Scabs on lower limbs.  They're NOT always from mud fever.

  • In many instances (certainly in the feathery/hairy breeds), it starts with the MM eating the skin & causing itching and/or scabs, which then leaves the damaged skin open to attack thanks to the relentless wet. 

  • So the cause of the scabs can be a two-part & often concurrent process, each seemingly an isolated issue but often actually linked. 

  • If the animal (large or small) is winter itching in any way, please assume the MM's are involved & it may not be 'just a mud scab'.


--  Whether itching or not, scabs or not, just follow your Yellow planner and/or your Orange Application Notes booklet.  It's far easier to keep biting bugs away than to kill them & have to help skin recover once it's damaged.

--  Some salve in the ears works well too every 2-4 weeks for those pets that gallop through long grass/hedgerows, or like investigating fox/rabbit holes.

--  And don't forget the foot bath (ideal for daily cleaning of filthy feet without stripping natural moisture from the skin), and/or your shampoo in your trigger sprayer for a quick protective squirt in the key places every 1-2 weeks as a top-up deterrent (remember no rinse required).


  Large Animals 

 Scenario 1   

-  If there's NO itching at all, just mud scabs, follow the Ruggle-it   MUD PLANNER  for the lower limbs (or back if affected). 

-  And be assured that our routine including using our special shampoo, is NOT like using most shampoos that strip out the skin's natural protection. 

-  Also, getting the legs/back dry after washing is NOT required with Ruggle-it .  Mother Nature must have known about our British winters!  NEVER rub areas dry;  either leave wet before applying the neat oil or gently pat dry before applying neat oil.


 Scenario 2.  

-  If there IS itching but there are only tiny scabs (frequently with a few strands of hair attached to them) and no raw 'wounds', then this often indicates MM rather than full blown mud issues.  In this case flip the planner over to the   ITCHING PLANNER   and follow it. 

Quick/No Bath/Cold Weather Option.  Omit all bath elements completely.  Just follow the planner using only the DIL mix, being certain to get it in the "Must Do" zones (i.e. armpits, etc. - see P2 of your Orange Application Booklet), plus any areas of obvious irritation.


 Scenario 3.    

-  If there are large mud-type scabs AND itching (OR you're unsure what you're dealing with so you want to cover all bases), then follow the  MUD PLANNER  for the lower limbs (#1 above) BUT then flip the planner over to the   ITCHING PLANNER   and follow this for the rest of the body

NO BATH Option for Itching Planner element only.  See explanation in Scenario 2 above. 


 Simple Explanation.  

-  You're using both sides of the planner, and, using the product in different ways for the two different issues.  Clever Mother Nature & Ruggle-it.



Lost your planner? 

-  E-mail us & we'll send you a PDF to print off at home

-  The above offer is only available to Ruggle-it customers who have ordered since 1 January 2011.

-  Alternatively if ordering now, the full application booklet (16 pages) & planners will accompany your order.


Never ending battle - it NEVER recovers? 

-  If the problem is hard to overcome and/or if the issue recurs frequently, and/or the animal's immune system may be challenged, then consider our probiotics - Protexin - Gut Balancer powder (or at the absolute minimum, at least 3 x QuickFix pastes) for horses/alpacas/large animals;  or

-  Protexin Bio-Kult for humans (or pets) - all ages.

-  In prior newsletters we've mentioned why/how they can play a most important role when a body has 'given up helping itself from the insides'...which is critical as it needs to self-defend, not just rely on us on the outsides to try to help it. 

-  Click HERE [opens new window] to read Dr Ferraro's fascinating findings from some years ago (long before Ruggle-it was around!) regarding recurring mud/skin issues & weakened immune response in horses.

-  Click HERE [opens new window] to order some probiotics ASAP.