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 Winter Itch + Hair Loss
Now it's properly cold, the invisible Millennium Mites attack the most (always more active in winter but here all year...)
Currently causing nation-wide itching.
-  They attack most animal species - dogs, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys, goats, cats... 
-  See 2-10-17 item below for details, how to defeat etc.




Buy one get one...
-  A new year - 'tis time for some good news for your animals during the dark & cold months...
 - Ruggle-it Animal/Human shampoos for just £3* or £7* if ordered online.
-  Webshops - go to Pick N Mix section (beneath Starter Packs section) - for
[a.] LARGE Animals go here or [b.]  SMALL Animals, Pets & Humans go here         (*whilst stocks last)

Try it for

FREE Tester - Protexin Gut Balancer *
-  Not tried
our Protexin Equine Gut Balancer 'pure' probiotics (NO cereals, unnecessary fillers)?
-  Have a horse/donkey with one or multiple struggles, e.g. itching, mud/fungal issues, stress, digestion/poo/weight/gut issues, recurring health issues, been on antibiotics, other problems?
How to Claim your free sachets.  When you order anything for your horse/donkey (e.g. Ruggle-it or joint products), once at the online Shop's Basket/Cart page put in the COMMENTS box "Try Gut Balancer" & we'll include our sample box for
FREE [Or put the same on an order form sent via the post].  Whilst stocks last.

[A.]  Organic Green Barley Grass CAPSULES - save £6.00.  Grab some Here or ask us
[B.]  Soap-bloxx - for very sensitive, oily &/or reactive skin, &/or skin which simply deserves protecting from the usual harsh soap chemicals?  Order at R&S Skin & Bodycare Webshop here or ask us
[C.]  GET 1 x FREE Protexin Bio-Kult - see probiotics webpage or here
[D.]  Other Sale items - see Special offers webpage or here




Free Protexin Quick Fix offer
-  From Monday 13/11/17 to end of Thursday 30/11/17.
OFFER now ended but do watch this NEWS page for more exciting giveaways coming soon...


Madly Low



"Madly Low" on Protexin probiotics
-  [.I.]  On Bio-Kult 14 strains - human, children, (pets) including "GET 1 x FREE".  Go Here or ask.
-  [.II.]  Across complete Equine (Farm) range - Gut Balancer, Acid Ease, Quick Fix.  Go Here or ask us.
All Protexin products with long BBE's.  See Here or ask us
(whilst stocks last) 


L  TIP - winter weather.  Have Clogged Triggers? Cold & Solidified Ruggle-it oils or DIL mix?
Beat the frustration - use Tupperware, a mug of hot water, 'kitchen scourer sponge' & other clever ideas!
-  C
lick Here for quick & clever tips for donkeys, alpacas, llamas, horses, kennelled dogs, goats, chickens, hen houses, farm animals. 
-  (Or see various "Tips/Helpful Tips/Other Ideas" sections in your OANBooklet)



NEW in stock - Acid Ease
Cereal-free, concentrated antacid - Protexin Acid Ease.
A u
nique concentrated combination of antacids, fibre, kaolin, amino acids plus the all-important Protexin pre & probiotics. 
-  To buffer (calm) excess acid in all horses & weaned foals, helping to protect & soothe the gut lining.
-  Today's horses & ponies nearly always need Acid Ease - a sad but true fact of 'modern life'   Order HERE




Prevent mystery & cold-weather itch
   -  The invisible Millennium Mites are active all year but especially in the cold.  And they appear unbothered by chemicals applications...they just return days later. 
M.Mites can attack most animal species with coats/fur - cats, dogs, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys, goats++
-  Topping up now, in advance with Ruggle-it on the coats will help to deter them (+ fleas/other critters for no extra cost)
-  Prevention is easier than cure as they say!  Cheap, quick & no harsh chemicals.
-  Click
HERE for guidance or ask us.


Save now - Advance Notice + Apology
#1 - Protexin Bio-Kult (14 strain) - Manufacturer's price rise at 1/11/17
-  Order 'old price' stock @ R&SL before it runs out - all have long BBE's (c18-24 months) so stash & save - order Here  ('Old' prices available only whilst stocks last)
Good news - see our B4G1F GET 1 x FREE offer (below or at webshop Here)
#2 - Protexin Equine - prices went up with NO warning to us.  Where has old-fashioned courtesy of giving a little notice gone?  R&SL can only apologise to you, our much valued clients, for the lack of notice.  We are as shocked as you at no warning.
#3 - Ruggle-it will be going up around 1/11/17 - first increase since April 2015 - so hopefully that's not unfair.



Autumn Sale


Buy 4 Get 1 FREE on Protexin Bio-Kult...
-  5 x boxes for the price of 4. 



100% Organic Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3)
-  250ml in stock due to strong demand for 'top quality & pure'.
-  Totally different from so many which are diluted with cheap OM6 oils so the OM6 then defeats the whole objective!
-  Seriously rich in Omega 3. 
-  Just £7.50.  Order Here (scroll to bottom of that new page) or ask us.


"Quite remarkable results for our Irish gelding who's suffered with summer itching for years.  Now out of his fly rug, he's much happier & more relaxed, your detailed notes really work & only applying now every 2nd day.  So simple & SO effective" says Mrs Hanlon.  See her 3 x updates over a 9 day period Here  
for health-risk
awareness as UK sun now carries NO ability to convert into Vitamin D3 (sun's angle is too low from UK Sept' to March)
(original posting 27.05.16)

Shock Vitamin D3 Test Results

"Out with horses 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year - surely I would not be Vit D3 deficient!  But, the pain in my knees then forced me to give up the horses & keeps me awake at night. 

Finally I did your Vit D Test Kit  - I was so shocked when

the result confirmed I was all but "severely deficient" at 18.1 nmol/L. 

So I now take your Vit D3 capsules & so wish I'd done your test way back!"

Mrs GH, Somerset  01.16

[NOTE:  NHS classify 50 nmol/L as "adequate"...all results under that are varying degrees of deficiency.... 
-  Knowing your Vitamin D3 levels is CRITICAL if the body is not to fail - joints, skin, energy, immunity, mood, mystery issues...basically every function!]

-  See more or buy our NHS Thumb-Spot Home Test Kits or 5000IU capsules, find out why knowing your Vit D3 level matters, see research, etc. 
-  Go to Vit D3 section in our Other Webshop - click Here



Oh noooo, Harvest Mites are back...
...  in the UK from last week.
See our 1 June '17 item below.
-  Do everything you can not to get bites on your animals or yourselves as the bites are hellishly itchy.
Mother Nature's Ruggle-it is pretty amazing at helping us as long as enough is in the hairshaft &/or on the skin....



(& )

Save up to £14.85!

Joints, Skin, Itching, Well-being - we all need MORE OM3 (not OM6)
It's a fact that virtually ALL bodies (human or animal) need MUCH more Omega 3 to counteract modern diets packed with far too much Omega 6.
-  Omega 3 aids calmer skin, joints, guts & happier bodies at every level.  But don't be fooled by many 'so-called' OM3 products which actually have higher OM6 compared to OM3 (which defeats the point & wastes your money).
MEGA Specials - Equine + Canine (human) intensive Omega 3 Maxavita Pernamax Tablets.  -  Order Here  [*whilst stocks last]
-  Human &/or animal joint testimonials - see Here



It is the Ratio that is critical.  Do you know yours (or your animal's)?
-  Omega 3 products are mostly with the wrong ratios 
Wrong ratios drive MORE irritation/pain rather than calming it
-  Most contain higher Omega 6 than Omega 3 (check your product's ingredients label...).  Whilst that's clever marketing it defeats the whole point of taking OM3. L
-  Click Here for 'the truth' (R&SL have long tried to tell the 'real story'...but this link is by a health "Global Expert")
-  See Here  for more info', product options or ask us.


Bonkers Discounts continue...
-  Save over £18.00 - Summer madness on probiotics!
-  See "special offers"  in left margin of any webshop or ask


Food - what to avoid at ALL costs
Updated - click Here for 'the truth' about modern feeds & regimes & how it's frequently affecting so many of our animals' bodies & immune systems.
-  Know what to avoid (it differs depending on the species) & what's brilliant but not well promoted and/or kept quiet!
Daily Mail  newspaper's damning report on modern dog + cat foods & links to fatal health issues, reduced lifespans++.  Click Here


Tick Threats & Prevention with NO harsh chemicals
Deter the beggers!  See Here for how to effectively deter Ticks on any size animal + human with NO chemicals.
UK map of the Tick Threat (Lyme's Risk) in your area or where you're visiting (scroll down their page to the colour-coded map) - Here


Deter before Harvest Mites get us &/or our animals!
-  Help prevent H.Mites latching on & you/your animals becoming victims of their insanely itchy bite. 
-  They can attack all animals and humans from approx' June to November each year. 
-  Click  Here for prevention, quick tips (irrespective of the year, it's still relevant each season) or ask us a for print-out


-  Click Here (or see left hand margin) for the latest. 
-  "Summer bugs go to hell with Ruggle-it"


"Brilliant in effect & value for money on my very insect-sensitive Haflinger Pony.  Ruggle-it's long-lasting & has saved me a fortune" says a delighted Alex.  See her full e-mail Here  



Free-Load Vit' D - April to September

The Key.  Must expose your back, belly and/or thighs.

Why?  Exposing the arms and/or head only is not enough surface exposure for the sun's UV to convert into enough Vitamin D3. 

    >>  This person's Vit D test results might shock you as they were outside 5 days a week...see 01/10/16 item further down.

Clever bit.  Expose back, belly and/or thighs for just 15 minutes, ideally twice a week between the above months.  This will load large amounts, quickly, safely & with no risk of sunburn.  Thereafter apply sunscreen as normal. 

-  Read specific details HERE (or ask us for printout)



Want an itch-free summer for horses, donkeys, alpacas, goats, sheep ++? 
-  Stop itchy MANES and TAILS/BUMS before the itch-message is embedded in your animal's immune system response.  R&SL expose the secrets of the "Must Do Zones"
Shock.  In research R&SL conducted years ago, in c90% of itchy tail cases it was NOTHING to do with the tail! 
Options.    Starting early with the Ruggle-it PREVENTION method can deliver your miracle!
See your OANBooklet, Page 4 "Step 2D - Prevent" - it's so quick, easy & money-saving.  [Lost your set?  Order the latest (v45) at Ruggle-it Webshop Pick N Mix section or call us.]
      >>  Or see this 100% still relevant guidance (with images). HERE



 The Telegraph - "Daily Vitamin D would 'undeniably' prevent millions of colds"[16/2/17]
-  Major NHS study findings
for colds or similar, everyday illness.  11,000 trial participants.
Professor Adrian Martineau, Queen Mary University of London "...could half the risk of respiratory issues."  "This major collaborative research has yielded definitive evidence that Vit' D really does protect against respiratory infections [issues]".
-  Click here for The Telegraph's article. Or ask us for print-out.
Click here for more good news + NHS At-Home-Finger-Prick test kit, etc. - see item Ai and Aii.



 BBC2 "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" - More Omega 3 - now!  [Aired 15/2/17]
-  Heart, joint, immune, skin -
low Omega 3 putting us at unacceptable risk [human + pets].  Modern diets contain too much Omega 6 which bullies the helpful benefits of any OM3 in our/our animals' diets into submission.
In just 8 weeks - impressive results taking the randomly selected participants from dangerously low OM3 to good.

-  Click
here for  BBC2 program precis & 'simple' tips.
Click here for R&S Ltd's Omega 3 Information pages.
7 years ago  R&SL started raising awareness of the dangers of insufficient OM3...  R&SL offering its clients 'ahead of the times' ideas as naturally strong bodies cost & struggle lessJ



 BBC2 "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" - Rice  [Aired 8/2/17]
Beware of Rice
[human + pets]
Yet more grave warnings about rice
due to its Arsenic
Since 2009 R&S Ltd have warned about rice in dog/pet foods.  When fed daily (i.e. in complete dried food) there are massive arsenic risks.
-  Click
here for links to BBC2 + Channel 4 Dispatches TV programs
Click here for R&S Ltd's Diet page - packed with helpful tips, what to avoid or grab, why, 'old fashioned' wisdom, foods, weblinks to Channel 4 TV Rice warning story+++


 Free R&S Joint & Muscle Cream Tester
Joints & muscles troubling you?
Never tried our rather wonderful R&S Ginger, Juniper & Arnica Joint & Muscle cream before?
-  If you've never bought or tried it before, see our Skin or Joint/Omega 3 webshops (or ask us) for details of how to claim your free tester.




 Winter Itch + Hair Loss
Now it's properly frosty/cold, the invisible Millennium Mites attack the most (always more active in winter but here all year...)
Currently causing nation-wide itching.
-  They attack most animal species - dogs, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, donkeys, goats, cats... 
-  See 2/11/16 item below for details, how to defeat etc.


Save now - Advance Notice  - Protexin Bio-Kult (14 strain) - Manufacturer's price rise
-  Order 'old price' stock @ R&SL before it runs out - all have long BBE's (c18-24 months) so stash & save - order Here
('Old' prices available only whilst stocks last)


Winter Joints, Muscles, Energy, Well-ness,
- Have you seen R&S Ltd's Joint/Omega 3 and Other webshops?  (Or ask us for leaflets)
-  For animals + humans
Multi-tasking tablets, creams, powders - internal & external - supporting the 'source' of the trouble, not just the site of the pain/problem.



What is the Best Oil to Feed - horse (+ human + dog)?
-  Brilliant short explanation + graph of [a.] what oils contain the 'good Omega 3' & the 'unhelpful OM6', [b.] their ratios.
-  E.g. - avoid soyabean, rapeseed, ricebran, etc. oils...
-  Many thanks Pegasus & Simple System Feeds for permission to share this.  Click Here or ask us for print-out. 
-  Want OM3 intensive?  See R&S Ltd's OM3 Here or ask us


**NEW**  Large Size Long-handled R&SLtd bag. 
-  New design large shoulder bag - 100% natural cotton, very strong, carries masses. 
Actual bag size 12"x15"
-  Fully compostable - becomes food for worms when you no longer need it. 
-  Carries lots of items &/or weight.  Strapline "Products & ideas utilising Mother Nature's wisdom"
-  Purchase at online shop's Basket/Cart page (or ask us).  Just £1.75.  Mega useful, distinctive, strong, natural


Horses & Ponies - avoid Winter struggle
-  Help STOP Mud/wet-related issues
ruining this winter.

     >  See Here for tips to help prevent problems, bolstering immunes to naturally defend better, helping resist water ingress.       >  See Here regarding boggy gateways & things ("3 out  of 4 'ain't bad")       >  See "Clever & Smart" story below (April 16)  for rentable solutions!



 UK Explorer says... 
"Ruggle-it - really does stop it all.  I use it now to stop it all before it starts!"   See this UK explorer's hand-written comments on her book "Journeys Through England with a Pack Pony" .  See HERE


 Violent Autumn Pet Sickness 
Severe vomiting and/or extreme upset tummies in dogs. Click HERE for details, anti-dehydration tricks, links to Jane Lilley Dog World Magazine expose.
Urgent Action - ask R&SL re replenishing 'friendly bacteria' ASAP to help hasten recovery
(no cereals/milk/food)


UK Map - Tick Threat by county/area
Excellent UK map of the Tick Threat (Lyme's Risk) in your area or an area you're visiting (scroll down their page to the colour-coded map) - Here
Deter the beggers!  See Here for how to effectively deter Ticks on any size animal + human with NO chemicals.


NEW for Pet Joints - "R&S In Tandem" bundles
-  For dogs & cats with joint and/or maturing body challenges.
-  Click  Here



Great new 'wet' dog food
Available at ASDA etc. or call them for your local stockists.
Fabulous ingredients (no cereals, brewer's yeast, rice, soya);  High meat/fish content.  150g + 400g trays. 
-  See R&S Ltd's "DIET" webpage Here for details, telephone - Harringtons (care as NOT the dry food!)



Joints worsen - what weather drives it?
-  UK scientists know it's not merely the cold!
-  Can you help?  Join the Manchester University trial.
-  Results will be much awaited.  R&SL wonder if weather affects our animals in similar ways, e.g. changes to high/low pressure...  Click  Here to read more, get the APP...




3 x Testimonials
#1.   "Greyhound's coat & bald areas have improved tremendously + have used on horse ears too.  Proved invaluable keeping critters away this summer."   Click Here 
#2.   "Horse's terrible leg damage from mites, open & ridged areas, 'grease', extreme nervousness.  Results are so amazing - the before & after photos say it all.  If you're in trouble, try these products [Ruggle-it + 'pure' probiotics]Here
#3.   "Amazing!   Flies laid off completely, terrible open sores [areas] healed [repaired] beautifully.  My pony was miserable & so painful before Ruggle-it.  Applied it once in 3 days recently & legs still look amazing"  Read e-mail Here  


"Vit D Supplements advised for all"
Vit D - vital for immune, bones, muscles, teeth - basically every bodily function!
National newspapers & on BBC News - everyone advised to supplement in UK winter.
But, if you have minimal time in summer sun and/or you're covered up, advice is to supplement all year.
-  All advised to have short periods in summer sun with body exposed without sunscreen.
-   Confused?  [See story below 8/6/16 for WHAT TO EXPOSE to the sun (the arms are no good!) & how long (10-15 mins) & then it's FREE & effective!  Shock deficiency - also see story 27/5/16 below.]
Click Here for today's BBC Newsflash.  Click Here for R&S Ltd's no-nonsense guide  [1.] "at home NHS" Test Kits or [2.] capsules if you need to supplement.



Garlic - the silent killer?
??Feeding Garlic to dogs, cats, horses  ??Do you know the signals that indicate garlic toxicity/overload?   ??Is the animal increasingly itchy & anxious?  ??Mystery lumps?  
-  The signs can be subtle & if you miss them, it could be fatal...   Read why great caution is required.
-  Vets around the world are increasingly warning of extreme caution and/or or completely stopping all garlic.  See Here


Reward Points - expiring?
-  Don't forget, Reward Points expire after 2 years.
What's your Rewards total?   See your last invoice for the total at that date.  If you've referred someone to us since then, your latest points will be in a Thank You e-mail/text.  Unsure?  Contact us.




 Save the Scattergun of mineral/vit' supplements
  Knowing what your horse/donkey/alpaca/cow really needs can save a fortune whilst helping natural 'good health'  E.g. is the phosphorus excessive compared to calcium?  And zinc, sodium & copper - below 7.0, 90, 8 respectively?   [B.] How to 'really' know & save?  Consider these.   Mole Valley Farmers soil testing;  fascinating web page + helpful 'results' table with what's deficient, health affecting++ - here   ForagePlus  - forage + soil + water testing;  looks like a great service + fascinating web - here 


*Back BIG time - Harvest Mites & Red Dots season.
30/8/16 - they're now causing chaos...
-  Help prevent H.Mites latching on & you/your animals becoming victims of their insanely itchy bite.  They can attack all animals and humans from approx' June to November each year. 
-  Click  Here for prevention, quick tips (irrespective of the year, it's still relevant each season)

for health-risk
(original posting 11/14)


Arsenic in Rice - Channel 4 Dispatches TV 2014
Shock advice - do NOT eat rice more than 3 times per week.  Daily rice increases risks considerably...
??  Is this why so many pets fed rice every day (complete food) have less itching, health struggles when they STOP rice??? 
  -  Since 2009 R&SL have urged pets not to eat rice because of clear connections with rice & itching, health...  
Click Here for Q&A from Professor Meharg (Channel 4)  +  media articles, clarification +  R&SL's warnings about rice & pets from 2009



Brexit Foreign Exchange - price impacts
-  Whilst Brexit will take time to sort itself out, an immediate problem is the £ Pound Sterling's volatility.
-  This will affect prices for imported goods...
-  Thus it will be passed on to us by the importers so we'll be forced to pass it onto you. L
-  Currencies that will affect R&S Ltd are $US Dollar, Euro, Australian AUD, New Zealand NZD.
Good News.   Stock up at the current pre-Brexit prices!

UPDATED 08.07.16


Continental Attackers.  Been 'got'? 
-  Something's caused terrible bites/swelling/itching in horses/donkeys/newly-shorn alpacas from around 7th June  Know what it is?  R&S Ltd have seen massive mosquito-style bugs in Somerset - bigger than those KR saw when living in Africa Update at 8/7/16 - now seen in South Yorkshire but gone from Somerset.  Defend better - use lots of Ruggle-it DIL but apply with a sponge (for extra hair/skin impregnation).  More details HERE

FREE - Clever Product.  Homemade Horse-Fly, Bug & Midge Trap.
-  Perfect for the stable, garden shed, field shelter, horsebox/trailer, etc.  Mrs Eynon says "works brilliantly outside the stable"
-  Make it in minutes - see HERE for how to make it ++

**updated 03.06.16


STOP them this summer - Ants, Wasp Nests, Aphids, Blackfly ...with no chemicals
Update 03.06.16.    Wasps nest right next to R&SL offices.  No worries...we just thoroughly sprayed the area with Ruggle-it diluted oil (DIL) & miraculously, they're all gone in 1(-2) days!!!  Way to go Mother Nature
Aphids, Ants, Blackfly ++ - see what to use for each Here
-  Many thanks to Mrs Wood (Suffolk) for writing in that she used Ruggle-it (diluted oil) to get rid of their wasp's nest.
Also see how Mr Champion (Somerset) used Ruggle-it in a bath to negate his serious human wasp stings  Here

Maple the Donkey - Mystery Exposed!
-  Editorial.   Click Here - featured in The Donkey  magazine - the cause, the signs, the way forward, the good news!
-  Own Donkeys?  Not a member of the Donkey Breed Society?  See Here for why it's so brilliant!


Critical Exposure sites... 
-  And it's FREE (April to October UK).
-  For feeling a 'zillion dollars' inside just 15 mins' per week. 
Maximise mood, body, energy, joints, immunity, every bodily function -  see pictorial Here


Allergic to Chicken?  (Pets in particular)
-  Some interesting findings that the chemicals and/or drugs that chickens consume can prove troublesome to pets eating chicken.  Plus the 'cereals' the chickens eat can also cause the pets additional problems.
Option - try organic chicken & problems might disappear
And absolutely NO RICE.  Rice is dangerous to pets (or humans) if eaten 3 days loads ARSENIC into the body.  Try veg' or potato or sweet-potato instead. See R&SL's DIET webpage - Here or see big RICE story further down...


Ticks & Lyme's -  humans, any animal
-  Why 16 hours
is critical, research (horses/dogs), BBC story, new Lyme's Tests for easier detection, quick/natural ways to help deter (any animal/human)
-  Click Here  (or ask us for a hardcopy).





A mystery exposed?
  ??  Itching, hair loss, skin irritation - what's the cause if it's not fleas, not flying bugs & you can't see anything?
  a)   Click here for Ruggle-it guidance
(updated regularly) or
  b)   see your Mites 1page sheet print-out
(often sent out with parcels as a reminder of what to look for & how to stop it!), or
  c)   Ask us for the sheet. 
Ruggle-it - quick to apply, fast-acting, cheap & no harsh chemicals! 
  And it doubles up to kill fleas/lice or deter flying bugs at the same time...for no extra cost!


Clever ..but only when you need it
  -  Muddy &/or parched gateways?  -  Planning a show/eventEmergency situation?  -  Need temporary access across land (for new building, flooded land, etc.)?  -  Protect your precious grass/ground - rent matting.  See here & ask for James



NEW - Human Pain Packs 
Pain Packs - harnessing both external and internal pain messages and their signals within the human body.
2 x Pack Sizes  -  see Health & Pain Packs section at our Joints/Omega 3 webshop - click Here.  Then scroll down to C •  
Or just ask us if you don't do the internet!

24.02.16 Sugar reduces immune strength
Sugar - how much in honey, versus low-fat yoghurt or basic bran flakes or fresh carrot & coriander soup.
-  Quick 2-page pictorial - you might be as surprised as us!  -  See Here - click on the links just above each image (2 images/pages)
-   R&SL 2012 - fascinating precursor to sugar worries from 4 years ago (humans & animals) - click Here


Click Here to see the latest  (how multi-tasking natural products can help save significant struggle & money)


R&SL wish you & your animals a Very Happy Christmas & New Year

Xmas Greetings

Xmas & New Year - advance notice  
Extended closure -
click Here or ask us for ...
(a.) why long closure, (b.) the details + how to help you/your animals avoid disappointment & delay, plus (c.) R&S Ltd's festive comments.
Close 5pm 22/12/17.  Reopen Monday 15th January 2018






Free Protexin Quick Fix offer
-  From Monday 13/11/17 to end of Thursday 30/11/17, buy any Protexin Equine (Farm) range (Gut Balancer, Acid Ease, Quick Fix) & get 1 x FREE Quick-Fix paste.  (Offer not available if buying Bio-kult for humans/pets)
How To Claim. 
>> i.)  Add the following to your online Basket/Cart
  >  the Protexin Equine/Farm probiotics &/or antacid products
   >  plus any other products you'd like to buy from R&S Ltd's various webshops  
>> ii.)  When ready, complete shipping, etc. sections at Basket page & enter in the BIG 'comments' box  (not the "Discount/Voucher" box) "Claim FOC Q-Fix".  Proceed through checkout as normal.  Ready to order & save?

Archive News before
1 January 2016


Archive News - from 2011 to end of 2015  See different page - HERE


Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorarte (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.


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