices for imported goods...
-  Thus it will be passed on to us by the importers so we'll be forced to pass it onto you. L
-  Currencies that will affect R&S Ltd are $US Dollar, Euro, Australian AUD, New Zealand NZD.
Good News.   Stock up at the current pre-Brexit prices!

UPDATED 08.07.16


Continental Attackers.  Been 'got'? 
-  Something's caused terrible bites/swelling/itching in horses/donkeys/newly-shorn alpacas from around 7th June  Know what it is?  R&S Ltd have seen massive mosquito-style bugs in Somerset - bigger than those KR saw when living in Africa Update at 8/7/16 - now seen in South Yorkshire but gone from Somerset.  Defend better - use lots of Ruggle-it DIL but apply with a sponge (for extra hair/skin impregnation).  More details HERE
**updated 03.06.16


STOP them this summer - Ants, Wasp Nests, Aphids, Blackfly ...with no chemicals
Update 03.06.16.    Wasps nest right next to R&SL offices.  No worries...we just thoroughly sprayed the area with Ruggle-it diluted oil (DIL) & miraculously, they're all gone in 1(-2) days!!!  Way to go Mother Nature
Aphids, Ants, Blackfly ++ - see what to use for each Here
-  Many thanks to Mrs Wood (Suffolk) for writing in that she used Ruggle-it (diluted oil) to get rid of their wasp's nest.
Also see how Mr Champion (Somerset) used Ruggle-it in a bath to negate his serious human wasp stings  Here

Maple the Donkey - Mystery Exposed!
-  Editorial.   Click Here - featured in The Donkey  magazine - the cause, the signs, the way forward, the good news!
-  Own Donkeys?  Not a member of the Donkey Breed Society?  See Here for why it's so brilliant!


Critical Exposure sites... 
-  And it's FREE (April to October UK).
-  For feeling a 'zillion dollars' inside just 15 mins' per week. 
Maximise mood, body, energy, joints, immunity, every bodily function -  see pictorial Here


Allergic to Chicken?  (Pets in particular)
-  Some interesting findings that the chemicals and/or drugs that chickens consume can prove troublesome to pets eating chicken.  Plus the 'cereals' the chickens eat can also cause the pets additional problems.
Option - try organic chicken & problems might disappear
And absolutely NO RICE.  Rice is dangerous to pets (or humans) if eaten 3 days loads ARSENIC into the body.  Try veg' or potato or sweet-potato instead. See R&SL's DIET webpage - Here or see big RICE story further down...


Ticks & Lyme's -  humans, any animal
-  Why 16 hours
is critical, research (horses/dogs), BBC story, new Lyme's Tests for easier detection, quick/natural ways to help deter (any animal/human)
-  Click
Here  (or ask us for a hardcopy).





A mystery exposed?
  ??  Itching, hair loss, skin irritation - what's the cause if it's not fleas, not flying bugs & you can't see anything?
  a)   Click here for Ruggle-it guidance
(updated regularly) or
  b)   see your Mites 1page sheet print-out
(often sent out with parcels as a reminder of what to look for & how to stop it!), or
  c)   Ask us for the sheet. 
Ruggle-it - quick to apply, fast-acting, cheap & no harsh chemicals! 
  And it doubles up to kill fleas/lice or deter flying bugs at the same time...for no extra cost!


Clever ..but only when you need it
  -  Muddy &/or parched gateways?  -  Planning a show/eventEmergency situation?  -  Need temporary access across land (for new building, flooded land, etc.)?  -  Protect your precious grass/ground - rent matting.  See here & ask for James



NEW - Human Pain Packs 
Pain Packs - harnessing both external and internal pain messages and their signals within the human body.
2 x Pack Sizes  -  see Health & Pain Packs section at our Joints/Omega 3 webshop - click Here.  Then scroll down to C •  
Or just ask us if you don't do the internet!

24.02.16 Sugar reduces immune strength
Sugar - how much in honey, versus low-fat yoghurt or basic bran flakes or fresh carrot & coriander soup.
-  Quick 2-page pictorial - you might be as surprised as us!  -  See Here - click on the links just above each image (2 images/pages)
-   R&SL 2012 - fascinating precursor to sugar worries from 4 years ago (humans & animals) - click Here


Click Here to see the latest  (how multi-tasking natural products can help save significant struggle & money)


Feedbacks - horse + dogs/cats
 "Great effects for flies, bugs, bathing - will try for mites now.  My mare is soothed by the smell of Ruggle-it  - she is more peaceful now".  Mrs C Watts, Suffolk.  Click Here
2.   "Tried 'harsh stuff' for itching & mites.  Then tried Ruggle-it (natural, harmless & no side-effects to animals) with great results!  Best ever dogs & cats' coat condition too".  Mrs S Thompson, Redruth, Cornwall - click Here for hand-written letter.





Mystery Itching is BACK  for virtually all animals with hair/coats - cats, dogs, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys... 
The invisible Millennium Mites attack all year but especially in the cold.  And appear immune to chemicals...they just return days later. 
-  Click HERE for recent guidance or try the following:
  a)  to deter, apply Ruggle-it more often to ensure an all over 'bog off' message is left in the hair follicles/skin,
  if already itching, follow your respective PLANNER
(large or small animals) days 1-14 (or longer if needed) & when calmed, revert to your respective 'prevention' pages in your OANBooklet. 
Cheap, quick & no harsh chemicals!  And it doubles up to kill fleas/lice at the same time...for no extra cost!


100% PURE bagged Alfalfa
or 100% PURE bagged Grass   - new listing - UK grower/supplier
  -  See our DIET page (Ruggle-it in-depth / diet concerns) or click Here  & visit the "HORSE/Large Animals" section.
-  (The above DIET page also covers Pet Foods in detail..)


Stay At Your Best this Winter!

-  No time for winter health struggles or hiccups?
-  Help your body better manage all the stresses, excesses, lack of sleep & weather challenges this winter. 

Two x Human Health Packs -  "Ruggles On Top Form" or "Ruggles Peak Performance" See Here or ask us.



L  TIP - winter weather.  Have Clogged Triggers? Cold & Solidified Ruggle-it oils or DIL mix?
Beat the frustration - use Tupperware, a mug of hot water, 'kitchen scourer sponge' & other clever ideas!
-  C
lick Here for quick & clever tips for donkeys, alpacas, llamas, horses, kennelled dogs, goats, chickens, hen houses, farm animals. 
-  (Or see various "Tips/Helpful Tips/Other Ideas" sections in your OANBooklet)



Updated - 'soft' lampshade alternatives.  Softe Smart Collar (cats, rabbits) + Comfy Collar (dogs+).  Two x soft alternatives to the plastic, hard lampshade collar for dogs, cats, rabbits etc.  Ideal if irritating wounds, excessively itchy...  Click HERE for info', photos, R&SL's experience, stockists.




New Feedback (Ruggle-it ++)
A.  Dogs, Plants, Human - from 2013 + 2015 update. 
-  "I was so sceptical - I'd tried everything for my GSD's itching/hair loss.... 
-  Two years on - I use Ruggle-it religiously (I'm a Dog Groomer in Ireland). 
-  Excellent results since stopping rice + GSD's cracked/irritated nose (gone in a few days with Ruggle-it oil )+ saved the life of my Pansies/Dahlias + I use on my insect bites.  Really helpful tips on Facebook too.  Cannot recommend your products highly enough!"
  See Here



Dr Clair Thunes PhD.  
At last...a brilliant 'expose' of why Omega 6 in modern diets is "all the wrong way around" compared to Omega 3. Click HERE for ex Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies' (Uni' of Edinburgh) Dr Clair Thunes' important article.  Plus a few extra ideas.
Relevant for pets, animal and human bodies!


Mystery DARK or BLACKENED Dog (& cat) Skin?  +  Hair Loss on Ribcage?  +  Itching?   +   Scabs & Scurf?
-  Help stop it re-occurring this Autumn again...  Click Here.

-  Ruggle-it parcel magnetises Dorset dogs!
See the brilliant photos & explanation - Here
-  Very many thanks Mrs D.Y. - R&SL are loving these


Breaking News ridding Wasp Nests, Aphids, Ants, Blackfly ++ with Ruggle-it & no chemicals
Aphids, Ants, Blackfly ++ - see what to use for each Here
-  Many thanks to Mrs Wood (Suffolk) for writing in that she used Ruggle-it (diluted oil) to get rid of their wasp's nest.
Also see how Mr Champion (Somerset) used Ruggle-it in a bath to negate his serious human wasp stings  Here


Advance Warning  - Protexin Bio-Kult (14 strain) - Manufacturer's price rise
-  Order 'old price' stock @ R&SL before it runs out - all have long BBE's (c18-24 months) so stash & save - order Here
('Old' prices available only whilst stocks last)


New Written Feedback (Ruggle-it ++)
A.  Human.  "Human wasp stings & body going into shock - a bath of Ruggle-it shampoo - I couldn't believe how quickly it worked, the itching stopped & the raxh [visible skin irriation] covering my whole body disappeared!"
B.  Dogs.  "Thousands spent with the vets [pro's] - but since Ruggle-it, your probiotics & diet advice, my Westie & Westie/Scottie dogs are back in top condition.   Click Here


 How much should pets drink daily?  
-  45% of pet owners didn't know it was this much!
-  c60ml per kg of body for a 7kg terrier, that's already 420ml.  Click Here for lesser-known 'symptoms'  ++


 Latest Newsletter  -  sent directly to your Inbox. 
Not get it?
Do check your SPAM box as sometimes our mailing house (Graphic Mail) isn't recognised. 
-  Or e-mail us for the link (use "Contact Us" at the top of the screen)

New Written Feedback (Ruggle-it + Protexin Probiotics)
A.  Hackney Horse. "Freed from his rug, more fluid gait, much more relaxed & mosquitoes 3" above but not on him!"
B.  Dogs.  "Expelled the grass seed (with lots of yellow gunk) in 2 days.  Miraculous & excellent products - Mother Nature's gift indeed"   Click Here for detailed hand-written story

Equine Breathing Issues
-  New research -
how Omega 3 can offer benefits naturally.
See Here Or for some OM3 ideas - Here



Garlic - the silent killer?
-  Feeding Garlic to dogs, cats, horses
Do you know the signals that indicate garlic toxicity/overload?  Is the animal increasingly itchy & anxious, and you're feeding garlic?  The signs can be subtle & if you miss them, it could be fatal...
-  Read why great caution is required.
-  Vets around the world are increasingly warning of extreme caution and/or or completely stopping all garlic.  See Here


24/7 Rugs?  Caution - Extreme Risk
-  Horse, pony, donkey, alpaca rugged in summer?
-  If so, are you aware that if they do not have a minimum of one hour per week totally naked, [April to mid Sept', UK], the risk of Vitamin D deficiency, bone, immune, itching & multiple health issues can become a virtual certainty?
-  Remember Pit Ponies always had time above ground in summer ...for this exact reason.
Good news.  With Ruggle-it, rugs can be moth-balled for many animals...  Click Here (2011 R&SL Newsletter #14, item #4)  (or ask us for a hardcopy).




Mystery Itching remains a BIG problem for virtually all 'hairy' animals - cats, dogs, pet rats, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys... 
The invisible Millennium Mites attack all year but especially in the cold.  And they do not seem to respond to chemicals...they just return days later! 
Click HERE for recent guidance, or, HERE
(still relevant for any year) or, try the following:
  a)  to deter, apply Ruggle-it more often to ensure an all over 'bog off' message is left in the hair follicles/skin, or 
  if already itching, follow your respective PLANNER
(large or small animals) days 1-14 (or longer if needed) & when calmed, revert to your respective 'prevention' pages in your OANBooklet.  Cheap, quick & no chemicals!



Caution - animal sunburn risk. 
-  Do NOT Use Neat Ruggle-it Oil or Salve
on horses, donkeys, alpacas - c21st March to mid October (UK)
See FAQ #20 (HERE) for 100% safe alternatives, details (or see your OANBooklet). 
Sore skin (open wounds)?  Always use a total sunblock over the skin if the animal is out during the above months - damaged skin has NO UV/sunburn you'll literally fry them alive... L


Advance Warning - price change from 25/4/15 Ruggle-it has not increased prices since October 2012...despite a recession & life costing so much more! 
-  We've done our very best to keep things affordable for all your beloved animals.
-  Details, new benefits, etc. - see our Facebook Note Here, ask us, or order before 25 April '15 for 'old' prices!


Beware of Sugar. 
1.  BBC1 9.30pm, 19/3/15, Fiona Phillips.  Read Fiona's fascinating article Here
2.  From 2009 & May 2012.   R&SL's sugar warnings (inc' from Daily Telegraph's eye-opening article++) - affecting humans AND animals.  Some pretty scary Here

Mystery DARK or BLACKENED Dog (& cat) Skin?  +  Hair Loss on Ribcage?  +  Itching?   +   Scabs & Scurf?
This recurring SPRING issue is back for the 5th consecutive year.  Read about it Here.



Mystery Itching is still a BIG problem for virtually all 'hairy' animals - cats, dogs, pet rats, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys... 


New Editorials. 
Click Here to see the latest  inc' from Willows Veterinary & Equestrian TV
Natural Alternative for Itchy Cats
+ beating bald horse tails - enough to plait again! + "Keeping Winston in the Field" from persistent mud issues to intensive hunting


Update.  Extremely Itchy Pet Bums/Tails (+ Winter Itch). 
-  Updated note, tips, "extra strength" instant spray/sponge bath, footbath, cooling-compote, etc.  Click Here


Updated Feedback (2013-14 + 2015)
-  Busy hunter's still clear (2015) from his 'nightmare' 2013/14 leg & skin challenges (severe pastern-to-tendons mud issues, mite damage, behind the knees crusting).  Click Here for updated story with before & after photos




UK animals confirm winter Itching is back.  If your animals are itchy in the cold it's probably the invisible Millennium Mites which attack all year but especially in the cold.
Click HERE to read details or, try the following:
  a)  to deter, apply Ruggle-it more often to ensure an all over 'bog off' message is left in the hair follicles/skin, or 
  if already itching, follow your respective PLANNER
(large or small animals) days 1-14 (or longer if needed) & when calmed, revert to your respective 'prevention' pages in your OANBooklet.  Cheap, quick & no chemicals!


 Exclusive Facebook Xmas Thank You Discount Offer. Click on logo on the left, then see 4th December posting.


 Latest Newsletter + Christmas Message plus Closure -  sent directly to your Inbox.  Not get it?  Do check your SPAM box as sometimes our mailing house (Graphic Mail) isn't recognised.



L  TIP - winter weather.  Have Clogged Triggers? Cold & Solidified Ruggle-it oils or DIL mix?
Beat the frustration - use Tupperware!
lick Here for quick & clever tips for donkeys, alpacas, llamas, horses, goats, chickens, hen houses, farm animals, kennelled dogs.  (Or see P3 of your OANB, "Helpful Tips" )

New Written Feedback
-  Horse's persistent Heel & Mud issues -  Welsh Section D.  "I am amazed with Ruggle-it & the results.  I've tried all manner of products - I am so pleased I tried it - I totally recommend them".  Click Here for the story



Insights & Instincts - can you hear them?
Well done Your Horse magazine for a wonderful article on renowned animal communicator, Margrit Coates
(P65, on sale October/November 2014, December issue).
  -  Windows of calm HERE e.g.
Do Not Disturb time, no techno




Manic Itching returns in last 7-10 days.  Click HERE.  If your animals are itchy it can still be the HARVEST Mites (up to December) or the re-emergence of the invisible Millennium Mites which thrive in the cold.



Warning - overseas Road/Air Courier price rise
-  We've just been informed that our liquid-shipping International couriers are increasing all EU road/Air and Rest of World Air courier prices by 10% in 2 weeks time.
-  Order by 27/10/14 (so orders are processed & in transit in time!)



Tip.  Watch out for horse rugs creating wither, back & knock-on muscle-stress problems.
Click Here to read a useful article by Susan Sargeant

New Written Feedbacks
a.  Seriously Ill Terrier + Human Health issues - click Here
b.  Nervous Cat - bad case of Harvest Mites - click Here
c.  Fell Pony - 3 year struggle with summer itching, mane rubbed out, midges.  "I was in tears before my friend lent me some Ruggle-it....".  Click Here for the story (inc' photo)



WIN free tickets to Your Horse Live (YHL). 
Click Here to enter



BBC2, "Horizon"  Allergies - groundbreaking findings.   Modern life & ways are literally killing our immunes...
Why the gut & insufficient 'friendly bacteria' are utterly vital to "program the immune system". 
[These findings are also very relevant for animal health too...]
-  Why a lack of dirt in our lives increases the immune's confusion!  Click HERE to read more.


**NEW**  Short-handled Ruggle-it bag. 
-  This new design is 100% natural cotton & fully compostable when you no longer need it - it becomes food for worms so it's wonderfully kind to the environment at all levels.  --  Can be purchased at the online shop's Basket/Cart page.  Just £1.35.  Useful, cute & natural
-  Click HERE to start shopping
(then to visit our various other shops just click the tabs in the left margin) or call us to order one




Mystery Dog Illness - potentially life-threatening
  --  We've had clients with what could be this issue contact us over the last 30 days (since 1 July '14)... which shows 'something odd' is occurring at similar times each year.  Click HERE for our original 'findings'
(updated 07.14) & a dog who appeared 'ready to die' in 2011.....  More info'?  Scroll down this page to
      1) to 22.10.12 entry (full details, national article etc.), then
      2) to 17.07.13 (update).



*WARNING - Harvest Mites & Red Dots
They returned early July this year.
Don't be an unnecessary victim of this insanely itchy bite.
Click  Here for prevention, quick tips.


"Swarmaggedon.  Wet summer creates 'perfect storm' for biting insects (horseflies, midges, mosquitos)" 
    -  Click  Here for Daily Telegraph article
(Also mentioned by Dr Hilary Jones on BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright show (23/7/14) with his patients experiencing many more bites & severe reactions than normal years).
    -  Click  Here for clever TIPS to beat the itch or sting



New Feedbacks
1.  Horse - USA (New York)  horse's "maniacal itching" & mass of lumpsClick Here (inc' before & after photos)
2.  Horse - 25 year old ex rescue pony's extreme itching + clever smart-phone idea.  Click Here (inc' adorable photo!)
3.  Dog -  ex rescue Beagle's extreme itching & seasonal sensitivities (grass, pollen, bites) + ticks in Scotland.
Click Here



EXCLUSIVE - UPDATED - the secrets behind itchy MANES and TAILS/BUMS....? 

 -  Stop Itchy Tails/Bums - follow the exclusive Ruggle-it MUST DO zones in your Orange Application Notes Booklet.
 -  Why?
  Because in trials R&SL ran some years ago, in c90% of itchy tail cases, it was NOTHING to do with the tail!Click HERE for the 'secrets' & how to protect in-pictures



TIPS - updated. 
"EXTRA Power" - mystery manic pet itching (bum & sides of belly especially) - from sleep to sudden tearing at the skin as though 'pinched viciously'. 
   Read recently updated note including 'EXTRA power' soothing option. 
Click Here

Footbath, Cooling Compote for Pets - clever instant coolers/soothers for itchy and/or reddened feet/bodies. 
Click Here
How to "bed-bath" your pet in 25 seconds.  Click Here



FREE Cushings test for the Laminitic-prone donkeys and horses (offer expires 30.10.14)
Click Here


New Feedback
Human Hair + Cat Fleas, Pet ItchingClick Here
Ailsa Macduff, Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey



Mystery DARK or BLACKENED Dog Skin?  +  Hair Loss on Ribcage?  +  Itching?   +   Scabs & Scurf?  Click Here.



Tick Alert - 2014 is proving a BAD year
Don't let the proliferation of blood-suckers this late-spring/early summer 2014 ruin your, your children or your animals' life, holiday or travels. 
Click Here.




New Editorials. 
-  H&H (human joints) -
click Here
-  Horsemart (horse + cat) - click Here



New Feedback
20 year old ex-eventing & showing pony Cob's  
extreme summer & winter itching (tail, sheath), rug & fly mask wrecking (knocking down fences etc.),
severe pastern to tendons mud issues, behind the knees crusting & history.  Click Here for very detailed story & before & after photos.





- Grey horses (white dogs) - tips on anti-staining.  Click Here
- Stressy travellers - tips to help lessen the side-effects.  Click Here
- Muckheaps, standing water - stop bugs breeding - click Here



New Feedbacks
Cob Cross's behind the knees crusting & ear mites.  Click Here for handwritten letter

2.   Irish Draught hunter's persistent & painful mud & crusting issues + mystery saddle area lumps
Click Here for very detailed story & multiple before & after photos.



New Feedbacks
1.   HumanR&S Joint & Muscle cream
Joint issues - "Better than any creams my Doctor suggested" - click Here for handwritten note
Mrs V. Johnson, Notts
2.   Human.  Finger amputation after a dog fight - click Here (inc during & after photos)
3.   Cat - Harvest mites, fleas, crusty lumps, stress, itching - click Here
4.   Horse - Extreme itching + stress, immune, mud issues etc - click Here (inc' photos)


TIP.  Itchy ears - dogs, horses, goats, alpacas, cats ++.
If itching in the cold/winter months, it's generally the Millenium Mite
Itchy ears are fairly often indicating more extensive infestation...  
Click Here



 Recent editorials.
"Mallenders Behind the Knee scabs - from the Insides Out"     Click Here 



 Xmas & New Year - Reminder   Extended closure - click Here for dates to avoid disappointment & delays (+ ordering slightly larger sizes ends up saving on P&P too!).
Close 5pm 23/12/14.  Reopen 12th January 2015

13 December '13


 Recent editorial from Rescue A Pet magazine.
Bichon Frise Molly's lucky escape from tail amputation or even being put to sleep...  Click Here 

12 December '13

 NEW RAW pet food - dehydrated so no freezer space needed - just add water.  Very clever! 
And proven extremely tasty with our very fussy & food -sensitive rescue JRT.
See our DIET page (
Here) - scroll down to the BARF section for Pure Pet Food Ltd.

7 December '13

 Latest Newsletter - sent directly to your Inbox
Not get it?  Do see your SPAM box as sometimes it's identified incorrectly!

25 November '13

New Feedbacks
Horse - behind the knee (mallenders) crusty skin, mud issues, minor wounds that would not repair (mites/itching) - Ruggle-it + Equine Gut Balancer probiotics.  Click Here


2.  Human - 20 years of mood swings, recurring health issues, stress - Vitamin D3 + Protexin Bio-Kult 'Live Bacteria'.  Click Here


3.  2 x very elderly horses - probiotics.  Click Here


7 November '13

New 2 x Human Health Packs

-  Read about it Here


6 November '13

P&P gets cheaper!
-  We're passing on some savings thanks to Royal Mail amending their silly restrictions they brought in earlier in the year + we now have better bargaining power with our 'liquid-carrying' couriers. 
-  We know most companies only increase prices...but then it's the animals who benefit from our price-cut....and who can resist a needy animal?
- See Here for the newly reduced tier prices or just add items to your online basket & it will work it out for you!


19 October '13
6 September 2011




Cold water risks dehydration - serious risks for horses (donkeys, alpacas)

-  Fascinating yet so easily overlooked in winter. 

Click Here 
Take a horse to water....

Horses Prefer Hard (Non-acidic) Water

-  A team of researchers recently revealed that horses tend to prefer water with neutral pH levels than low pH....

Makes very interesting....especially about the SOFT water being so acidic. 
Click Here [If it asks you to 'sign up', we feel it's worth it!]

15 October '13


New Feedback - Live Bacteria & Green Lipped Mussel
1 x
persistent hospitalisation, mood, energy, well-being - the Nurses' & Consultant's observations.
1 x joint/leg issues, mood, well-being- click Here for in-depth 2-page handwritten letter
Mr & Mrs Mozley, Sheffield

11 October '13

Dog World magazine, Jane Lilley column "Coat Problems" - page 56.

Reader's surprise on Ruggle-it salve for human + pet hair-loss & blackened skin!  C
lick Here 
7 October '13


Prices gone down!
Omega 3-rich Fish oils for dogs, cats, ferrets - grab a bargain Here  (scroll down to the relevant section)
1 October '13


New Feedback - Ruggle-it
Springer Spaniel + Bichon Frise - extreme itching, intolerance to spot-ons, mystery causes, diet, harvest mites - click Here - two page handwritten letter
Janice Chapple, Sidmouth, Devon

29 September '13



OM3 benefits Depression - read the new research - click Here.
Try some?  Click Here (select the Maxavita Revitaflex)

25 September '13


Interesting new UK research on horse Cribbing, Hay, Cereals & gut bacteria. 
We'd also add that using 'pure' probiotics (such as our Protexin Gut Balancer) can help guts 'settle'.... -
click Here or see our 2008 Newsletter (#5, item #3) - see link to all newsletters in the Left Hand margin.

23 September '13

Some recent editorials - click Here 
16 September '13


Cushings, Laminitis - BHS story and Liphook Equine Hospital - NEW findings. 
Vitex, Agnus Castus - human & animal hormones.  Click Here 
9 September '13


New Feedback
Omega 3 Maxavita Green Lipped Mussel.
30 year old horse - use after a serious leg injury & for ageing joint issues - click Here 
Clare MacLennan Postans (Scottish Highlands)

2 August '13


Common plants that can BURN & BLISTER the skin.
- Wild Parsnip, Giant Hogweed, Poison Ivy & others - watch out, it seems to be back & affecting dogs, horses & even humans.

-  Click Here (see the item "Beware - Toxic Shock")
-  Click Here - can YOU help?  This dog's been attacked by something (probably a plant) on a dog walk in Somerset (includes photos of dog's skin reaction)

31 July '13


Channel 4 TV program "Food Unwrapped" (29/7/13 episode). 
-  We've long extolled the brilliance of tinned sardines & pilchards for their intensive Omega 3 benefits...& that they never go off...only get better the older they are!
-  Watch the clip at Channel 4 OD & see a flabbergasted reporter's reaction! 
Bolstering OM3 is critical for human & pet help overcome the body-threatening OM6 dominance.
- Cick Here to watch it (or if expired, search the internet for a YouTube version), .

30 July '13


Mycotoxins (mould) - grave risks to horses via feeds, hay & straw thanks to our two wet harvests in 2011 & 2012.  
Plus possible Pemphigus link?  C
lick Here

17 July '13


Originally posted 4/10/11 - but similar symptoms being seen by clients in the last 14 days....
WARNING  Dogs.  Woodlands, Toads, Frogs, Spores?
- WATCH OUT for the terrifying mystery illness.
-  Read how one client's dog recovered....just in Here
-  Know what to look for;  read the Animal Health Trust's page;  being aware may help save your dog's life...
9 July '13

Some recent editorial - Vitamin D for horses & humans - knowing the Naked Truth! - click Here   (directs you to the Editorials page...go to July 13 section)
12 June '13

Vitamin D shows "striking" potential in reducing Asthma
Professor Catherine Hawrylowicz from King's College London -
click Here 
11 June '13

Some recent editorial - click Here 
Many thanks Field & Rural Life, Pegasus, Equi-Ads, Horse & Countryside
31 May '13


UPDATE.  WHAT''s causing Stamping, Itchy Feathers, Itchy Paws, Biting sides of belly? 
Read what causes this increase every late Spring.
  Click Here 
23 May '13


Our Vit' D test results comparison.
Supplementation versus 15 mins' of UV/sun.  Fascinating!
  Click Here 
13 May '13


New Feedbacks. 
1.  Horse's extreme response to bites UNDER rug - inside 7 days, NO RUG & NO BITES.  Plus possible garlic + food intolerance.  Click Here  Mrs Lambert, Essex
2.  a) Horse's inability to 'back-up' or use long strides (joint issues) b) dog's energy levels, c). horse itching.  Full story & photos - click Here  Mrs Cowlishaw, Lincs
3. Last resort.  Dog's extensive mite attack on underbelly;  depression;  blackened skin & extreme irritations.  Click Here  Mrs Wallace (dog groomer), Co. Meath, Ireland

April/May /13


 Recent Editorials
1.  BHS
2.  Equi-Ads
3.  Pegasus & more.  See Here

28 April '13

Constipation & Omega 3 intensive Flaxseed proves highly beneficial (for pets & humans).  Results can be seen in hours. 
See FB post of today's date
(or scroll down this page to buy some - click Here)


25 April '13


WIN Badminton Tickets + £25 FREE voucher.
See FB post of today's date.


14 April '13


Garlic - TOXIC to Dogs & Cats too ...
...says Vet & TV personality Emma Milne.
(We've long urged extreme caution with horses).  See FB post of today's date.


10 April '13


Glorious Spring...brings terror for those prone to Laminitis & Stomach issues.   See Here.



Royal Mail - massive price rise & parcel size restrictions - from 2/4/13.
See our FB post of today for details (or our e-mail ANNOUNCEMENT of 26/3/13). 
Order promptly to avoid the imminent increases - all totally outside of our control but we do apologise all the same.  Click Here.



 Vitamin D - want to know if you're deficient as the experts say c80% of us BRITS are?
- NHS Home Test Blood Test Kit - quick, easy, results in c5 days (NHS service so you can trust the results).
- If deficient, at least you know...& can decide whether to supplement or not....  See
 UPDATE 13/3.  Latest test results:
-  1 x severely deficient  - despite cycleing/walking to work daily
-  1 x deficient - professional dog walker (despite being outside daily!)


 Latest newsletter released - winter mystery health issues exposed, new products, product changes (Protexin), free tester +++   Click Here



OM3 from R&S LTD

(Plant & marine options, for humans & animals.  Available in oils & capsules)

 Omega 3 as the body's "engine food"- exciting 'health' findings
A.   Protection against brain ageing.  "Lower levels of OM3 showed lower brain volumes that equate to about 2 years of structural brain aging" says Dr Tan of UCLA, USA. 
Here  [opens in new window;  ignore any pop-ups about subscribing]
B.   Links to better memory in former depressives (Kings' College London & Taipei Medical University)
Here  [opens in new window;  ignore any pop-ups about subscribing]
C.   OM3 may reduce inflammatory marker to offer 'multiple' health benefits (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
Here  [opens in new window;  ignore any pop-ups about subscribing]



 Testimonial - Elderly Cat & Human
A. Cat  "Great results with your Pillules [cat's joint/limping];  the probiotics gave relief to my cat with stomach issues too"
B. Other Cat - "your Ruggle-it salve is soothing & helps stop him licking himself obsessively"
C. Human  - "your R&S facial oil + your Ruggle-it human shampoo & soaps are so good for sensitive skin"
 (Mrs A, Bideford, Devon) - Here 



 Testimonial x 3. 
1. Baby cradle cap + skin itching/soreness - click  Here  (Barrett)
2. Extreme horse itching + dock damage (inc' before & after photos)   (Turner) -  Here 
3. Thousands spent on 2 x dogs' severe itching & dietary issues (Champion) - Here 




**NEW** Vitamin D3 "Sunshine in a capsule". 
-- With c86% of Brits being Vitamin D deficient & media really raising awareness of this very serious issue (total immune & bone health), we've decided to stock it. 
--  Also, we've personal experience of Vit' D deficiency...
 Click Here for product details



"Your products & advice have totally changed our lives - I do NOT have the words to express my gratitude." 
Young Labrador's extreme skin, health & dietary intolerance issues   (Bennett,G)  - click Here 
See more testimonials?  Click Here



 Recent Editorials and Tried & Tested.
"A MUST for stalkers & shooters - not one single tick with Ruggle-it" wrote journalist Ray Charles about his Tried & Tested story in Countryman's Weekly magazine. 
Click Here to read it (select it from the Nov' 12 section) & many more over the years.



Seasonal Canine Illness
As featured on BBC COUNTRYFILE - we do NOT think this is Harvest Mites - more likely the water algae in puddles/waterways (most dogs drink on walks), or the frogs/toads or possibly a SPIDER....but none of us really knows, sadly.
--  Click HERE for BBC Countryfile page (episode 21/10/12)
--  See our FB POST of 22/10/12, 5pm - click HERE

--  Click HERE for our original 'findings' & a dog who recovered in 2011.....



NEW and NATURAL Cat food launched by the Crufts' favourite, Natural Instincts (they do wonderful FRESH dog feeds too).  Click here on our DIET page or click HERE for the NI web.



ANTI-winter blues - Humans (+ animals)
Proven to reduce colds, severity & reduce recovery times (de Vrese M et al, 2005)
See FB POST dated 3/10/12 - just scroll down to it.




Itching? Darkened Skin? Scabs? Scurf?
Harvest mites & the Invisible Mites are back BIG TIME!
Need protection?  Click


Autumn Laminitis - only a Spring problem? 
Sadly not!    Click




L CAUTION - Carcinogen in Liquid/Antibacterial Soaps.
is an antibacterial agent used in masses of liquid soaps & consumer products.  Read about IT & how to easily avoid it getting onto your skin.  Click Here.



Fleas - new stats show increase nationally...or is it really the MITE as it's immune to spot-on products?  Click Here for BBC News story
Also, see our Posts about the horrendous Harvest Mites this season too - click Here & scroll down to 28/8/12 posts



Green water, f, toads - linked to animal Nervous System worries? 
Watch out what your dog drinks/licks out on walks... 
Click Here



Ruggles competing at the Olympics!  Click Here


 Stressed Traveller?  Help on hand for humans, horses & dogs.  Click  Here


NEW research re MUST DO's to help speed healing
with  OM3, Nutrition without the 'fizz'... 
Click  Here to read the Lexington, Kentucky Alltech 2012 Symposium report


Pet Incontinence - let Flaxseed oil help them says pioneering US Vet Dr Andrew Jones.  Click Here



 Testimonial x 3. 
1. Horse itching, Fear of Chemicals (Mrs Price)  - click  Here
2. Garlic & Feed causing Horse Itching (Mrs Mount) -  Here 
3. NO RUG & no flies on horses (Mrs Darrall-Rew) - Here 



-  Bone Stress or Weakness?
-  Wonky Foal Legs?.  Read how OM3 can help with all these issues for horses, donkeys and dogs.  Click Here.



Tiny pony saved from the Abattoirs & extreme summer itching horror.  Read this magical 'rescue' story  Click Here



Beware - the HORRORS about Sugar.  Read this eye-opening article affecting humans AND animals.
This is not just shock-tactics....
Click Here



Testimonial.  Stopping ticks on Gundogs & Humans  - click Here 



L Bovine Tb - transfers from Alpaca to Human. 
Read today's entry on
Please tell others ASAP


#1 Testimonial.  Last resort - horse itching & lumpy skin 
Click Here  Mrs Snowdon, Yorkshire
#2 Testimonial.  Fungal Toe...sorted with Ruggle-it 
Click Here  Claire MacLennan, Scotland


Testimonial.  Protexin RESTORE for Babies 
Click Here  Mrs CL, Somerset/Glos
March 12


EDITORIAL - Horse & Rider magazine
"....this month we LOVE...."......Ruggle-it   
Click Here to read it.
Very many thanks to Horse & Rider magazine


Testimonial.  Maxavita Revitaflex (Human) - back issues. 
Click Here M Patrick Kempe, Hants.



Read the full story on East Midlands Rider - click Here
MANY thanks to Horsemart, Native Pony, Equestrian Lifestyle, Pegasus & Equi-Ads mags too for spreading awareness of Mystery Winter Itching
Or click Here Mites update from R&S Ltd - Winter Baldness - shocking before & after photos. 


Testimonial.  "£500 spent at Vets...but 3 days of Ruggle-it & it's sorted.  Amazing"  Click Here  


Thomas - thriving again in old age.  Read his media story thanks to East Midlands Rider.  Click Here
Thanks to Pegasus too for covering Thomas's story in Feb 12 issue.

Testimonial - Demodex mite + spinal/joint issues - Mrs Jen Gammer



Winter Itching....WORSE in the cold!  Click Here


Wishing all our customers a merry christmas and a very happy new year.  Click Here



Another lovely natural BARF dog food - see this page

W/E 13/11/11


SAVE Get 1 FREE - Protexin
Brambles - why dogs might eat them
Channel 4 "Food Hospital"  - sensational & relevant to all humans/animals!
SAVE Get 1 FREE - GLM (Arthritis)
-  Just scroll down the FB page for all these items....


Channel 4 TV, "The Food Hospital"  - sensational!!  Using food as, these are so good - children's skin issues, blood issues, joints ++
Or listen again (includes psoriasis/eczema) at YouTube -



Tie it all up - Teeth, Hayracks & Noseband damage, Vit B & Stress, Elderly horses & 'friendly' heat, Worms...
Click Here


13 Oct' 2011 issue


Peter Green MRCVS.  "Green Lipped Mussel - there was significant improvement in soundness & a reduction in joint pain..."  [double-blind study]   
Click Here     
Click Here to order your GLM today - horse, dog, human



Channel 4 TV - "Inside Nature's Giants - the Racehorse".  An incredible insight - worth watching more than once!  (1st televised 20.9.11)       Click Here



"Mangie Cats" Marmalade & Jerry, Alpacas & Horse's - the slick operators!"
Click Here 



Dogs.  Woodlands, Toads, Frogs, Spores???
- WATCH OUT for the terrifying mystery seasonal canine illness.
-  Read how one client's dog recovered....just in time...
-  Know what to look for;  read the Animal Health Trust's page;  being aware may help save your dog's life...



Charity warns over Conker danger




Laminitic-prone this Autumn?
-  Can any of us risk not helping our ponies & horses' bodies self protect?
-  See the following Newsletter (Spring '11, #14) for why & some science:-
- click on topic #2.
SAVE - utilise our "FALLING LEAVES" Protexin discounts (see 7/9/11 news snippet story)


SAVE - "FALLING LEAVES" Protexin DISCOUNTS (horse/farm/alpaca)


HELP needed.
The Moore Racehorse Trust (rescue) - Sussex
Charity #1140545.
Doing great 'natural' works & healing/gentle therapies.
Do 'LIKE' them on FB (Facebook)!/group.php?gid=121884791182312&v=wall
Or if you can, hopefully send them a donation... the horses will be v. grateful.....

Your Horse has Guts - the painted horse insight by Gillian Higgins & Protexin
Wed' 28 Sept' 2011.
Avon Riding Centre, Bristol, 6pm welcome nibbles

Horses Inside Out – an insight into the ‘engine’ of your horse’s body & why the gut drives ‘good health’ & SAVES MONEY & STRUGGLE. 
Arranged by Protexin Probiotics with Intelligent Worming.
Also fascinating for your pet & own guts…  
Read full details & how to book your place at!/notes/ruggles-stopitall-ltd/your-horse-has-guts-the-painted-horse-insight-by-gillian-higgins-protexin/215626698494323
See you there - do come & say hello!
SAVE If you want  FREE P&P - place your order with us BEFORE 5pm Tues' 27th & we'll bring them up for FREE.  Just enter "LECTURE" into the Voucher Code box at the online shop for FREE P&P!




Office Closure - the offices will be closed on Tuesday xx/xx/xx
All online orders will take priority for processing & shipping.
>  We apologise for any inconvenience & thank you for your understanding.

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