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Ruggle-It® Products

Starter Pack

(image - SP1-Trigger;
bag image may vary)










A 'Starter Pack' is the easiest way to get going & be able to use it on 18 issues affecting horses, donkeys, pets, farm animals, humans and/or the garden.

In winter and only for ITCHING issues (all animals), although a bath is always more efficient & cost-effective, you can use the shampoo as a 'spray-bath' or 'sponge on' with no rinse out.

Starter Packs - we've created many Pack sizes/options for easy selection.

    A Ruggle-it® Starter Pack usually contains
  -  1
x 100% natural vegetable oil (bottled) or semi-solid oil-salve (jar),
  -  1 x ultra mild hypoallergenic shampoo. 

    Pack Options - select a pack at the "Online shop"  letting the central grey column guide you on pack suitability.  Or for greater detail, click the "What to Buy" link in the right hand column of this page.
-  add in a Trigger sprayer if you want to spray-bath the shampoo in cold weather or if the animal really cannot be bathed. 
  -  Packs with Trigger sprayers will always minimise your application costs (all animals)

    For all Large animal & Working/Kennelled dog ITCHING issues you will use both the bottled oil and the shampoo in
   A) a diluted format and B) a neat format (i.e. you will need 1 or 2 Triggers)
-  All Starter Packs with oil in them (rather than salve) allow you to add tap water to become 5-10 times its volume as a fly/mite/bug spray, e.g. 500ml oil becomes up to 5 litres of fly/bug mix.
-  Also use the diluted oil in & around buildings, on humans & plants, and around vegetables for exceptional versatility & value!
Due to it's unusual aroma, we do not see this diluted mix as a useful application for house-dwelling pets.

     For all indoor-living Pet/Small animal ITCHING issues you will use the semi-solid oil salve [jar] along with the shampoo in
   A) a full-bath shampoo format or B) as a spray-bath format or C) as a sponge-on-and-leave format.
(Note:  house-living pets rarely need the oil-salve to be diluted so 1 x Trigger is ample)
-  If the Pack you prefer doesn't have a Trigger, just add in one (or two).

    All 1st time Ruggle-it®  orders come with a full Application Notes Booklet.
    It is not difficult - it is unique, 100% multi-purpose & highly cost effective for a huge range of animal & human issues.


    Every first order starter pack* comes with an ethically sourced 100% natural cotton short-handled bag to use time & time again.
    Handy for storing your Ruggle-it®  products & paperwork, or perhaps as an easily identifiable 'tidy' in the lorry of show-van, or maybe for grabbing a little shopping on your way back from the office. 
    And when it's 'had it' just put it on the compost heap as worm fodder
    Natural, handy & multi-purpose.... that's Ruggle-it® !
[Note:  Cotton bag offer is only available when starter packs are purchased as the first order, rather than individual items]

Bottle styles may differ

by Issue
Large Animals
Pet & Human

A.1. Ruggle-it® Oil Blend


100% Natural vegetable oil blend

Anti bacterial & fungal. Gentle & effective for animal, human & plant health.... often only requiring a few drops to offer visibly calmer & soothed areas. Long lasting 'in situ' but ultimately fully bio-degradable after just a few weeks.

You can also use the oil diluted with tap water as a highly cost effective & long lasting fly/bug spray - it can become 5-10 times its volume i.e. 500ml oil can become 5 litres of fly/bug mix!
-  Comes with full instructions.
-  To make your bug mix, you'll need some of our special shampoo or emulsifier - thus for 1st orders, please select any Starter Pack which includes an oil (not a salve).
-  See the What to Buy link on the right for options or go directly to the online shop which includes a quick guide.
-  You will need any house plant sprayer with adjustable nozzle
Due to it's unusual aroma, we do not see this diluted mix as a useful application for house-dwelling pets!

Good as a face & body skin moisturiser (wrinkles, chaps, blisters) but will not suit all due to its 'unusual' aroma!

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre & 5 litres. 

Bottle styles may differ

by Issue
Large Animals
Pet & Human

A.2. Ruggle-it® Oil Blend
Semi-Solid Salve pot


100% Natural vegetable oil blend semi-solid salve.  Can last pets up to a year!

100ml wide-top pot for easy use during cool months or where a 'harder' consistency will make application simpler (ears, under the belly, on fidgety pets etc,.).

Anti bacterial & fungal. Ideal for use on pets, rabbits, chickens & small animals or for humans.
-  Makes anti-gravity application simple too on any animal from mouse to elephant!
-  The wide-pot allows quick access & application by using your finger, cotton wall ball or dense-sponge.
-  Comes with full instructions.

Good as a face & body skin moisturiser (wrinkles, chaps, blisters) but will not suit all due to its 'unusual' aroma!

Must be kept cool or cold (not frozen) or it'll become runny..

by Issue
Large Animals
Pet & Human

Ruggle-it® Hypoallergenic
Shampoo for
Sensitive Skin

Suitable for Large Animals, Pets & Humans
Low lather & concentrated
= goes a long way


This ultra mild & pioneering shampoo is a gentle, safe, cleansing, soothing & moisturising solution.  It's also not that vital to wash it out as it's so gentle!

A 250ml shampoo can last pets & humans up to 1 year as it's low later, concentrated & you use tiny amounts! 
-  An excellent flea/mite/critter deterrent...saving money & chemicals by not using 'spot-ons'.
-  Due to zero soap ingredients & high alkalinity (most shampoos are 'acidic'), it will NOT strip out natural moisture - it is a pioneering product.

Can be sprayed on instead of full bath, e.g. in very cold weather. 
-  It is not vital to rinse it (due to high alkalinity) - however, a full bath will always prove more efficient & cost-effective!

NO Tea Tree, NO Parabens, NO Phenoxyethanol, NO harsh chemicals, NO Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate, NO Benzoate, NO waxy thickeners to exacerbate sensitive skin (try it on yourself!). It is pioneering & unlike 98% of shampoos available.
Click here to read a fascinating article published by Sainsbury's Magazine from World expert Josephine Fairley on the dangers of these chemicals for humans (let alone our beloved animals).

Ideal for animal & human hot spots, flea bites & itching or 'challenged' skin - the same bottle for all.
-  Suitable for foals, puppies, kittens, lambs, youngsters & babies, etc over 8 weeks old.

Additionally, this shampoo can be added to the Ruggle-it® oil blend (item A1 above) as an emulsifier./blender to mix the oil with tap water for use as a fly/bug/mite spray.
-  It comes with full instructions. 
-  To make this 'diluted mix', for 1st time users we recommend picking any size of Starter Pack that includes an oil (not a salve) and a shampoo.
-  Don't forget to add a Trigger sprayer too...
Due to the oil's unusual aroma, we do not see this diluted mix as a useful application for house-dwelling pets!

Hand/face wash, Bath soak, Shower wash.  Can be decanted into a Liquid soap container & used as a very gentle, soothing & moisturising hand/face wash, bath soak or shower wash.
-  Ideal for hand or machine washing rugs, clothes & pet bedding to not only very gently clean but also help deter 'critters'.
-  Use small quantities like Woolite Delicates liquid.
-  Or see "HUMAN" shampoo (below)

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre & 4.9 litres.

Bottle styles may differ

by Issue
Large Animals
Pet & Human

Ruggle-it® Ecological Emulsifier

If you are NOT buying the shampoo, you will require this to safely & gently mix your oil with tap water for your fly/bug spray - oil & water will not mix without an 'emulsifier or blender'!

Derived from natural ingredients including corn & coconut butter, it offers an ecologically responsible & biodegradable means to mix Ruggle-it® oil with water when not using our shampoo. 
[Note:  the emulisifier only blends water & oil, nothing else.  Whereas the shampoo does multiple jobs (including blending oil with water) for no extra cost.]

When mixed with our oil & tap water, it becomes a highly effective & cost effective fly spray.
-  For use on plants & in the garden, on & around muck-heaps, stables, buildings, drains & areas where flies/biting creatures reside & breed. 

Approved by the Swedish EPA for sale under the label "Good Environmental Choice".

Available in a 30ml glass bottle as only tiny amounts are required to become the effective emulsifying agent. 

Bottle styles may differ

by Issue
Large Animals
Pet & Human

Buy 1 bottle for
use with 250ml
& 500ml oils

Buy 250ml
shampoo for use with
1L oils & above....
it's cheaper!

D. Trigger Sprayer
(empty 500ml bottle)

Using the Ruggle-it® oil diluted is very important for most large animal, kennelled animal & building issues, i.e. all Starter Packs (excl' SP4).

The Trigger is ideal for mixing up your diluted oil if you do not have a wide-tube sprayer (as the oil solidifies easily, normal triggers will become blocked more quickly).

Also ideal to "spray-bath" the shampoo for those that cannot have a full bath, i.e. in very cold weather - as no rinse-out is required. 
Consider buying two Triggers for both the diluted oil and shampoo mixes.

The 500ml bottle is supplied empty - so the diluted mix does not start its life expectancy on our shelves, but rather on yours (as adding water will start its clock 'ticking'!). 


Large Animals
Pet & Human

E. Protexin Probiotics

To support the body's natural inner health, immune system & its response - to nourish the 'engine'.  Protexin is available for babies, children & adults, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, alpacas, sheep & most other animals.

Use for animal, human (& pet)  issues. 
E.g. during summer & general itching, muddy environments, during weaning & early development of the digestive environment, stress from attack by flies/mossies/mites & travel, hair loss/patchiness, hot skin, for those prone to laminitis or over indulgence, crusty lumps, fungal issues, minor wounds, persistent scabs, scurfy skin, upset tummies from stress, travel or after worming, stressed animals at shearing (alpacas, sheep), after anti-biotics.

Important for horses with recurring/serious mud issues or leg skin issues after mite or other attack/damage.

Please see Probiotics for full details & sizes - whole health from the insides out really can save money & suffering long-term.

Also see our Omega 3 section for full details regarding pet/human aging bodies, stiff joints, likely OM3 deficiencies as well as for skin & general well-being - a fundamental building block for good health but frequently lacking in our bodies.


Why are Probiotics SO
important for good
health? Click


Ruggle-it® Human Hypoallergenic Shampoo
(sensitive scalps; low lather)

Doubles as gentle Liquid
Soap Hand Cleanser, Shower wash, Bath soak, Clothes wash


This ultra mild formula (low acidity, high alkalinity) is designed to benefit hair & scalp conditions including scabs, irritation & head lice but also to double up as liquid soap as a very kind face/body wash.

A 250ml shampoo can last humans up to 1 year as it's concentrated & you use tiny amounts!

It's a gentle, safe, cleansing, soothing & moisturising solution to cleaning & conditioning hair but with NO Tea Tree, NO Parabens, NO Phenoxyethanol, NO harsh chemicals, NO Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate, NO Benzoate & NO waxy thickeners to exacerbate sensitive skin. Do check out other shampoo labels (including 'organic') as ours is genuinely pioneering & truly gentle... not just saying it is!

Can also be decanted into a Liquid soap container & used as a very gentle, soothing & moisturising hand wash, or shower creme & bath moisturiser/soother. Use like Woolite to wash clothes or pet bedding.

(Alternatively, decant & bring into the house some of our Animal/Human shampoo (see 'B' above)... it's just as effective although a little more runny!)

Bottle styles may differ

Pet & Human

Ruggle-it® Human

(all skin, including sensitive)


Ultra Mild  Human  Bath-Shower- Basin
Unlike most 'human' products, this is alkaline rather than truly gentle to skin & hair.
Whether at the basin, bath or shower, you WILL feel the difference - no more 'drying out' whenever you wet your skin.
Totally flexible - for a genuinely natural &  moisturising shower or soak in the bath, instead of the 'usual chemically inspired' shower, soap & shampoo products.
Perfect for all skin but wonderful for troubled skin, hair and/or fragile elderly skin.
(Suits super-reactive scalps & skin including babies.  For extreme skin issues, use the Ruggle-it Animal/Human shampoo for its added soothing properties)

Bottle styles may differ


Pet & Human

Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorarte (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.


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