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R&S Ltd Online Shops

R & S Human - Skin & Body Care Online Shop  -  Naturally inspired 

A small selection of genuinely gentle products for any human skin from baby to adulthood

  Sensitive Skin.  We specialise in natural products suitable for even 'super-sensitive' skin
   Chemicals.  Guaranteed free of harsh chemicals & ingredients including all Parabens, SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate), PEGS & Tea Tree
   West Country.  Both R&S Naturally Inspired Body & Skin care and the Ruggle-it products are formulated here in the rolling hills of the West Country.
   Shelf Life.  Once opened & due to the natural ingredients, shelf-life is around 6 months
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Human - Joints & Muscles
Ginger & Arnica
R & S

Ginger, Arnica & Juniper Joint & Muscle Cream

Containing an unusual and successful combination of warming oils such as ginger & juniper which are believed to help promote improved circulation to stiff joints & aching muscles, plus uplifting rosemary, and a soothing action from arnica oil. 

The cream must be gently massaged into the skin to trigger its action & best results.  Application can be daily or as frequently as required. 

"Better than any cream my Doctor suggested for my joint issues"  Mrs VJ, Notts   02.2014
"I think your Ginger & Juniper Joint Cream is truly amazing.
I have had stiff knee joints for some time now, and after just one application
of the this cream & I have total mobility!
Mrs GH, Somerset
"I've tried lots of creams but I'm surprised how much this really helps my
stiff knees & thumb!.  Injured my foot recently & it's became pain-free in just 4 applications.  This is VERY good!"
Mr JR, Sussex

•  60ml - 10.50 (or see PAIN PACKS below Saver - 10.20
•  120ml - 16.80 (or see PAIN PACKS below)  Saver - 15.99
•  Free Tester. 
  • Not bought our R&S Joint & Muscle Cream before? 
  • If you have not tried it before nor had a free tester, when you've finished adding other products to your Cart/Basket, put this in the "Comments Box" & we'll add a free one to your order: *
        "Add R&S Joint Cream Tester"

*  Whilst stocks last;  one tester per household
R&S Naturally Inspired Skin & Body Care

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Pain Pack
Human Pain Packs
Harnessing both external and internal pain messages and their signals within the human body. 
  • R&S Ginger, Juniper & Arnica Joint & Muscle cream (see above for information)
  • Protexin Bio-Kult "live bacteria" 14 strain capsules  (click HERE for information)

Pain Pack #1.  1 x 60ml (cream)  +  1 x 60 Bio-Kult 14 strain capsules
27.48    26.48  Special

Pain Pack #2.  1 x 120ml (cream) +  120 x Bio-Kult 14 strain capsules  
50.76    48.56  Special

-  The Protexin Bio-Kult 'pure live bacteria' can benefit not only joint issues but multiple health issues simultaneously as they nourish the body's engine at its source, not just the site of concern.
-  For detailed information & benefits on any product, see the relevant 'in-depth' web section (e.g. probiotics)
Always consult your Doctor
NOTE:  **Specials are only valid whilst  stocks last

Other - It's Cool to be Natural
Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd
**NEW**  Large Size Long-handled R&SLtd "Mother Nature" Bag

•  New design large shoulder bag - 100% natural cotton, very strong, carries masses.  Actual bag size 12"x15" plus long on-the-shoulder handles.
•  Fully compostable when you no longer need it becoming food for worms so it's wonderfully kind to the environment at all levels. 
•  Carries lots of items &/or weight. 
•  It's cool to be natural.  Bag's strapline - "Products & ideas utilising Mother Nature's wisdom"
•  Ideal for shopping, replacement handbag, gardening tools, safe-keeping of all supplements when travelling, baby items travel carrier +++
•  Just 1.75.  Superbly useful, distinctive, strong, natural.

Human - Total Body - skin, joints, muscles, body
Peak Performance Pack
4 items
Peak Performance Pack - Human Skin, Joints, Body

•  Peak Performance Pack (4 items)  -  70.06    Special  68.46

-  By nourishing the body at it's internal engine and topically via the skin, this pack can help the body with multiple health issues simultaneously
-  And, an added bonus is that each supplement item can multi-task within your body  for no extra cost, e.g. help the joints & the skin & the gut & with energy & your muscles.

    1  x  R&S Joint cream (60ml) +
    1  x  'Pure' & multi-strain (14 strain) probiotics Protexin Bio-Kult (60 caps*) +
    1  x  'Superfood' green barley grass (200 caps*) +
1  x  Vitamin D3 (5000IU strength) (100 caps*)

-  For detailed information & benefits on any product, see the relevant 'in-depth' web section (e.g. probiotics, other products)
Always consult your Doctor
NOTE:  **Specials are only valid whilst  stocks last


Human - Natural Soaps & Washes
Coconut & Sweet Almond
Bath Shower Basin

Liquid Soap, Shower & Bath Wash
for All Skin including Sensitive ones
(also suitable for babies & super-reactive skin as well as for the face)
A totally flexible soap-free product that's Incredibly gentle & soft with mild coconut  & sweet almond oil overtones.  Guaranteed free of Parabens, SLS, Triclosan, PEGs & harsh chemicals.
Multiple uses - for a genuinely natural &  moisturising soak in the bath, for your hair or instead of the 'usual chemically inspired' shower, soap & shampoo products. 
And even  add a dash to your washing up liquid by the kitchen sink & feel how much softer your hands remain.
Flip the lid, pour some into your bath & let it's delicate aroma gently soothe & moisturise your body - prepare to love your new-found happy skin!
Perfect for troubled skin, hair and/or fragile elderly skin.   Sensitive skin will truly adore this....

(suits super-reactive skin including babies.  For extreme skin issues, use the Ruggle-it Animal/Human shampoo for its added soothing properties)

"The first time in 25 years I've been happy to stick with a wash/shampoo product for my very sensitive skin.  Leaves skin & hair looking & feeling really lush.  A clever product as it does both!"
Mrs SG, Somerset
The heavier your parcel, the more you save on P&P too!  Why not check out our other web shops?
Soap-Bloxx - large, natural, simply nourishing - 100g
Suits all skin but especially the extremely sensitive and/or the young or very fragile - you will feel the difference from 'normal' soaps. 
Simply packaged - it's all bio-degradable!
TIP:  As all soap-bloxx are quite large, why not  cut into 2 or 3 pieces with a hot, sharp knife to spread around the home?
Superb for you and your loved ones or as fragrant & genuinely 'good for you' gifts!
  • Oatmeal, Neem & Lavender - 6.99   Special - 5.99
    [night time bathing, children, any sensitive skin]
  • Lemongrass, Patchouli & Neem - 6.99   Special - 5.99
    [oily & acne-prone skin]
  • Maximum Strength Neem - 7.20    Special - 6.05
    [very troubled/sensitive skin, ultimate moisturising & soothing with minimal aroma]
  • Maximum Strength Neem with Orange & Ylang Ylang - 7.30    Special - 6.10
    [dry, troubled skin.  With delicious aroma]
  • Complexion Bar - Rose Geranium, Clary Sage & Neem - 7.40    Special - 6.25
    [face & body, cellular nourishment, sensitive skin]
  • Five-Pack Soap Saver - any 5 - 34.95***   Special - 29.99 *** 
    [***Specify which soaps & what quantities of each in the COMMENTS box on your Basket page]

Human - Face (& Hands)
Vanilla & Shea Butter
Leaf & Oil Face & Hand Cream (Vanilla/Unscented)
We've used this for years...and even on super-reactive skin - a trusty friend.  Also highly moisturising.

With its moisturising shea butter, the soothing aloe gel plus neem leaf & seed oils along with jojoba oils & naturally extracted vanilla fragrance, this will always remain a best seller with wonderfully gentle properties.
(Suits super-reactive skin)
"Since trying this, I've now stopped buying my £95 face cream... as this not only feels wonderful but I genuinely believe my face looks better... just wish I could buy it in larger pots!"   Mrs JH, Bristol
•  60ml - 12.99      Special  12.79
•  2 x 60ml Unscented - 25.98     Special  25.45
•  1 x 60ml Unscented + 1 x 60ml Orange, Ylang Ylang - 25.98   Special  25.45


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Orange & Ylang Ylang
Leaf & Oil Face & Hand Cream - with Orange & Ylang Ylang

The identical sister to the above product, but with the uplifting aroma of orange & ylang ylang for those that like a little fragrance (if skin is very reactive, try the plain version first)
•  60ml - 12.99      Special  12.79
•  2 x 60ml Orange, Ylang Ylang - 25.98     Special  25.45
•  1 x 60ml Orange, Ylang Ylang + 1 x 60ml Unscented - 25.98   Special  25.45

Human - Human Hair Care
Coconut & Sweet Almond
Ultra Mild Ruggle-it  Human Shampoo
Incredibly gentle & lush soap-free shampoo with mild coconut  & sweet almond oil overtones.
Arguably one of the most truly gentle products on the market
(Suits super-reactive scalps & skin including babies.  For extreme skin issues, use the Ruggle-it Animal/Human shampoo for its added soothing properties)


(can last you up to one year!)
"My children even noticed my hair looked different"
Ailsa Macduff, Sunbury on Thames
Click HERE for full feedback
"How wonderful after years of struggle - no itchy scalp today & my hair is extremely shiny too"
Mrs C Brown, Leeds

Hair Conditioner
Deep yet gentle nourishment for all hair types & Sensitive Scalps.

A charming exotic aroma of coconut & jojoba - reminisce about white sandy beaches & swaying palm trees!

Human - Body
Grapefruit, Shea Butter & Aloe
Grapefruit, Neem Leaf & Oil Lotion
for Hands & Body
A long-standing favourite & excellent value for money, this lotion gently & quietly nourishes & hydrates any type of skin
Also keeps tanned skin wonderfully moisturised so peeling is a thing of the past!
With a really refreshing aroma of grapefruit (wonderfully fragrant & uplifting), shea butter & jojoba, along with the remarkable soothing & calming properties of neem leaf & aloe, your body will appreciate it fully, any time of the day.  We wouldn't be without it!
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Whilst stocks last

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