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Number 26

26 June 2015

-  26/06/15 - sent directly to your Inbox (but do check your SPAM box as it'll often end up there!)
-  Or see this date on our News & Snippets page - use the link in the above "All Year" section for general news....

Number 25

30th November '14

-  30/11/14 - sent directly to your Inbox (but do check your SPAM box as it'll often end up there!)
-  It contains important information regarding closure, news...

Number 24

December '13

- 7/12/13 - sent directly to your Inbox (but do check your SPAM box as it'll often end up there!).

Feb '13

- Protexin Equine Gut Balancer - changes
- *NEW PRODUCTS* - i) Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU strength intensive capsules  +  ii) larger 500g Green Barley Grass size
- Winter wet creates massive mud & itching issues - are they connected? 
- Winter challenges - quick N easy management options (pets + large animals)
- Free Tester offer
- Misc' - new research for Omega 3 & anti-brain ageing, depression  +  Winter itching update  +  dog darkened skin  +  invisible Millennium Mites exposed again  +  100% Complete Nonsense (pet food)  +  clever ideas +++

Number 22

Xmas 2012

- E-mailed directly to clients with our very best Festive Wishes & exclusive discount 'Thank You' coupon

September 2012

- Changes from 1/10/12
- Exclusive online discounts
- News

July 2012

- Olympic & August 'challenges'
- Rampant Ticks - get protected from one of the worst years ever
- Pet incontinence - US Vet backs the power of Flaxseed oil
- Probiotics & Enhanced/Athlete Performance (humans/ animals)
- OM3 proven to hasten self-healing - NEW research
- Managing Travel & other Nerves & Stresses (humans/animals)
- Discount Vouchers
- R&S Ltd Board Meeting - who really runs this operation?

April 2012

- Competitive Edge - Green Barley Grass
- Millennium Mites - NEW mite found in the UK causing year-round itching - alpaca, cat, dog, horse, rabbit, sheep
- Laminitic-prone?  Trust the gut to help STOP this...using Protexin.  Trust our 17 years of probiotics experience....
- Olympic performer's new flexibility, Cradle Cap, Baby immunity, Lumpy skin, Cat's terrible itching - turned around thanks to Mother Nature
- R&S Ltd exclusive Newsletter discounts & giveaways
- Why our NEW F/book page can help reduce product price rises...if you sign up!


- Greetings & Thanks
- P&P changes, 2012 product prices
- Flea Treatment - never need spot-ons again
- NO bath needed - revolutionise bathing!


- Arthritis, Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussel - Horse & Hound and Bristol Uni' -exciting news & offers for these 'fast-acters'
- No time for illness this Festive season - bump up the immunity, naturally
- Bespoke gifts & wrapping -  "they're fantastic & beautiful"
- Just 14 a year produces sensational hair & skin results
- Freebies - Acupressure for stiff doggies & free gifts to claim
- Royal Mail - price increase & Xmas delays;  muscle & joint rub success, "spray baths"...

Autumn 2011

- NEW - Green Barley Grass.  A natural "Superfood"?
- NEW - "News & Snippets web page ....if you don't do Facebook!
- R&S Joint Cream - success
- Laminitic-prone
- Unprecedented UK-wide Itching - 12 months of NON-STOP for many pets, horses, alpacas
- Cannot bath?  A clever solution
- Product  Discounts, Fuel savings, "Spotlight" feature, Nifty Tips (clogging oil/triggers)

Summer 2011

- Hay Fever & Pollens - exciting UPDATE;   Exams & Stress Links
- HELP x 2;  click to SAVE Herbals  +  Mud for Swallows
- Itching phenomenon - March to May '11 - dogs, cats, horses
- NEWS;  office closure;  money off;  instant updates, making Facebook work FOR YOU without joining
- Launch - NEW product - R&S Intensive Nourish & Repair
- Ticks & Toads - toxicity & increasing 'silent' challenge
- The same old potato?  NO!  The worry with Rice...

Spring 2011

- WANTED - volunteers for natural sun block/screen Trial (animal/human):
- Prone to Laminitis & Colic - the gut is KEY via the gut running so much of the body's functions:
- Richard Dunwoody Holiday - unique special offer at Wild Frontiers
- NEWS - Don't fear Pollen & Spring flowers/grass + Trigger sprayer + Facebook - why it helps you + Winter itching...the real culprit:
- Rugs - the definite worries & Vitamin D Deficiency (ex BBC news)
- Local orders & Stockists

Winter 2010

- PRODUCT LAUNCH  - i) R&S Naturally Inspired Skin & Body Care;  ii) Gift Packs & Bespoke Gifts
- BEWARE Toxic Shock & Burns - wild parsnip
- WIN - free month's supply of Maxavita Pernamax Green Lipped Mussel (for joints)
- NEW Research - Gum issues - Harvard University & Omega 3 - exciting results for humans/pets
- 200 Cashback - special offer
- Central Heating & itching
- Chilling Facts - acting instantly is sometimes critical
- NEWS - double your oil & keep it liquid;  Facebook;  new Alpaca/Camelid TB website;  clever ideas;  special offers

Number 12
Autumn 2010, Aug/Sept

- UK Mite & Flea Explosion - VERY itchy animals & pets
- Menopause - exciting benefits with Flaxseed oil - new research
- Elderly Immune Systems - don't let their reduced function cost you
- Maxavita Green Lipped Mussel & Omega 3 Oils - fast-acting, inexpensive; multiple properties
- Wood chewing - help stop it with Ruggle-it
- BEWARE of what the skin absorbs
- Stop the Mud & Wet 'gremlins' attacking your animal's precious skin - a little now can save a LOT

Number 11
Summer 2010, May/June

Prone to Laminitis - arming the body to help resist/cope
Joint Health, Omega 3 levels - fast acting, pure 'boosts' via Green Lipped Mussel & OM3 oils
The Professor - pet health, itching, joints all linked to food ingredients (rice ++) that act as irritants to the immune
Special Offers - up to 10 discount
Tips - save time & money

Number 10
Spring 2010, February

Richard Dunwoody competition;  
Mites - snow & the cold increase itching & mites activity;  
Itchy tail are NOT itchy -  findings, 
Haylage balancers, 
Combat competition/event stress quickly for alpacas, horses, pets & humans, 
Fleas thriving in winter, 
TLC & enhanced healing rates study, ++

Number 9
Winter 2009, November

NEW PRODUCTS - for aging/stiff joints, (Omega 3 Flaxseed oil, Salmon Oil, Pernamax Green Lipped Mussel); 
Bad mud issues NEED immune boost (Dr Ferraro Equine Research); 
Rice & pets - grave concerns & itching; 
Mouldy straw - animal feeds + bedding; 
Alpaca herds threatened by badgers, ++

Number 8
Autumn 2009, August/Sept'

Ruggle-it - the oil & shampoo's NEW name, 
Helping prevent mud & mite issues, 
Reducing children's colds by c50-70%, 
Sugar significantly suppresses the immune system (all animals/humans), 
Asian Tiger Mosquitoes (now in France) - the REAL threats,
Deterring ticks (animals/humans), 
Probiotics made simple (video), ++

Number 7
Summer 2009, May/June

Garlic concerns, 
The real reason for tail rubbing, 
Prone to laminitis, 
24/7 rug worries, 
Free offer from Natural Horsemanship magazine, 
Serious new health threats for large/small animals (The Soil Association), 
Alpaca & pet information centres, 
Keeping oil unsolidified with wine coolers, SWHP charity shop, ++

Number 6
Spring 2009, March

Pets - issues with Rice, Cereals & Soya; 
Summer itching, flies, midges - get started early as 'preventative'; 
Get more value from your feeds with probiotics; 
Codex Alimantarius - banning plant extracts

Number 5
Winter 2008, December

'Air-gulping' & feed connections, ulcers, updated probiotics, fleas & head lice without chemicals, 'gift of life', 'diluted oil in winter, bio-security

Number 4
Autumn 2008 - September

Mites (equine/pet/alpacas), garlic concerns, muddy environments, price rises, clever application tricks, British Horseracing Authority

Number 3
Summer 2008 - May/June

Carrots/garlic/apples & itching, sunlight/rugs/vitamin D deficiency, pet feeds/itching/special offer, VMD compliancy ++

Number 2
February 2008

Connections between midge-born issues, summer itching and farm animal sickness, beating the bugs, deterring fleas, the skin is a mirror, ways to save ££

Number 1
January 2008

Rewards & Referrals program launch, converting the oil into a semi-solid salve, why probiotics are vital for a healthy immune system

Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorarte (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you. 


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