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Date last updated:  8th May 2022

**Special Offers** 


  • Protexin  'pure probiotics/live bacteria'     

    • =>  Bio-Kult Advanced - multi 14 strains including 1 x FREE (60 capsules) - here  for human, pet  ^^
      =>   Protexin 'Mind'  1 x FREE (60 capsules)  - here  for human  ^^


  • CLEARANCE   ~~~  once gone...that's it. 
    Omega 3
    Intensive Wild
     Not  farmed Salmon

    • OM3-rich Oils   +  OM3-rich Biscuits (brilliant as mixer biscuits, training treats or genuinely healthy treats) (for dog, cats, ferrets)

    • Omega-3 intensive oil + biccies for happier & healthier skin, joints, brain, total well-being. 

    • Not  to be confused with 'regular' supposed OM3 fish oils which have far too much OM6 & are nearly always from farmed salmon (re antibiotics etc...)  

    • Click here & scroll down to 2nd section  ^^

  • Ruggle-it Buy one get one x FREE    

    • Found @  Ruggle-it Pick N Mix sections (beneath Starter Packs sections)  OR go directly to...

    • LARGE Animals PickNMix HERE  ^^

    • SMALL Animals/Pets/Humans PickNMix HERE  ^^

  •   Total Body functions 

    • =>   Vitamin D3  'Strength' 4,000 IU [100ug] Tub = +/- 1 years' supply as you only need to take 1-3 (or less) per week (human) - here   ^^  [always consult your doctor].

  • Organic Green Barley Grass 'superfood'   

    • Arguably the ultimate pure, all-in-one, totally natural multi-Vitamin + multi Mineral + anti-oxidant

    • All-importantly, grown in Volcanic soils.

    • Powerful gut 'plaque' cleanser.

    • For energy, immunity, anti-constipation, cleansing, joints, total body aid +++

    • Order  here  (human & also suitable for dogs)  ^^  

  •   Natural Immunity

    • Ruggles On Top Form bundle (contains the 3 x items below) - order bundle HERE

    • Or, buy the items individually and/or buy extra of some elements by clicking each of the links below:
      => i   Bio-Kult 14 x strains  'pure probiotics/live bacteria'  here   (human & also suitable for pets) ^^
      => ii   Vitamin D3  'Strength' 4,000 IU [100ug] Tub = +/- 1 years' supply as you only need to take 1-3 (or less) per week (human) - here   ^^  [always consult your doctor]. 
      => iii   Organic Green Barley Grass - Arguably the ultimate pure, totally natural multi-Vitamin and multi Mineral...  here  (human & also suitable for dogs)  ^^  

  •   C-19 'Long Vacc' - 'memory, speech, spelling/typing, headaches, brain++' - mystery & enduring side-effects?

    • Item #1.  Protexin 'MIND'  1 x FREE 60 x capsules here  for human  ^^

    • Item #2.  Omega 3-intensive Green Lipped Mussel (with MSM, Vit' D) - Maxavita Pernamax Canine (suitable for humans & horses too).  See 1st item here

  • Referral Rewards/Thank You's

    • Have free products or 5, 10, or 15 off

    • See how to qualify on the Rewards leaflet inside any recent orders/parcels or ask us.

  • More Offers

    • Check out all our other online shop sections ^^ (see all links near top of ANY page and in Left Hand Margin)

^^Any offers are valid only whist stocks last.  If the offer is not showing at the relevant webshop page, then the offer has ended.

**NEWS**    Examples:

clever new products/ideas by other manufacturers what's itchy during the snows if it's not midges, what's biting in April what blackens pet skin each year strange weather creating dangerous grass proteins  product updates/changes special offers health alerts +++  News & Snippets  -  click  here 

Note: Special offers are subject to availability; if offers have expired, your Basket will not allow any discounts to be processed.  Occasionally the system will malfunction, so do call us first if you're having problems - 01823 259952. 


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